French model Yasmina Rossi: biography, career, personal life

About Yasmina Rossi, the world learned more recently, only some ten years ago. The model of French origin was famous for starting its career when she was well over 30. This is despite the fact that a good half of the representatives of the model business had already become unclaimed and had to think about changing their profession.

yasmina rossi

Parameters figure Yasmina Rossi

At the age of 61, the Frenchwoman Yasmina Rossi is at the peak of her popularity, takes an active part in quite frank photo shoots, and also starred in advertising. She is a true role model and incentive for many women, who believe that it is too late for them to engage in self-realization.

Possessing an almost perfect figure (its parameters are 86-63-91, height - 174 cm), the model Yasmina Rossi, being already the grandmother of two grandchildren, collaborates with such famous brands as Macy’s, AT & T, Mastercard.She is also the face of Marks & Spencers.

yasmina rossi without photoshop

An interesting fact is that the size of a famous French woman's leg is 40; nevertheless, this did not prevent her from becoming the standard of beauty.

External data

This strong and purposeful woman is remembered by everyone as beautiful, smiling broadly from the covers of magazines. Her distinctive feature, one might say, the highlight is silver hair - a direct allusion to the age of the model.

And if most public people try to hide gray hair and any manifestations of age, Yasmina is proud of his years and appearance. Although it is not surprising, because the French looks just wonderful.

model of Yasmin Rossi

Silver hair - business card model

Gorgeous hair, smooth skin, almost no flaws, a chiseled figure, a clear look and a powerful charge of positive energy emanating from Yasmina Rossi, made it very popular and in demand in the modeling business. With all her appearance, she refutes the stereotype that women after 40 are quickly fading, and if they did not have time to make a career for this age, it is too late to start.

Her silver hair has become a real brand. Many models and not only specifically began to dye their hair in ashen color, imitating the famous Frenchwoman.

Yasmina Rossi The secret of youth

Of course, many fans would like to learn more about the life of their pet, especially before gaining popularity. However, the model itself remains silent about this.

Facts from the biography of Yasmina

Little is known about what Yasmina Rossi was up to. The model’s biography begins on December 21, 1955, when it was born. The woman speaks fluently in three languages: English, French and Italian.

From small bits of information you can find out that up to 30 years old she was a housewife, she devoted all her free time to two children. According to Yasmina, at the age of 26 she refused to take any medications and actively began to practice yoga, which she still practices.

In 2007 she became a citizen of the United States of America. Despite the fact that Rossi works in the industry of youth and beauty, she does not feel any complexes about the mark in her passport, which is surprising and the respect of her colleagues in the shop. She openly admits that what she is watching in the mirror now she likes much more than what she was at twenty.

A successful model does not accept any restrictions and values ​​freedom above all else.

The secret of the youth of the famous French

Many seek to find out whether Yasmina Rossi has the secret of youth. But according to her, there is no secret. It is all about good genes, proper nutrition (all the time she ate exclusively organic food, regardless of whether it was in a trend or not), sports and, of course, a positive attitude. It would seem that everything that Yasmina would undertake, is obtained from her qualitatively and easily. And the thing is that for any of his hobbies, a woman approaches with all the responsibility and enthusiasm.

Yasmin Rossi biography

But the star is interested in many things. Tu and photography, and yoga, and interior design, and maintaining your own blog on the Internet, not to mention the conquest of model Olympus.

The true reason for beauty and success.

Many unkind languages, pointing to the unnatural beauty of the model and its unnatural, accuse Yasmina of plastic operations and busting with photoshop. Of course, all pictures for fashion magazines are processed in Photoshop, and this is not a secret to anyone. However, in the case of the model and with the naked eye, it is clear that Yasmina Rossi without photoshop looks much younger than his present age.

The model claims that every morning she starts with a run, she is not keen on diets and is not a vegetarian, she eats fish and meat with pleasure. And in general, lives as she likes. Well, quite commendable.

She takes care of herself at home, using scrubs and masks made with her own hands. She opposes surgery, emphasizing that each age is beautiful in its own way and should not be ashamed of age-related changes. To accept ourselves as we are is great art, which leads to the attainment of real happiness. Yasmina is always trying to live in harmony with nature, and not to deal with natural processes.

In adulthood, Rossi is pleased with herself and with her life, she proudly parades her beautiful body and is not ashamed of gray hair and wrinkles, considering them more of a virtue than a disadvantage. The courage of this woman knows no bounds, and self-confidence gives her natural beauty a special charm, which is not always possible to discern even in young girls.

Jasmina Rossi is an inspiring example for many

And it's not just about the art of photography and their processing, you just need to be able to achieve your goals and go through life with your head held high, regardless of your age, external data and the opinions of others.

Few people know what Yasmina Rossi was before the start of her career path, however now we can say with confidence that her children and grandchildren are proud of such a beautiful and successful mother and grandmother. More than a decade has passed, and the model still remains blossoming and bright, and its appearance has hardly changed in all this time.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find photos of young Yasmina on the Internet, so we can enjoy her recent work.

French Yasmina Rossi

French beauty is always in perfect shape and with a bewitching smile on her face.

It is amazing how this middle-aged model refutes, by example, the common misconceptions that 60 years is a hopeless old age and the only thing you can do at this age is to bake cookies for grandchildren.

Yasmina Rossi really deserves respect at least for being able to achieve her goal, regardless of age, without fear of evil tongues and neglecting generally accepted standards.

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