Grandmothers Day in Russia

in Russia began to celebrate in 2009. The history of this holiday began not so long ago, in 2004 the Dutch flower bureau initiated this celebration. The idea to celebrate October 28, Grandmothers Day was not only liked by the people of Holland. The holiday quickly took root and is celebrated now in thirty states, including Russia.

How to congratulate on this holiday?

The traditional symbolism of the Day of grandparents is the color imprint of a child’s hand on a piece of paper. Indeed, it is under the power to make such a card even for the smallest child, and it is the custom to give presents made to the elderly on this holiday.

Congratulations on Grandparents' Day, in addition to words, include:

  • flowers;
  • postcards;
  • crafts.

It is important that the kids make a gift and a postcard on their own. Flowers, they can choose, or make a bouquet themselves, if there is such an opportunity.

Where to celebrate?

Grandmothers Day can be celebrated anywhere, no convention exists. In France, it is customary to visit restaurants or cafeterias, in Italy, tables are laid on the street and celebrated together.

Grandparents also congratulate

In our country, it is customary to visit elderly people or invite them to your place. It is much more convenient and interesting to have grandparents at home. Convenience lies in the fact that, for example, if grandparents from both sides live in different parts of the city, the kid will not have to be in public transport for a long time. But the end of October in our country is the season of colds and respiratory infections.

It is more interesting to accept the elderly because it is possible not only to make souvenirs for gifts and cards, but also to prepare food with the child, as well as set the table and rehearse the greeting, decorate the room.

What to say in congratulations?

On the Day of grandparents, you can say any greeting words. There are no restrictions on what children's greeting speech should be.

The main thing - the desire of the child. Traditionally, older people read poems. However, if a child wants to sing a song or show a scene, you should not discourage him, on the contrary, you should be prepared.

Such cards are made in Europe

If older people themselves come to visit the child, then the text of congratulations may be general, but the gifts should be prepared different for each of the parties, but at the same time - similar.That is, if for grandmother's and grandfather's gifts are prepared for mom's elderly parents, then daddy's relatives need to make a couple of souvenirs, and not just one. You can make only two presentations, one for each side, handing them to grandparents together. The same applies to postcards.

How to congratulate in verse?

Traditionally, children often tell older people verses on holidays rather than fairy tales or fables. Grandparents Day is no exception. You can find a poem ready and learn it with a child or compose it yourself with a baby.

Congratulations to the grandparents in verse from the grandson may be:

“Grandma and Grandpa, my beloved!

You are my parents,

But closer and kinder.

Congratulations on the holiday, he taught poetry from dawn.

I am not small for you

For you I grow soon.

And as soon as I grow up - I will indulge you,

Bring candy to you

Toys and flowers.

And while I'm small,

Take as a gift postcards you,

Crafts and bouquets that we chose with mom. ”

Elderly is pleased the attention of grandchildren

Congratulations for the grandmother from the granddaughter in a poetic form can be as follows:

“Grandma dear!


You are the most dear to me in the world!

I can misbehave with you

We are friends with you.

You scold mom and dad,

If I'm hooligan.

Grandma dear

You are a warm gentle light.

I am well with you

Even without candy.

Now let's drink some tea

And later - let's play.

Then go for the buns

And just walk.

I hurry to congratulate you

And I want to give,

What I did myself

You to this day.

When traveling to the elderly, you need to learn not one poem, but two. That is, it is not customary to read the same verse to different grandparents.

You should also carefully read the text of the finished verse before offering it to the child. Congratulations on the birthday of the grandmother or grandfather and the words relevant to this holiday - not the same thing.

How to congratulate those who are far away?

If grandparents live far away, for example, in another city or country, then this is not a reason not to congratulate them on the holiday.

The most convenient and easiest way to congratulate you is to take advantage of modern communication opportunities and tell poems to older people or just say warm words in the video chat of any application to communicate.

Living far congratulate by mail

However, not every elderly person uses modern gadgets.And not everyone uses the Internet. In this case, do not need to be limited to a simple phone call. It is necessary to prepare a souvenir and make a postcard. They can be sent by mail, regular parcel post or parcel. This must be done with the child, and in advance, so that the message can arrive at the addressee before the holiday. And on Grandparents' Day itself it is imperative to call the elderly and give the kid the opportunity to congratulate them with words.

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