Horror about ghosts. Scariest horror movies with ghosts

Surprisingly, in the 21st century, despite the development of science, people have kept faith in spirits and ghosts. Horror about ghosts - direct evidence of this. According to sociological studies, about 52 percent of the world's population believes in them. In the world there are more than 10 thousand so-called haunted houses, dozens of hotels, abandoned hospitals.ghost horrors

Otherworldly entities stir the minds of the living

Modern philistines still unusual, inexplicable phenomena are perceived as an integral part of the world around us. The most ancient tales and legends stir up minds, they are alive in the memory of people of the 20th century and find response in the hearts of those who live at 21. Naturally, over the entire period of civilization development, the subjects of otherworldly entities conquered a significant niche in the culture of mankind, and cinema . Horrors about ghosts belong to the horror filmmaker, and the main idea of ​​such a film is to confront irrational secrets and a fragile human mind.

From classic novels to the big screen

Initially, films, in which the main characters were spirits, ghosts and ghosts, were filmed solely on the motives of famous classic novels. All the undead we know appeared in European novels at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. But they managed to conquer the cinema much later. By the film adaptation of literary masterpieces at the dawn of cinema, many filmmakers resorted. There is nothing surprising in this, since the path to the viewer's heart lies through familiar plots of well-known works. World literature readily offered its innumerable masterpieces at the mercy of filmmakers who have the talent, the desire and the ability to contribute to the creation of horror. Horror movies about ghosts metaphorically show the viewer how weightless and fragile the bond between the world of the living and the other world is, incomprehensible to a simple man in the street. This trend has not lost its relevance in our days. Recently, Hollywood filmmakers are increasingly creating horror films about ghosts, adapting or interpreting in their own way the works of the classics of literature.ghost horror movies

Phantasmagoric world

The uniqueness of films of this kind, which allows them to be classified into a single genre, is a fairly easily recognizable set of stylistic, dramatic, technical techniques that involve the efficient manipulation of perception, the use of myths and archetypes of mass consciousness. The best horrors about ghosts carry the viewer into a dark, whimsical, frightening phantasmagoric world, in which formidable spirits subject unhappy living moral, and sometimes physical torture in the name of atonement of guilt, in which the deepest vices and secrets of heroes, in which suffering is taken for granted, manifest and peace is considered an unaffordable luxury. Examples of such paintings can serve:

  • "Woman in black". Despite the fact that some critics call the film anachronistic, it performs the main task of horror - it instills in the viewer an irrational, inexplicable horror and does not disappoint with the culmination.
  • "Shelter". The picture is not a classic horror film, it is rather a mystical drama, saturated to the eyeball with psychological overtones. There are no special frills in the visual part and special effects, disgusting monsters and exceptional makeup. But from the lack of it all, it becomes even more terrifying.The storyline is a fascinating quest.
  • "Ghosts in Connecticut." The film clings from the first minutes of timing, contains a decent amount of moments from which goosebumps run all over the body. Outset and the next 90 minutes give pleasure to thrill-seekers.
  • "Sinister". The picture is spared from the exploitation of violence, but it can be proud of the gracefully written characters and the beautiful acting game. When viewing, the viewer will surely convulsively press into a chair, and especially impressionable horror movies lovers will definitely take on a superstitious whisper to drive away evil.best ghost horrors

In the best traditions

The terrible horrors about ghosts are also called Gothic, implying the fact that they were shot in the best traditions of literary and cinematographic works about spirits, ghosts, ghosts that aggressively pursue the legal or random inhabitants of ancient mansions. Innovation of such cinematic works of the 21st century can be considered only a trick that appeared in individual directors - they deliberately confuse the inexperienced spectator, without making it clear which of the characters is an inhabitant of the world of the dead, and who is alive.The list of horrors about ghosts, presented below, contains several paintings with similar intrigue:

  • "Sixth Sense". A reference sample of a movie about ghosts with which few people can compare to modern ones (they do not reach for either the plot or the climax). While watching, the viewer enjoys the skillful directorial representation of the storyline (exclusively from a supernatural angle).
  • "Other". Alejandro Amenabar perfectly embodied on the screen the irrational assumption that not only people are afraid of spirits, but also those who have died and who have not found comfort can also feel genuine horror before “others”, whom they perceive only as messengers from another dimension.scary ghost horrors

Nahrpom the viewer will not take

In the subgenre of ghost horror, now it’s not at all easy to stand out or excel in something fundamentally new. In the entire history of the genre, filmmakers have tried, as it seems, absolutely everything, both visually and in script. In the 21st century, clearly you can’t take the viewer by the impudence of the viewer, so those who are at risk of removing the horrors about ghosts should carefully assemble their offspring for individual components so as to at least stay afloat.Individual masters did it, so fans of the genre can enjoy such paintings as:

  • "Paranormal". This picture, although it is a low-budget horror about the tricks of the poltergeistra (ghosts), has become a global social phenomenon. Surprisingly, carelessly mounted video chronicles of a seemingly real couple who are confronted with evil spirits, became in their time a sensation of Hollywood film distribution.
  • "Call". The Japanese film was amicably called gore (“piercing”) film critics, as the film industry experts call particularly impressive horrors about ghosts. The heaving pulsating rhythm of the narrative brought the viewer to a state of hysteria. Steven Spielberg immediately hurried to acquire the rights to create a Hollywood remake. Innovation of the picture can be considered as ascetic (by the standards of Hollywood).
  • "Astral". At the beginning of the narrative, the picture is somewhat annoying with its monotony and even predictability, but the sample plot takes an unpredictable turn, driving a decent dose of adrenaline into the viewer's blood. A riot of feelings and a game of emotions begin, in which wild horror wins.
  • "Phenomenon".Despite the idea that spirits and ghosts exist in the trailer, it does not receive proper development in the plot narration, but all sorts of genre cliches are present and frightening in the film.ghost horror list

Everything is ghostly in our world ...

In this category there are those pictures that were recognized by the viewer as the most terrible horror films. The ghosts in them are cruel and ruthless. Among the frightening, containing disgusting scenes of paintings are the following:

  • "Spell." This is a magnificently played and beautifully filmed classic story about a house with a ghost, decently diluted with an exorcism session.
  • "Mirrors". Under the influence of Alexander Azh's lush fantasy, the mirror idea came to life and began to play with all sorts of colors of a true horror. The verified storyline begins to frighten the viewer immediately, and in the process of watching the panic grows more and more and covers the viewer from head to toe.
  • "Grave seekers." No matter what anyone says, the audience recognizes this film as one of the best examples of the genre, especially since the film industry has recently been swallowed by the bulk fashion for so-called pseudo-documentary horror films.scariest horror movies


Horror ghosts have been and will be popular. Some are more successful, others less. It all depends on the skill of the creators. Even if the sophisticated viewer in the plot narration can easily guess the moment of appearance of the spirit, it will not make the picture less terrible. Even if you know for sure where and when something frightening will appear, there always remain your own deepest fears, to which skilled filmmakers reach out with visual effects, then musical accompaniment, then a sharp installation, and even explosive action. And the viewer will again be terrified. And that which touches the soul cannot but interest and will not cease to be in demand.

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