The film "The Man from the Capuchin Boulevard": actors and roles, crew

In the summer of 1987, a musical comedy-western by director Alla Surikova, based on the script by E. Akopov “A Man from Capuchin Boulevard”, came to the Soviet film distribution. Actors in the project were involved known and loved by the domestic audience. The picture for the year was watched by more than 60 million viewers, it was the last film in the creative career of the great artist Andrei Mironov.

Parody aesthetics

In the cinema “The Man from the Capuchin Boulevard”, director A. Surikov and scriptwriter E. Akopov managed to fit all the common techniques of the Western genre, demonstrating exceptional knowledge of the laws, according to which the screen Wild West existed. However, behind the parody comedy aesthetics, similar to the postmodern delights of foreign filmmakers in the genre, the sublime humanistic message of the picture is clearly visible.a man from the capuchin boulevard

The shoot place

A lot has been said about where the film “The Man from Boulevard Capuchin” was shot. The shooting process started in the vicinity of Ak-Kai, the Crimean rock towering near the village of White Rock. According to the author's idea, this area should have personified the cliffs of the Texas prairies. Operators of the film captured the white rock from various angles. After the shooting continued on the upper plateau of the mountain. The cowboy town of Santa Carolina, where, in fact, the tape events unfolded, was erected on the coast of a quiet bay near Koktebel. Unfortunately, despite the protests of the actor's ensemble, immediately after the completion of filming all the buildings were burned. Initially, the film “The Man from the Capuchin Boulevard” was not shot in full-fledged buildings, the buildings were facades that were propped up on the reverse side. But after a gust of heavy wind, they were nearly blown into the sea, their shaky structures were further strengthened. The filming process ended where it began - at the foot of the White Rock. The final frames are replete with light, like snow, sand - a characteristic feature of the man from capuchin boulevard

Artist born and dead on stage

According to the director, the production of the comedy began at the moment when she managed to involve the great 20th century artist Andrei Mironov in her work on the project. Initially, the actor did not agree to withdraw from Surikova, but the director made a real siege to the performer. Having heard that the finished script was collecting dust on the shelves of Mosfilm for more than five years, and Surikov does not see anyone in the image of the main character, only Mironov, having moved, gave his consent. So, Mr. John Fest, fanatically devoted to cinema, who intended to change the world for the better with the help of Cinema, was embodied on the screen by Andrei Mironov. The title of the tape for the devoted contains an exhaustive description of his hero, because on the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris, the first film show in the world of the Lumiere brothers took place, from where naive and zealous film missionaries traveled around the world. In the comedy “The Man from the Capuchin Boulevard” Andrei Mironov plays one of them. The performer is fun, inspired and passionately playing, in general, himself. But if the plot John comes to life after the successful attempt on Black Jack, the actor really dies.This film is the latest work in an unsurpassed stage master's career.a man from the Capuchin Boulevard Andrei Mironov

Super compilation of domestic movie stars

The film “The Man from the Capuchin Boulevard” brought together a stunning acting ensemble, which included almost all the superstars of Soviet cinema. Since the comedy was musical, Mironov, Karachentsov and Boyarsky independently sang songs of their characters. But the performer of the main female role of Alexander Yakovlev was not a musical actress, Larisa Dolina sang for her. In addition to the listed significant representatives of the domestic actor galaxy, the actors “O. Tabakov, I. Kvasha, L. Durov, N. Krachkovskaya, S. Mishulin, G. Polskikh, L. Yarmolnik, O. Anofriev , S. Farad and many others.Yakovleva man from Capuchin Boulevard


In the role of the mercantile owner of the saloon and bartender Harry McKew, the creators initially saw only Oleg Tabakov. The future People's Artist of the USSR and the laureate of various awards responsibly approached the embodiment of the image of his character. To make the hero more vivid, the performer inserted tubules into his nostrils, which made his face wider and his expression good-naturedly cunning.Such a decision brought a lot of inconvenience to the actor, but he endured and did not lose his appetite, sometimes absorbing all the prepared props even before the start of filming the scene. Once, in order to save the nuts, which McKew constantly clicked, they were replaced by sham. The actor was surprised a lot and after noticeably depressed. The creators did not dare to experiment more, as they considered that the mood of the performer is more expensive. Tabakov responded in gratitude with brilliant improvisations and selfless game.a man from Capuchin Boulevard director

Friend and foe

In the movie "The Man from Capuchin Boulevard," the actors sometimes got after long twists and turns. For example, Nikolai Karachentsov. The fact is that by the time he came to the casting, the role of the cowboy Billy King had almost been given to Alexei Zharkov, and Surikov Karachentsov was offered to be reincarnated in Black Jack. But to the performer, this character seemed uninteresting, and he went to sample staged fights with stuntman A. Inshakov. The director was impressed with the zeal of the actor and gave the role of a friend to Johnny Fest Nicholas. After the incident, Zharkov did not speak with the director for many years. Karachentsov was irresistible in the image of King.In addition to his stunning acting skills - musicality and amazing plasticity, he demonstrated real dedication, acting in all the stunt episodes without alternates.

Mikhail Boyarsky Surikov attracted to work on his project cunning. The casting director's assistants were able to contact the famous performer during his arrival in Moscow for filming in another film. Then the director went around the actor’s agents. She called Boyarsky, told that she was shooting a comedy in the lead role with Mironov, who personally asked Mikhail to make up a creative duet with him.where they filmed a man from Capuchin Boulevard

Pastor and beauty

Perhaps the only one who turned out to be busy with the film shooting process not due to lucky chance or ingenious plexuses is Igor Kvasha. The actor was initially and unshakably approved for the difficult role of the zealous pastor Adams. Only this performer had the subtlest sense of tact in relation to the incarnation of a negative character. And the actor, unmatched balancing on the edge, successfully walked around the edge and did not stumble.

The role of Diana Little, the singer and beloved of the protagonist, was tried by many young and talented actresses, among the contenders were Irina Rozanova and Olga Kabo.But Mironov, for whom the creators left the final choice, considered their attempts unsuccessful. But from the whole video with samples of candidates for the role he liked the scene in which Alexander Yakovlev was shining. "The Man from Boulevard des Capucines" is a significant project in the filmography of the actress. During the preparation for the shooting of each episode, the performer rehearsed dance numbers for hours to sheer exhaustion in order to look worthy against the background of professional ballet dancers. In addition, without complaining, Alexandra learned to ride a horse, skillfully handle the colt and sing, even if it was a sound track. Her diligence admired the entire film crew of the film “Man from Boulevard des Capuchins”. The male actors simply flourished with her charming smile.the film is a man from Capuchin Boulevard [2],

Assembled bit by bit

In order for the comedy to be successful, you need a bag of humor. With this, the authors of the tape and the acting ensemble were all in perfect order. But in order to get a Western, the creators had to work hard. The fact is that everything that was needed was not even in Mosfilm's requisition shops. The authors collected the material almost bit by bit.Something was rented from the Czech studio “Barrandov-Film” that worked in the neighborhood, the feathers for the headgear of the Indians were brought from the Crimea and manually painted by costume designer S. Bashlykova. As a result, the efforts of the film crew were deservedly evaluated, one of the awards received by the comedy is the prize “For authenticity in the depiction of the Wild West in the wild conditions of Soviet filmmaking”.

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