Holiday Village "Mitino": reviews

The recreation center "Mitino" is located in the Tarusadistrict of the Kaluga region. This is a picturesque place on the banks of the Oka River. Cozy houses stand in the middle of the forest. 200 meters from the base there is a comfortable sandy beach. Holidaymakers come here to spend their vacation in nature or to relax from the hustle and bustle of the weekend.


At the recreation center "Mitino" it is better to go by the company,because the houses are designed for several people. Its territory is quite extensive, about 12 hectares. This is a good place for families with children in the summer. Next to the base is the Mitinskiy Oka River Rift. Here in shallow water the child will be comfortable to learn swimming. River water on the roll well warms up in the summer, and the baby will be comfortable to swim.

recreation base of Mitino

The recreation center "Mitino" on the Oka also works in the wintertime. In the cold season, there are fewer holiday-makers than in the summer. However, many people come here to spend a pleasant New Year's holiday or a weekend, to walk in the winter forest, to ski and get acquainted with local attractions.

There is no organized food on the basis. Here holidaymakers prepare their own food, for this purpose all the necessary conditions have been created. There is a grocery store on the territory, each house has a refrigerator, a gas stove and kitchen utensils. There is an opportunity to visit the mini-dining room, but for food you will have to pay extra separately.


At the recreation center "Mitino" in the Tarusa regionvacationers live in cottages, to which lead comfortable paths. These cottages are designed for a different number of people and differ in the level of comfort:

Large cottages can be divided into 2 halves. They can simultaneously accommodate several families or friendly companies.

Mitino recreation center of the eye

Cost of living

The price of a bed in a cottage depends on manyconditions. First of all, the price is affected by the category and degree of comfort of the house, as well as the number of tourists. If you come to rest a big company, then this will be the most economical option. Much depends on the time of the year and the days of the week. Summer and weekend rest will be more expensive than in the spring-autumn period and on weekdays.

recreation base Mitino Tarussky

Holidaymakers note that the cost of living in small houses is small. On average, the price of a bed is from 350 to 1100 rubles. To clarify this information, you can contact the administration of the database.


This is the place for a quiet quiet holiday in nature. There is everything you need for a pleasant weekend or a holiday. For vacationers the following types of entertainment:

  • banquet hall with a fireplace for celebrations (for 30 people);
  • grounds with barbecue facilities and covered pavilions for outdoor picnics;
  • Russian bath with steam room and swimming pool;
  • well-equipped equipped beach on the banks of the Oka;
  • Volleyball Court;
  • hire of rubber boats, equipment for table tennis, balls for playing football and volleyball, skis.

recreation center Mitino Tarussky district

Here you can do fishing, picking mushroomsand berries in the forest around the recreation center "Mitino". Tarussky district of the Kaluga region is famous not only for its beautiful nature, but also for its sights. There are no organized tours on the base, here everyone spends free time at their own discretion. But there is always the opportunity to go on an independent trip to interesting places: visit the house-museum of the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva and the museum of the writer Konstantin Paustovsky, get acquainted with the collection of the historical and local history museum of Tarusa.


The recreation center is located at: Kaluga region, Tarusa district, village Bolsunovo. From the capital you can get from the metro station "Yuzhnaya", then by bus, which goes to Serpukhov. Then you need to transfer to the bus "Serpukhov-Tarusa" and get to the stop "Mitino".

From Moscow, you can also take the train to Serpukhov, then take the local bus 245 to the Mitino stop.

recreation center mitino reviews

Reviews of the recreation center

Most tourists leave good reviews aboutrecreation center "Mitino". People celebrate the coziness of houses, the beautiful nature of the area, a good organization of leisure. Winter cottages are warm, they can comfortably rest, even in very cold weather. We can say that everything is there for a modest but pleasant rest.

The administration of the database always goes to meetvacationers and takes into account their wishes for resettlement. Fishermen note that there are all conditions for their favorite occupation. The river Oka is rich in fish, it is possible to immediately prepare your catch on one of the braziers.

Vacationers write that the territory and roomscottages - clean and well maintained. This distinguishes Mitino from many other tourist centers. All rooms are small repairs, there are all necessary cutlery. Many people have become regular visitors to this place and come here during weekends or holidays.

Out of the minuses of the recreation center, tourists celebratelack of organized food and activities. But at the same time there is everything you need for cooking and buying food yourself. It must be remembered that Mitino is not a boarding house or sanatorium. Rest on the base has its own specifics. First of all, this is a place for those who want to spend their free time alone with nature. Here, each person organizes their leisure time independently. And the administration of the base provides everything necessary for this.

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