"Garnet bracelet": the theme of love in the work of Kuprin

Love always takes a special place in each person's life. Poets and writers glorify this feeling. After all, it makes it possible to feel the joy of being, to elevate a person over circumstances and barriers, even if love is unrequited. Is no exception, and. I. Kuprin. His story “The Pomegranate Bracelet” is a masterpiece of world literary heritage.

garnet bracelet love theme in the piece

Unusual story on the usual topic

The theme of love in the work “Garnet Bracelet” occupies the main place. The story reveals the most secret corners of the human soul, which is why it is loved by readers of different age groups. In the work, the author shows what a person is really capable of for the sake of true love. Every reader hopes that he will be able to feel the same way as the main character of this story. The theme of love in the work “Garnet Bracelet” is, first of all, the theme of the relationship between the sexes, dangerous and ambiguous for any writer. After all, it is very difficult to avoid banality, describing what has already been said a thousand times.However, the writer manages to touch with his story even the most sophisticated reader.

love theme in a piece of cuprida garnet bracelet

The impossibility of happiness

Kuprin in his story tells about a beautiful and unrequited love - this must be mentioned when analyzing the work “Garnet Bracelet”. The theme of love in the story occupies a central place, because its main character - Yolks - feels undivided feelings. He loves Faith, but cannot be with her, because she is completely indifferent to him. In addition, all the circumstances are against their being together. First, they occupy different positions on the social scale. The yolks are poor, he is representative of a completely different class. Secondly, faith is bound by marriage. She would never agree to change her spouse, because she was attached to him with all her soul. And these are just two reasons why Yolks cannot be with Vera.

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Christian feelings

With such hopelessness, one can hardly believe in something. However, the main character does not lose hope. His love was absolutely phenomenal, he could only give, without demanding anything in return. The theme of love in the work “Garnet Bracelet” is in the center of the storyline.And the feelings that the Yolks feel towards the Faith have a tinge of sacrifice inherent in Christianity. After all, the main character did not rebel, he reconciled with his position. He also did not expect a reward for his patience in the form of a response. His love did not have selfish motives. Yolks was able to renounce himself, putting in the first place his feelings for his beloved.

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Caring for your beloved

In this case, the main character turns out to be honest with respect to Vera and her spouse. He recognizes the sinfulness of his passion. Never in all the years that he loved Vera, Yolks had crossed the threshold of her house with an offer and in no way compromised a woman. That is, he cared about her personal happiness and well-being more than about herself, and this is true self-denial.

The greatness of the feelings that Yolks felt was that he was able to let go of Vera for the sake of her happiness. And he did it at the cost of his own life. He knew what he would do with himself after he spent public money, but he consciously took this step. Nor did the protagonist give Vera any reason to believe that she could be guilty of anything.The official puts his hands on himself because of the crime he committed.

In those days, the discouraged settled scores with life so that their obligations were not shifted to loved ones. And so the act of Zheltkov seemed logical and had nothing to do with Vera. This fact testifies to the unusual trepidation of the feeling that Yolk had for her. This is the rarest treasure of the human soul. The official proved that love can be stronger than death itself.

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A turning point

In the essay on the work “Garnet Bracelet. Theme of love ”, you can specify what was the plot of the story. The main character, Vera, is the prince’s wife. Constantly she receives letters from a secret admirer. However, one day, instead of letters, a rather expensive present comes - a garnet bracelet. The theme of love in the work of Kuprin originates here. Vera regarded this gift as compromising and told everything to her spouse and brother, who easily found who his sender was.

It turned out to be a modest civil servant Georgy Yolk. He accidentally saw Faith and loved her with all his nature.At the same time Yolks was quite pleased that love is unrequited. The prince is to him, after which the official feels that he has failed the Faith, because he has compromised her with an expensive garnet bracelet. The theme of tragic love in the work sounds like a leitmotif. Yolk asked Vera for forgiveness in a letter, asked her to listen to Beethoven’s sonata and committed suicide - he shot himself.

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Tragedy of faith

This story interested Vera, she asked her husband for permission to visit the apartment of the deceased. In the analysis of Kuprin's “Garnet Bracelet”, the theme of love should be considered in detail. The student should indicate that it was in the apartment at Zheltkova she felt all those feelings that she had never experienced during all 8 years while Yolks loved her. At home, listening to that same sonata, she realized that Yolk could make her happy.

Heroes Images

You can briefly describe the characters in the analysis of the work “Garnet Bracelet”. The theme of love, chosen by Kuprin, helped him create such characters that reflect the social realities not only of his era. Their roles apply to all of humanity. The image of the official Zheltkova is proof of this.He is not rich, he does not have special merits. Yolks - a completely modest person. He does not require anything in return for his feelings.

Faith is a woman who is accustomed to obey the rules of society. Of course, she does not refuse love, but does not consider it a vital necessity. After all, she has a spouse who can give her everything she needs, so she does not need feelings. But this happens only until she finds out about the death of Zheltkov. Love in the work of Kuprin symbolizes the nobility of the human soul. Neither Prince Shein nor Vera herself can boast of this feeling. Love was the highest manifestation of the soul of Yolk. Demanding nothing, he knew how to enjoy the magnificence of his experiences.

The moral that the reader can bear

It is also necessary to say that the theme of love in the work “Garnet Bracelet” was chosen by Kuprin not by chance. The reader can make the following conclusion: in a world where comfort and daily obligations come to the fore, in no case should you treat your loved one as something that goes without saying. It is necessary to appreciate him as well as yourself, which is what the main character of the story Yolks teaches us.

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