The film "The Dark Knight": actors and roles, plot

"Dark Knight" - a superhero action, released by the film company Warner Brothers in 2008. This film is a continuation of the new trilogy about the adventures of Batman. Cinema masterpiece enjoyed considerable success, bringing its creators more than a billion dollars at the box office. Moreover, the film has earned several high-profile awards, including the Oscar. And all this was made possible thanks to the excellent work of the entire film crew of the film “The Dark Knight”. Actors and roles, plot and awards - our article will tell you about all this and not only you.dark knight actors

Director's work

Christopher Nolan, namely, he will be discussed in this block, is one of the most prominent representatives of modern cinema. This director was famous for his original approach to shooting, and behind his shoulders such works as Interstellar, Prestige, Inception, and the Dark Knight trilogy. Despite his rather young age in terms of cinematographic concepts, Christopher has already become a three-time nominee for the Oscar - which is quite a serious indicator in the world of world cinema.But the story of this director began not so joyfully.

Christopher already knew that he would make films when he was seven years old, after watching one of the Star Wars episodes. After that, the toy soldiers became his actors, and the decorations were the rooms of his own house. After completing his studies, Christopher did not forget about his passion and began to shoot short and low-budget films. His first paintings were not particularly remarkable, but after the release of "Remember" Nolan spoke the whole world.

How to create a film masterpiece

In 2003, the Warner Brothers film company signed a contract with Christopher to film the trilogy about Batman’s new adventures - The Dark Knight. The actors were selected personally by the director, and perhaps that is why the film was such a success. After all, it became an obsessive idea for Nolan to create the most realistic characters, so that the viewer would not even doubt that the legendary hero really exists. Christopher was not well versed in the world of comics, and for the work he needed a screenwriter, who is the “dock” in this matter.christian baleAnd for this, the director invited to the shooting of David Goyer, known to our viewers on the Blaide film trilogy.This tandem has become so successful that the first part "thundered to the whole world." So after the success of “Batman: The Beginning,” it became clear that the sequel simply must be.

"The Dark Knight": actors and roles

Filming of the film began in April 2007, and their geography stretched over two continents, because the scenes were filmed in Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles and Chicago. The main cast is almost the same: the familiar and famous Christopher Nolan played the role of the protagonist. All the same, his faithful squire remained Nolan's favorite actor - Michael Kane. In addition, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy have returned from the past squad. They were joined by new members of the project - Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart. But still the actor who played the Joker in The Dark Knight, became the main "highlight of the program." After all, this character made a lot of noise, and the villain embodied by Heath Ledger was much more charismatic and brighter than the same criminal played by Jack Nicholson.

The plot of the picture

In the second part of the trilogy in the fight against crime, Batman is joined by Lieutenant Jim Gordon and the young but ambitious prosecutor Harvey Dent.Their cooperation brings "fruit", and the main character is thinking about "moving into the shadows." After all, the city needs a "real savior." And at this moment in the criminal environment there is a new brilliant villain - the Joker.Heath LedgerThis psychopath and frostbitten maniac will stop at nothing in order for the city to have complete anarchy. At first, the heroes manage to resist the Joker. But everything changes when the villain kidnaps and kills her childhood friend Wayne and part-time beloved Dent - Rachel. The prosecutor goes mad with grief and becomes another dangerous criminal - Two-faced. And Bruce Wayne will have to protect the city from the wave of crime that surged in Chicago.

Main character

Christian Bale, who played Batman in the trilogy, was already quite famous at the time of filming. He became quite famous at the age of ten, after participating in the film “Mio, my Mio”. After that, a lull emerged in Bale's career, which lasted until 1987, when Christian played a major role in the Empire of the Sun. Further, the actor participated in many projects, but only after the release of the "American Psychopath" they started talking about him seriously.After that, there were shootings in the acclaimed motion pictures “The Power of Fire” and “Equilibrium”. Gary OldmanBut already the world name brought him the role of Batman in the trilogy "The Dark Knight". The actors of this film, including Bale, did their best, which made them “icons” of fans of superhero action movies.

Charismatic villain

It is safe to say that it was Heath Ledger and his masterful game that brought such popularity to the film “The Dark Knight”. The crazy and incredibly charismatic Joker made an indelible impression not only on the audience, but also on film critics. His bright and sharp look, the manner of the madman and expressive facial expressions were simply magnificent. And there are a lot of reasons for this, because Hit is not only a talented, but also a very hardworking actor. A special impression is made by Ledger’s preparation for the shooting. In order to get the most out of the role, to feel the hatred of Batman and get to know his hero, Heath spent 43 days all alone in a hotel room.the actor who played the joker in the dark knight

One of the most vivid scenes in the film, in which the Joker applauds Gordon's rise, sitting at the prison bars, we are obliged to improvise the actor.After all, this was not in the script, but the “picture” itself was so successful that the director did not allow the operators to stop filming, and then added these frames to the film. The last villain’s make-up makes an indelible impression. It is noteworthy that before the party scene at Wayne Enterprises, no one saw Heath Ledger "made up." And his stage image made a real sensation and even scared colleagues so that Christian Bale forgot his text, and Gillenhaal was afraid to look at him in general.Joker

All this great acting game could not pass unnoticed, and it is not surprising that Heath Ledger received for this Oscar role, but, alas, posthumously. After all, on January 22, 2008, he was found dead in his hotel room. And the long-awaited statuette was given to the relatives of the actor. But it's safe to say that the Joker, as embodied by Ledger, is the most realistic and dangerous villain of all time.

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