Garden almond - golden rain

general information

Garden bauber - a shrub that is very effective during its flowering. It has a straight light-gray wrinkled trunk, on which lush inflorescences stand out brightly, gathered in golden brushes thirty centimeters long and hanging downwards.Garden almondThey bloom at the time of the appearance of the leaves - at the end of May, and continue to bloom for a month. Then in their place the fruits are tied. These are lowered beans, which in no case can not be put in the mouth, because the plant contains cytisine in the composition - a poisonous alkaloid. To us, this landscape gardening shrub was introduced from the south of Europe. Because of the peculiar appearance of the plant is often called the "golden rain". Its leaves are trifoliate, silvery below, the fruit grows to eight centimeters, has a pointed tip.Golden bauberThe period when the “golden” cobweb enters the growing season begins in April and ends in early October. Very often, its shoots are woody not fully, especially after the wet summer months.Therefore, in winter, they slightly freeze slightly. At the same time, this does not affect the decorative effect of the shrub, since the crown is able to recover very quickly.

Features of growing

Borobnik garden grows well in partial shade and in the sun, preferring the lime loose moist soil. Planted plant should be late in the fall or early spring. Young individuals will need some kind of support until the final development of the root system. As a rule, garden bauber is used to create canopies, therefore it needs shaping pruning at an early stage. The plant is fairly resistant to gases and smoke, but it does not tolerate compacted soils. In addition, the bauber garden perfectly maintains frost, not dying even at twenty degrees of frost.Bauber shrubThe shrub looks great as a single planting on a green background of a lawn, as well as in sparse groups, whereas in a continuous planting it, drawing out strongly and looking bare at the bottom, blooms very little. In the summer, it is imperative to carry out mulching with the addition of organic supplements, which, despite the fact that the garden leaves calmly tolerates drought, retains moisture in the ground.


Arbor garden has several common ornamental species.Firstly, it is very similar to the “golden” alpine twig with smaller branches and leaves and a dome-shaped crown.LeavesAnother species - autumn, has the peculiarity of re-bloom in late October or mid-November. The oak leaf-leaf canyon is very similar to its cut leaves of the same tree. With its drooping branches, the weeping variety is very similar to willow. A hybrid of several varieties is Vaterera, which has a long flowering period and brighter and more beautiful brushes in inflorescences.


Garden of red berries most often reproduces by seed.
In early October, they are sown in a box installed in an unheated room, after a month and a half of stratification or prior to their scalding with boiling water. Good results are obtained by treating the beans for half an hour in concentrated sulfuric acid or scarification - manual damage to the peel. After the first seedlings appear, they are transplanted into pots, and in the spring - in their permanent habitat. In addition to seeds, bauber also multiplies cuttings, division and layering, but these methods are very laborious and inefficient.

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