Gearbox automatic or mechanic - which is better

Almost all models of cars of classes A and B, which are represented in the domestic market, can be equipped with both automatic and mechanics. Another question - what to choose a potential buyer? On numerous forums, disputes on the topic of which is better — an automaton or a mechanic — do not subside. Some deliberately acquire it with manual transmission. How many people, so many opinions, but still - what transmission to choose? Let's try to figure it out.


That is why many choose for themselves the automatic transmission. This transmission gives a very comfortable driving control. You do not have to constantly pull the selector for every change in road conditions. And every driver will definitely agree with this, especially if the car is used in a big city.automatic or mechanic which is betterIn huge metropolitan areas, the automatic transmission gives the owner a lot of advantages - you do not need to continually squeeze the clutch, pull the handle and worry - novice drivers are seriously worried about this.With an automatic driver, the driver is less tired and almost not subject to stress, and after all, calm while driving reduces the risk of accidents. This is confirmed by reviews. Which is better - mechanics or automatic? Let's try to find out further.

Whatever the weighty arguments are not given lovers of manual transmission, but modern automatic transmissions work faster and softer. The main thing that the box was new and technological. The automatic transmission will give the driver the opportunity to follow the road and hold the steering wheel with two hands. That is, the machine is better than mechanics.what box is better automatic or mechanicBut not everything is so simple - the history of the automotive industry knows many designs of automatic transmissions, which were born already dead. Owners complain about constant problems, kicks, slow work - they have to pay for comfort.

Dynamic characteristics

Fans of cars with manual transmissions literally scream wherever they can, that only this transmission gives the opportunity to maximize the engine's potential. Only on the mechanics can you dramatically pick up speed when you need it. In general, they are right. But you need to understand that automatic transmissions are different. What is better - an automaton or a mechanic, you can decide on which automaton is installed.After all, if the automatic transmission is old, the manual transmission in this case is a more correct choice. If the variator is installed on the car, then due to the design features it will give way to the speed of reaction of any other transmission.automaton better than mechanicsHowever, the variator works much softer. A little better deal with the dynamics of torque converters and robotic gearboxes. If their creators strive for efficiency, the reaction of the engine to the gas pedal will not be explosive and sharp (without a sharp increase in speed). And transmissions in transmissions will be short - the mechanism will not allow the tachometer needle to be pushed into the red zone.

Most automatic transmissions have a so-called “sport-mode”. If you switch the box to this mode, the machine becomes more dynamic. The driver gets the opportunity to sequentially shift gears. Naturally, this is not a complete replacement of the mechanical box. If a pair of engine-transmission is set to save, then you should not expect miracles in terms of acceleration. But this does not mean that the machine is not capable of anything, and will not be able to give the owner a sense of drive. In expensive sports cars, manufacturers install multistage automatic transmissions,capable of accelerating the car to 100 kilometers per hour in three seconds.

Therefore, it is not quite true to say that automata are non-dynamic. The fact is that such serious automatic units significantly affect the price of a car. And budget models cannot and should not be expensive. Therefore, on the "budget" put 4-5 speed automatic transmission and "choke" them, limiting some drivers and compensating for the mistakes of others. For example, an automaton will never allow the engine to twist, which can be done very easily on the mechanics. But in any motor there is a red zone (the so-called “cut-off”), so even at high revs the harm to the motor will be minimal.

Based on this, it is difficult to say that it is better - automatic or mechanic. For a beginner who just got behind the wheel, but at the same time is friends with his head, the best choice is automatic transmission. Also, the machine is better to choose girls. Mechanics for those who already feel a little car.

