"Forest glade" (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk

Sanatorium Pyatigorsk is a great optionfor those who want to spend a vacation surrounded by beautiful nature, in peace and quiet. The value of these resorts is that they allow not only to have a good rest and restore strength, but also to improve their health. Annually thousands of tourists come to the city not only from Russia, but also from the CIS countries. Previously, Pyatigorsk was an all-Union health resort. Children and adults, elite and affordable - there are sanatoriums for every taste. Each of them specializes in one or more diseases, so your therapist can advise which one to choose.forest glade health resort Pyatigorsk

Sanatorium "Lesnaya Polyana"

It is located in a very beautiful area and consists oftwo residential and one medical building. Why Forest Glade? The sanatorium of Pyatigorsk, which is located in a forest-park zone, can not be called in another way. It should be noted that its territory occupies 5 hectares, while it is very well-groomed. Here everything is adapted for both ordinary walks and wheelchair travel. There is a health resort on the slope of Mashuk Mountain, from here a particularly picturesque view opens up.

Sanatorium "Lesnaya Polyana" (Pyatigorsk) is thethe largest health center in Stavropol. That's why we will pay him special attention. Profile of the health resort - treatment of the musculoskeletal system, musculoskeletal, nervous system. Here, with success solve the problem of metabolic disorders, treat endocrine diseases. Reviews of former patients confirm the high effectiveness of treatment that people receive here.health resort forest glade pyatigorsk

Infrastructure and internal regulations

If you are going to the Stavropol Territory,try to call in and sanatorium "Lesnaya Polyana" (Pyatigorsk). This is one of the oldest health-improving complexes, and here they have always valued their reputation. On the landscaped territory there are two sleeping buildings and a medical, dining and club. All of them are interconnected by transitions, so that people with disabilities do not incur unnecessary inconveniences. In residential buildings you can choose a room of any class, regardless of the cost they are all equipped with a bathroom, furniture, TV and refrigerator. Directly in the buildings and on the territory there is a pump room with mineral water "Slavyanovskaya" and "Essentuki 2". Do not forget to ask the doctor about the individual dosage.

Sanatorium "Lesnaya Polyana" (Pyatigorsk) is famoustheir medical staff. Only highly qualified doctors work here, who carry out professional diagnostics and treatment of holidaymakers. There are unique rehabilitation programs for people with spinal cord injuries and spinal cord. This experience has no other sanatorium. The specialized department is reserved for patients suffering from cardiovascular and nervous diseases. Doctors within its walls are carrying out rehabilitation after the most severe illnesses, including a heart attack.health resort spring pyatigorsk

Nutrition and leisure

You will not be hungry here, the sanatorium "Lesnayaglade "(Pyatigorsk) organizes a complex three meals a day according to the" menu-order "system. Despite the fact that the dietary table, there is always something to choose. The best cooks work daily so that the patients are satisfied. To not be bored in your spare time, you can go for a walk, here are very beautiful places. Tired? Return to the building and visit the sauna, cinema, billiard room, library. The tour desk constantly accepts applications for organizing various trips and trips to beautiful places. The nature in the area is stunningly beautiful, you will not regret the time spent.Pyatigorsk health resort Lermontov


Everyone who has been here before, stronglyrecommend to go to Pyatigorsk. "Forest glade" prices keep at an average level, especially if you consider the highest class of health resorts. We will quote the cost for the summer period, the rest of the time it is slightly reduced. Double one-room number of the second category will cost 1700 rubles per day (23800 rubles for 14 days). For a child under 14 years will need to pay 1440 rubles. per day.

The same number of the first category is more expensive. The difference is in the state of furniture, in the first case it is satisfactory, in the second - good. For this number you will pay 2100 rubles. for a day (29400 rubles for 14 days). For a child, the payment is also 1440 per day. Double "junior suite" with an excellent condition of furniture costs 2900 rubles. per day (40,600 rubles for 14 days).

There are many tourists who visit every yearPyatigorsk. "Forest Glade" reviews collects deservedly positive. Tourists note that everything pleases absolutely everything here: the professionalism of doctors and the excellent attitude of the staff, the beauty of the well-groomed territory, high-quality food and high-efficiency treatment. Therefore, tourists do not stint on praise. The cost of a trip pays off hundredfold, because health is the most important thing that we have.military sanatorium Pyatigorsk

Sanatorium "Rodnik", Pyatigorsk

It is located in a picturesque corner of the resort zone,near the lake. This stunning health island is surrounded by balneotherapy and drinking sources of mineral waters. This is another of their oldest sanatoriums, which every year hosts thousands of patients. Sanatorium "Rodnik" (Pyatigorsk) is famous for its strongest medical base, especially good for treating gynecological diseases. Even the most hopeless cases of infertility were successfully cured, and women could have children. In addition, the treatment of the digestive, nervous, musculoskeletal system applies to the profile of the health resort.

