Fish loin knife

As you know, pre-processing of some food is much faster when using a special knife. This kitchenware is also universal, but it is better to have several types: bread, cutting, for fruit.

A knife designed for butchering fish is called sirloin. Interesting, but not all cooks are familiar with such a cutting assistant. Should correct the situation.

Features of fillet knife

fillet knife

It can be easily distinguished from other species. The loin knife is recognizable. It has its long and thin blade. The blade is at least 15-20 cm. Due to this, the filet knives for cutting fish have flexibility and a straight cutting edge. This makes it possible to cut fillets from the spine much easier.

The handle usually has a sturdy place for the index finger, allowing you to protect from slipping.

How to choose a fillet knife?

To perform this kitchen attribute of all functions, it must be carefully selected, taking into account some nuances. Before buying, you must determine the length.Fish of small size should be carved with a knife having a blade of 16 cm, medium - 19 cm long, and large - 23 cm.

fish fillet knife

The quality of the metal - the main criterion for choosing a kitchen assistant. The best option if the steel fillet knives will be made of high quality material.

The handle of the knife is presented in different versions. Although wooden looks stylish, but it can not be called comfortable. When wet, the handle becomes slippery, so cutting fish can be dangerous. In addition, wood absorbs odors. Therefore, it is better to choose kitchen utensils with a plastic or rubber handle. They do not slip and perfectly laundered.

When choosing a filet knife for fish, it is important to pay attention to the sufficient flexibility of the blade. The more, the more accurate it will be to cut the filet part.

If there are additional devices, it allows you to store and care for the knife. To keep the sharpness longer, it is better to store the cutting object in a case or stand. Having a sharpener will keep your knife sharp.

Flexibility test

When choosing a knife for fish fillets, you need to pay attention to flexibility.It greatly affects the process of cutting and dressing the product. As a rule, flexibility depends on the thickness of the blade. The more this indicator, the less flexibility.

fillet knives reviews

Long blades should have their degree of flexibility. The blade at 10-15 cm is thin and bends well. By increasing the length of the blade of a fish knife should not lose flexibility.

Knife Handles

Despite the fact that the blade is the main element of kitchen utensils, the handle plays an important role. It has the convenience and grip. A well-designed handle allows the angler to cook caught fish fillets safely and easily.

When choosing it is necessary to pay attention to the material of this element of the fillet knife. Wooden handles were leading in the past, but now plastic and rubber products have taken over the market. A tree has always had one important disadvantage - when it gets wet, it becomes slippery. The danger of work in this case greatly increases. The second drawback of such handles is the preservation of the smell of fish, which complicates the cleaning and disinfection of the fillet knife.

Plastic and rubber elements will be an excellent choice. Molded rubber provides high traction due to compression when wet.Both handle materials have high friction coefficient. Because of this, they are perfectly kept in their hands. Plastic and rubber elements of the knife are easy to clean, so the fat and the smell of fish do not pose problems for knives. Both materials are corrosion resistant, making the purchase last a long time.

You need to make sure that the acquired filet knife has a platform for the support of the index finger. This place must be at the point where the blade connects to the handle, and is needed for a slip guard.

Additional support creates a knife control point. It works only if the fingers are of standard size.

Scabbard and sharpener

Fillet knives are usually sold with scabbards. If the cutting object is not needed, it is best to store it in a closet or tackle box, or you can attach it to a belt to go down to the beach, for example, to cook dinner.

steel fillet knives

Of course, over time, all knives lose their sharpness. Then the cutting surface is rounded and stops cutting. Part of the fillet knives are sold with small hand sharpeners. They greatly facilitate the task of maintaining the sharpness of the knife and its effective state.

Shredded filet knife with sharpening bar is a worthwhile acquisition. Manufacturing companies usually complete knives with a sharpener, which is better suited for this type of steel.

Loin knives: reviews

Judging by the comments of consumers, such a kitchen assistant can be bought on average for 2000 rubles. The knives are made of stainless steel and have a special curved blade shape, a comfortable handle that does not rub hands and fingers when cutting. Buyers also point out the importance of blade flexibility. Since during the separation of the fillet it is necessary to twist the knife smoothly so that the pulp is separated from the bones. Flexible and very thin blades perfectly cut the thickest part without problems.

In addition, a big plus is the knife handle, made of moisture-resistant material. It provides convenience while cooking.

Electric filet knives

Who constantly processes a large number of fish, will rejoice in the electric fillet knife. Such a cutting assistant easily penetrates the fish, significantly saving time and effort. And although the electric fillet knife needs to be learned to use, its use will quickly pay for the costs.

filet knives for cutting

Many models are equipped with batteries and can work on the car cigarette lighter. It is very convenient for working in nature.

To fish in order to eat later is a normal incentive. It is understood by all. With the taste of fish you can not compare anything, family and friends will not refuse such a delicacy. Fillet knife - excellent helper in the kitchen. Therefore, choosing the right cutting utensil is an important step towards success in cooking.

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