Fuel consumption

If you look at the numbers, on the passport data of manufacturers, it is clearly seen that models with automatic transmission consume more fuel than the same models, but it is mechanics. Thus, the Skoda Octavia A5 on the mechanics in the combined cycle consumes 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers.In this case, such a model, but with automatic transmission spends 7.9 liters. The difference seems to be insignificant, but it exists and it cannot be avoided - the automatic transmission does the part of the work that the driver must do, and this requires energy. But engineers today successfully solve these problems.automatic transmission or mechanic which is betterSome drivers drive cars with manual transmissions with even higher flow rates than automatic transmissions. This happens to those who prefer a more aggressive driving style, with frequent banging, acceleration and braking. Therefore, the flow rate does not always depend on the type of transmission.

Off-road, towing

In arguments about which gearbox is better, automatic or mechanic, they also cite this argument. In some cases, the mechanic gives an advantage - for example, when the driver buried the car in the sand. With the mechanics more likely to leave. The gearbox becomes a sensitive and obedient tool in the hands of an experienced driver. About the machine can not say this - it controls the electronics. But in expensive cars, the automatic transmission has several modes, including for off-road driving. On the "budget" also has special modes (for example, winter). Here, the thrust transmitted to the drive wheels is limited - even if the driver presses the pedal hard, this mode will reduce the slip to a minimum. There is also the possibility of starting the movement from the second or third gear.A serious lack of automatic transmission can be attributed to the fact that in the event of a breakdown of the car, you need to tow it only on the tow truck.

Cost and operating costs

This is the main disadvantage of automatic transmissions. Take tighter "Octavia." The difference in the cost of the car with the mechanics and the machine is 2 thousand dollars. But that's not all. In the automatic transmission need to change the oil more often.what transmission is better automatic or mechanicAutomatic loses and volume of oil. Therefore, in a dispute which box is better - an automaton or a mechanic, financially wins the manual transmission.

The benefits of manual transmission

A car equipped with a manual transmission, has the best acceleration dynamics. With manual transmission, you can turn the engine up to the red zone on the tachometer. Standard machines here lose for a few seconds. With a certain experience with the manual, you can learn to ride coasting, while achieving serious savings. With a gun, this number will not work. In manual transmission you need to pour less oil - about two liters. In winter, the manual transmission is also a winner - such cars are easier to start. When the clutch is pressed, the engine is disconnected from the transmission.what is better mechanics or machine reviewsThis means that the load on the motor at the start is less. As for the cost and complexity of the repair, then it is clear that it is better - automatic or mechanic.Repairing manual transmission is much cheaper and easier, and even informal services can provide such services. There are also advantages in winter - cars can be easily slipped in the snow. And on the machine that can not be allowed.

Disadvantages of manual transmission

The main disadvantage is driving comfort. Novice drivers have a long time to get used to working with the selector gear. Also, not every beginner can easily get started. Another serious drawback is the clutch. Often it burns. And finally, on vehicles with manual transmission, the engine's resource is much lower - the automatic will not allow the engine to be turned to the red zone, and this happens more often on mechanics.


When someone argues that it is better - an automaton or a mechanic, arguments are used that there are no problems with a manual transmission at all, it is very difficult to break it. But mechanics need to be serviced more often - say reviews. This includes the replacement of clutch discs, transmission oil. This is done once within 40 thousand kilometers. Changing the clutch disc and clutch release more often, especially for those who have recently been driving.what gear is better automatic or mechanicAutomatic transmission will not require any maintenance of approximately 70-80 thousand kilometers. And then you just need to change the oil, and you can go on.Why automata break? Just dog. Manufacturers in the instructions to the cars write that the oil in the automatic transmission is designed for the entire life of the machine. If you change it regularly, then there will be no problems with the machine. Experts advise you to replace ATP-fluid every 60 thousand kilometers.


If possible, do not need to think, automatic transmission or mechanics - which is better. It is better to buy an automatic transmission and enjoy driving. If the funds are not enough, then the mechanics will also be a good option. On the manual transmission even fragile girls feel confident. But in general, everyone buys what he needs. If you really need to drive a car, you should choose a mechanic. If you just need to drive comfortably, then automatic. What kind of gear is better - automatic or mechanic, everyone chooses himself. This question is quite controversial.

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