Films with Stanislav Bondarenko in the lead role

Stanislav Bondarenko is a young and charismatic actor of theater and cinema. More and more often appears on TV screens in new memorable roles.

films with stanislav bondarenko

Fateful acquaintance

Actor from Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, but already at the age of 11 Stanislav with his family moved to Moscow, where he still lives today. Studying in high school, was actively engaged in dancing and karate. At one of the concerts, which was given by a dance studio with the participation of Stanislav, a young handsome guy was noticed by the artistic director of the drama school, and offered to undergo tests for admission to an educational institution. So, by a lucky chance, Stanislav Bondarenko became a student of GITIS in the workshops of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Valentin Vasilyevich Teplyakov and Pavel Osipovich Khomsky.

First role

Being a third-year student of the institute, the actor receives an offer to go to casting for a role in the television series “Talisman of Love”.Samples of a young man passes with ease and immediately gets one of the main roles. The image of Pasha Uvarov, a wealthy and carefree young man, harmoniously fits into the role of an actor and brings him success and recognition. After the release of the serial, the actor is enshrined in the image of the seducer of women's hearts and the charming boyfriend.

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Since the second half of the 2000s, films with Stanislav Bondarenko have not left the television screens. His next works were: the role of Zhenya in the television film “The Loneliness of Love”, where Svetlana Khodchenkova and Valery Barinov became partners on the set; the role of Denis in the television series "Captain's Children"; the role of handsome Marat in the youth film "Waiting for a miracle."

The historical drama “Out of Flame and Light”, where Stanislav Bondarenko in the role of Nikolai Martynov gracefully conveyed the image of the killer of the great poet Mikhail Lermontov, became memorable.

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Next, the actor is invited to play roles in many pictures. Only in 2008, films with Stanislav Bondarenko come out one after the other: "Street Racers", "Plato", "Sin", "Woman not inclined to adventures" and "Provincial".In the detective melodrama “Provincial”, the actor got the main role of the young womanizer Mark, who unexpectedly falls in love with himself for a girl from the provinces Elizabeth. The film was loved and long remembered by the viewers.

Since the beginning of the new decade, the actor has played more than a dozen roles. In 2014, the premiere of the melodrama “Return My Love” took place, in which Stanislav embodied the image of Vlad Orlov, a rich and temperamental artist. The series was highly appreciated by critics and occupies high positions in movie ratings.

Considerable popularity and love deserved a serial tape "Anka from Moldavanka", where Bondarenko got one of the main roles - the criminal investigation officer Vasilyev Nikolay. The film takes place in Odessa 70s. The plot harmoniously includes the uneasy relationship of the girl Anna with her lover - the leader of the Odessa gang, as well as with the failed fiancé Nikolay, who, on his return from the capital, begins work on the search for and the eradication of criminal crime in his hometown. The girl rushes between the feelings tearing her and becomes a difficult choice.

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The newest films with Stanislav Bondarenko

Let's get acquainted with new pictures in which you can see the actor.

  • The Three Queens(2015). Stanislav Bondarenko in the eight-episode detective tape played a young and ambitious nephew of the deputy mayor of the seaside town - Sergey, who has a love affair with the wife of the owner of a small winery. The entrepreneur is planning to release a new brand of wine with the name "Three Queens" and has high hopes for the new product. But soon they report about his suicide in his apartment. A son arrives at the funeral - Viktor Pogodin, a student at one of the capital's universities, who does not believe in his father's suicide and, together with investigator Litvinov, begins to unravel this difficult and dangerous matter.

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  • "Intimacy does not offer"(2016). In the story, an enviable and wealthy bachelor Ivan, played by Stanislav Bondarenko, lives in his pleasure. His father does not like the frivolity of his son and he plans to deprive his housekeeper so that he will think about marriage. But the young man comes up with a clever way and makes an announcement about finding a concubine. He offers girls free accommodation in one of the rooms of his apartment.In exchange, she asks for cleanliness in the house and delicious homemade food. The touching comedy "Intimacy not to offer" 2016 release was presented on the central TV channels. The funny plot of the picture came to taste to many viewers.

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  • “River of Memory” (2016).A film with an intriguing storyline. Three young people - Andrey (Stanislav Bondarenko in the lead role), Dasha and Lera - are floating down one of the rivers of Karelia. As a result of an accident, Andrei's girlfriend, Dasha, is being carried away by a river during a thunderstorm. The body is never found, and it is recognized as missing. Lera, who has long been secretly in love with Andrew, is trying to comfort and touch him with all his might, and after a few years, young people begin to plan a wedding. But in one of the newspaper notes Andrew caught sight of a picture of Dasha. The guy throws everything and again goes to Karelia in search of the missing beloved. The girl with the photo really turns out to be a miracle surviving Dasha, but after losing her memory she calls herself Anna and lives a completely different life. The River of Memory (2016) was filmed by director Stanislav Nazirov, the author of Kotovsky and Not Born Beautiful. According to him, he wanted to show on the screen the opposition of good and evil, untouched pure nature and urbanization of the megalopolis.

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Work in the theater

The actor does not stop playing on the stage as well.He is a member of the troupe of the Academic Theater. Mossovet. Stanislav was involved in the performances of The Engaged, I, Grandmother, Iliko and Hilarion. Today, the artist can be seen in the colorful and dynamic play Casting (directed and authored by Yuriy Eremin) in the guise of Mikhail Novikov, in the satirical comedy of the Polish playwright Moral Dulskoy as the role of clerk Hippolytus in the play by Alexander Ostrovsky “Not All Maslenitsya the Cat”.

Instead of conclusion

films with stanislav bondarenko

All the above-mentioned performances and films with Stanislav Bondarenko only confirm the talent of the actor. During the year about 4-5 films with his participation are released, which also speaks of his high performance and love for his work.

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