The sanatorium has a developed infrastructure, herethere is a swimming pool and sports grounds, billiards, saunas, bars, a children's room and a playground. The cost of recreation in the summer period - from 3,400 to 4,800 rubles per person per night. It includes accommodation, food and medical treatment. The minimum period of stay is 10 days. Judging by the reviews, this health resort is very popular among the population of Russia. A lot of married couples found their happiness when after the course of treatment they were able to give birth to a child.Pyatigorsk forest clearing prices

Sanatorium after Lermontov

This is a first-class multi-disciplinary health resort,which annually collects hundreds of enthusiastic reviews. For this it is worth to come to Pyatigorsk. Sanatorium Lermontov is located very close to the largest in Europe radon clinic and drinking sources. Unique healing factors and a wonderful mild climate make the resort popular all year round. Despite the fact that the prices here are rather big, this health resort still outscores the popularity of many dispensaries of the city of Pyatigorsk. Sanatorium Lermontov has a luxurious wellness facilities, which is based not only on classical methods of recovery, but also on the use of the latest achievements, such as laser therapy and much more.

The cost of recreation is from 2500 to 5400 rubles per day. The price includes meals and treatment, which is prescribed by the doctor's choice. The food operates according to the ordered system, three times a day.pyatigorsk forest glade reviews

Military sanatorium

It is located on a magnificent, landscapedterritory, in the central part of the resort zone. The Central Military Sanatorium (Pyatigorsk) is a modern health resort, with the highest level of equipping with medical equipment. Professional doctors work here. The main profile is the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, blood vessels and gastrointestinal tract. Here there is a powerful base for the rehabilitation of patients who underwent surgery.

The military sanatorium (Pyatigorsk) invites everyone to a treatment or a great holiday. The cost of stay is from 2300 to 3400 rubles per day per person. The price includes meals and treatment.Pyatigorsk health resort dawn

Sanatorium "Zarya"

Surely everyone has heard about the resort town of Pyatigorsk. The sanatorium "Zarya" is located on its territory. This is a general health resort that has a medical and diagnostic base. Sanatorium treatment here means a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation, rehabilitation and general health procedures. As the main profile, it is supposed to treat cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Judging by the reviews, the sanatorium is really worthin order to visit it. It is compared to Turkish five-star hotels. At the same time the service is at an altitude, but the prices are also not small. For one person a day in the summer will have to give from 5200 to 15100 rubles. The newest equipment makes it possible to carry out diagnostics accurately and as quickly as possible in order to compile a comprehensive picture of the state of the organism and to prescribe the most effective treatment. Adults and children come here for treatment. A child under 5 years old can stay free of charge with parents.Pyatigorsk health resort Stavropol

Pyatigorsk, the sanatorium "Stavropol"

He is different from everyone else democraticprices, but the quality of services provided does not lag behind the leading resorts of Pyatigorsk. It is characterized by incredibly beautiful landscapes, more than forty mineral springs and therapeutic muds, which have no analogues anywhere else. "Stavropol" - a modern complex, including twelve-storey residential, medical and sports buildings, which combine transitions.

Here, most diseases are successfully treated,while the cost of services is approximately 2300 rubles per day. This is not so much, given the highest level of health resort. The main profile is the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, digestive organs and ENT diseases. You can be sure that from the first minute you are surrounded by care and attention. All the medical personnel will work to ensure that the diagnosis is carried out as qualitatively as possible and to prescribe adequate treatment.

Let's sum up the results

Pyatigorsk is a real paradise for activitiessanatorium and resort complexes. Here, nature so generously lavishes its wealth, that it seems that the air itself becomes curative. I would like to remind you that it is easier to prevent any illness than cure, so take for a rule every vacation in Pyatigorsk. This will give a guarantee that until the next year you will feel much more cheerful, catarrhal diseases will bypass you, and the worsening of chronic diseases will cease to bother. The annual contribution to one's own health is a chance to live happily ever after.

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Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Forest glade (health resort, Pyatigorsk): prices. Health resorts of Pyatigorsk