His biography. Boris Korchevnikov: From Cadet to Lead

Creative career this nice guy with an open smile began when he was only eleven years old. It was at this age that Boria learned firsthand about the work of the presenter and the reporter: he made his television debut in the program for kids “Tam-Tam news”. In the development of his future career helped these very skills.


But how did his biography begin? Boris Korchevnikov was born in one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world - Moscow. His mother, Irina Leonidovna, who had previously worked as deputy chief engineer at the Moscow Art Theater, and since 2013, the director of the Obraztsov Puppet Theater, raised her beloved son on her own.

Biography of Boris Korchevnikov

Boris spent a lot of time at work with his mother in the theater since childhood. Becoming a little older, he began playing children's roles. Upon reaching the age of 7, the boy appeared on the scene in the play “The Tattooed Rose”. This was his debut.As a child, he participated in about a dozen productions of the Studio Theater under the direction of Oleg Tabakov and the Moscow Art Theater.

"There-There news"

Despite some success on the stage, Boria dreamed that for him it was the profession of a journalist that was the basis of his whole life and further biography. Boris Korchevnikov, thanks to his mother in 1993, got on Shabolovka when a woman read the announcement that children were recruiting for a new television project. The boy becomes a reporter and lead in the children's program. Five years later, he is already working in the program "Tower" on the channel RTR, designed for young people.

biography of boris korchevnikova

In 1998, after Boris graduated from school, he simultaneously entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism and at the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio at the acting faculty. The priority for him was the university, which in 2003 Korchevnikov successfully graduated.

His universities

So, began working biography. Boris Korchevnikovcomes to work on the NTV channel as a correspondent for the information service, first freelance (2001), and the next year he was enlisted in the staff of the channel. Even when he was a student, he took an active part in preparing reports for many programs: “The Other Days”, “Profession - Reporter”, “Personal Contribution”, “Country and the World” ...

In 2006, his cine biography begins.Boris Korchevnikov decided to apply his knowledge and skills as an actor, starring in the TV series "Kadetstvo". He played the role of Ilya Sinitsyn, the son of a hereditary military. The series, which was awarded the MTV Russia Movie Awards, tells of the gradual entry of teenagers into a responsible and very difficult period of life in a new educational institution, which is famous for its strict procedures.

Leader Boris Korchevnikov biography

Immediately after finishing work on the series, Boris reiterated himself as an actor in the New Year comedy with elements of fiction "New Year's Tariff". The plot of the plot occurs on the night of December 31 to January 1, the only night of the year, full of surprises, miracles and magic. Even nowadays, it turns out, this is possible. Despite the fact that modern miracles occur with the help of technical progress, they still happen not without the help of Santa Claus, that is, an ordinary seller of the phone Dreams.

Love love...

Yes, Boris Korchevnikov is known to millions of viewers, but his personal life was always covered with a dense veil of secrecy. Any more or less interesting details instantly passed from mouth to mouth. The strongest (and even overly obsessive) this interest was after the Kadetstvo TV series appeared on blue television screens.His mother recalled that in those years, her son simply did not allow the girl to pass, they cut off the telephone. Now the time has come again when the popularity of the former cadet just rolls over. This happened a little more than two years ago, when Boris took the place of Mikhail Zelensky in the role of the leading TV program “Live broadcast” on the TV channel “Russia”.

Unexpectedly, out of the blue

For fans of this young artist and journalist there is an interesting news: the biography of Boris Korchevnikov was replenished with a new fact - at the age of 31 he married. Although his mother convinced journalists that her son was an excellent example of a real workaholic, and when he was busy with his work, he was not interested in anything more, this did not prevent him from finding his only one. When Boris was asked to tell details about his personal life, he always answered that the lot of a talented journalist was to be a loner. But at one moment everything changed.

biography of the leading boris korchevnikova

A few years ago, the paparazzi captured Boris with a charming girl. She was his old friend. Together, they were noticed at the presentations that the STS channel arranged (Boris then worked there as a producer), at festivals and even in the church.When they decided to unite their destinies, they received the blessing of the wedding at their father. So became the husband leading Boris Korchevnikov. His biography is now inextricably linked with his wife, actress Cecil Sverdlov. Cecile is a native of the French city of Sevres, but received a high school diploma in Moscow. In GITIS she studied in the workshop of Sergey Zhenovach.

All your life in a state of accumulation

Biography lead Boris Korchevnikova replete with a variety of statements. He believes that the main thing for any person is to be worthy and to treat yourself with respect. And be sure to be sincere. With yourself and with people around you.

I am convinced that to be sociable is a special fashion, and one for all times. And the main bet should be made not on the garment, but on the inner content of any person. I am sure that the book is the only source of existence in this mortal world.

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