Georgian sweets: dream and reality in one plate

Georgian sweets attract the lover of delicious desserts to try a previously unknown delicacy. This kitchen is appreciated worldwide, including in the territory of the Russian Federation. Sweet representatives can only boast of natural content, which not only enjoy the taste buds, but also benefit the whole body, no matter how strange it may sound. Moreover, recipes of Georgian sweets are available for any hostess who wishes to surprise her loved ones with an unusual dessert.

Georgian sweets

Introduction to the case

Georgian residents call sweets the unusual word "namtshvari." The list of dishes is not large, however, the citizens of the country do not have to keep refinement - the historical aesthetics of serving food makes itself felt. Since ancient times, at the end of the meal, honey, nuts, fruits and berries were served on the table to noble gentlemen, which were used in combination with fine wines.In winter, when the supply of fresh fruits was stopped, the nobility was treated with dried or candied sweets.

In the modern world, the most popular desserts are churchkhela, pelamushi and kozinaki, beloved by all children. Any of the above dishes has a walnut base, which is still appreciated by all Georgians. At the same time, cakes, cakes and pastries, which were borrowed from the Russian-speaking population, began to appear on the tables more and more often. But the filling remained nutty with an admixture of jam, jam or other cream.Georgian sweets churchkhela

Dessert Mastodons

The most popular Georgian sweet is churchkhela in all its forms. Literally translated from Georgian, this word means "dried nut sausage".

Small chopsticks, fully formed from one or several kinds of nuts, fill any kitchen, dining room or living room with a delicious aroma. Almost all Georgian sweets (churchkhela is no exception) are soaked with a liquid, sticky base. In this case, grape juice acts as an impregnation. For local residents, the berry harvest period is considered the best time to prepare this type of sweets.An additional ingredient is corn flour or wheat flour.

The historical aspect of sweets

Going on a journey across the expanses of Georgia, do not forget to look at the fair or bazaar and grab a freshly prepared delicacy. Any person who has ever visited the open spaces of the Caucasus, always associates his journey with the delicate nutty aroma of churchkhela.

Archaeological research suggests that a simple recipe for such a nutritious and sweet dish lies in the traditional wine-making industry. Judging by historical sources, before the dish was prepared with impregnation from high-quality long-term wine.Georgian sweets recipes

Recipe: Georgian sweets in Russian cuisine

The process of cooking churchkhela is unusual for Russian cuisine, so modern housewives will have to try their best to make an original dish. Despite some difficulties, the result is worth it. Georgian sweet from walnuts is prepared as follows:

  1. It is necessary to prepare grape impregnation. To do this, it is important to boil white grapes with flour over low heat. To pour flour gradually and slowly until honey texture is formed.
  2. Nuts are strung on a string and dipped into syrup several times.The tighter the layer of impregnation you want to get, the more times you need to immerse the chain in the bowl with grape honey.
  3. Drying and final preparation. The sausages suspended by a thread dry up on the open sun from 5 days about two weeks. The degree of readiness is determined by the hardness of the syrup. After the “roasting” in the sun, churchkhela is placed in large wooden boxes, the walls of which are lined with paper baking sheets and stored for several months. Thanks to the final stage, the dessert takes on a deep, pleasant aroma and a familiar shape for all.

About varieties

Georgian sweets called “churchkhela” boast a huge number of species and incredible cooking recipes. This is a national dish not only of the Georgian people, but also of Abkhazia, Armenia and a number of other countries of the Near Abroad. Moreover, the shape and type of pastry may differ, but the essence of cooking is always the same.Georgian sweet walnut

Depending on preference, hazelnuts, almonds and other types of nuts can be added to the churchkhela. As an exquisite addition, raisins, fresh or dried fruit, sweet aromatic seasonings are added to the composition.But true Georgian sweets do not imply any changes: only nuts and honey, flour and grape juice are included.

A cooked dish will serve as an excellent addition to breakfast, ideal as a snack, a hearty snack. And as a pleasant bonus of the daily use of dessert, you will receive a high level of overall performance, normalization of the functions of the digestive tract, an excellent cardiovascular system and a good mood. The shelf life of the product is 1 year.

The favorite delicacy of all the kids

Kozinaki occupy a special place among the popular names of Georgian sweets. The real homeland of the dessert is Persia, where the delicacy was first prepared for King Darius. However, the manager of the dish did not have to taste, and the recipe was not widely distributed in the state. However, special attention to kozinak was paid to Georgian confectioners.Georgian sweets names

The recipe is extremely simple. Honey is cooked on the fire until it turns into a thick mass. Then roasted walnuts are poured into the pan, which are finely chopped beforehand.The mixture is leveled on a flat surface, covered with parchment and dried until it hardens. The result is a delicacy that will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmet.

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