Fictional character Jason Todd: biography, history and interesting facts

One of the famous companies engaged in the development and creation of comics, there is an unusual character. On first glance, he may resemble a person dressed in a bat suit, that is, a resident of Gotham Batman. But this is not so, we face a different hero, whose name is Jason Todd, or the Red Cap. He is an anti-hero in a series of Batman stories. A little earlier, the character was called Robin, but he was reborn and now acquired a new image, in which he became incredibly popular among fans of comics.

Jason Todd


Once upon a time, fans of a series of films and comics about Batman remember, there was such a fictional hero Robin. He was good and kind, helped people, but he was reborn and Red Cap appeared. Completely different, hitherto unseen character.

How does he live now and why is he considered a new resident of the dark side of Gotham?

The negative hero is a great wielder of firearms, his arsenal is incredibly rich and very much like the one that was once used by Batman himself.

For many years, Robin was an assistant to Bruce, but after disappeared from the pages of comics for as much as five years.

The fate of the appearance of a new character was determined by means of voting by telephone. Fans decided what they need a new hero, what qualities he will have.

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Jason's appearance

According to legend, he grew up in a poor neighborhood, slums, located in one of the quarters of Gotham City. Todd grew up like a pretty dark haired boy. The boy's father is a petty thief and a crook named Willis Todd. One day he is sent to prison, and Willis never returns home, although he is occasionally released.

In the end, Jason is forced to stay with Catherine Todd, a woman who has a wild lifestyle, who uses alcohol and likes drugs. She was not his biological mother, he called her that, to have at least some close person nearby.

Growing up, Jason Todd (Jason Todd) decided to earn a living, plunging into the underworld.He sold stolen auto parts, which brought a small income.

After a while, Catherine dies. She took an overdose of drugs, which caused an overdose. And Jason is absolutely alone on the dirty streets. He barely makes ends meet in order to survive. Sometimes it intercepts a couple of coins from the sale of small parts.

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Meet Batman

One day, when trying to steal tires in a Batmobile, Jason Todd (Red Cap) meets Batman himself. The strong and courageous character liked the lad, and Bruce Wayne decides to put Jason in a school called Ma Grinn. There are poor young people living here. The main character did not like being there, and he, naturally, runs away. And it was not a school at all, but a place where numerous crimes occurred under the auspices of the school.

After that, Wayne makes the decision to train Jason on his own, he wants to fill the empty place of his partner Robin. And he begins to teach the boy everything he knows.

Todd's temper is very harsh, he is not as cheerful, not as energetic as Robin, and acrobatic tricks cannot perform with such agility and speed. The antihero has other abilities.His life made him rude and strong, with a characteristic share of witty sarcasm.

Secretly, Batman believed that his good attitude towards the Red Caps would make the guy look like his former partner, that Robin would return as Jason.

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Jason Todd Abilities

A well-built antihero has a mass of qualities, which we will now describe in detail:

  • Flexibility. A man is able to dodge any bullet or knife.
  • Attractiveness. Jason is quite good at himself, which makes the opposite sex pay attention to him.
  • It has a special berserker power. These are warriors who become insane during battle, battle.
  • Perseverance.
  • Leader qualities.
  • A prosperous person.
  • It shoots very well and never misses.
  • Incredibly advanced intelligence.
  • The ability to skillfully fence and shoot any type of weapon.
  • Excellent tracker.
  • Possession of hand-to-hand combat without weapons.
  • Cunning and charm.

Jason Todd Quotes

Jason Todd: Comics

The character came to replace the hero named Dick Grayson, who once left his teacher Batman, went to college, and then completely decided to make his own career.Comics about Jason Todd saw the world back in 1983.

Bruce Wayne could not long be alone and bought a new friend. So the Red Cap appeared for the first time in comics.

Note that initially the life story of Todd was different from the already known. It was alleged that his parents were circus performers. Father - acrobat - killed Killer Kroc, the criminal, wandering around the country. After it was decided to change the biography of Jason, because the previous one was too reminiscent of the biography of Robin.

In 1985, the concept of comics was revised, and the character disappears from the pages of the stories about Batman for a long time. The world has not seen him for a long time. But in 2003, Jason Todd was resurrected again, as already mentioned, he was caught red-handed by Bruce Wayne while trying to steal tires in a Batmobile. Now to the previous name also added the nickname Red Cap.

So began to appear comics, cartoons with numerous stories about the adventures of Jason. The character came to the liking of many fans. Jason Todd is also known in Russia. Comics in Russian is not uncommon. There are many fans of this unusual and bright character in the country.

Jason Todd Comics in Russian

Joker and Red Cap

All the stories about the heroes can be called unique. This whole world, invented by a team of authors, is called by some the planet “DISI”.

One of the brightest stars on it is a character invented once by the name of Jason Todd. It is often found on comic book pages and on screen in animated films.

Quite often, the character fights with the female cat and the Joker. It is the latter who sets up numerous traps for the Red Caps when he tries to find a reliable history of his origin, having understood that his adoptive mother raised him. This information became known through diaries written by the late father of Jason.

It’s none other than Batman’s search for Todd’s addresses, but the Joker is always proactive and gives false information.

It is also reliably known that it is the Joker who kills Robin. This story is considered one of the brightest on the pages of comics.

Quotes by Jason Todd

All fans of Jason Todd are familiar with his sarcasm and sparkling coarse humor. What were the most memorable statements of the popular resident of the dark side of Gotham? Let's remember.

  1. "If you have a desire to die, then there is a very simple way - to stand and yell at the person who has the weapon in his hands."
  2. "I hate situations that violate plans that I have made over the years, especially when this happens because of a trifle."
  3. "I am the same cold-blooded son of a bitch that you have ever met in your entire life."
  4. "I am what I am, but I’m not at all what I seem to be."
  5. "I have no restrictions."

Tim Drake and the Red Cap

Often, most characters do not find a common language between themselves. Everything happens by reason of competition. But if this is just a simple skirmish, then between the inhabitants of Gotham Tim and Todd there was a serious war.

In the days when Jason returned and became the Red Caps, he came to Drake. This was done in order to find out the new details of the death of Robin.

So began the hatred of the characters. In numerous comics and the animated series there are numerous battles between heroes who hate each other.

Once Todd went to the tower of the Titans, where he wanted to look at the memorial statue, which is made in his honor. At one time, the Red Cap, though not for long, was a member of the Titans.Not finding the statue, he attacks Tim in a wild rage. In the fight, Jason Todd vs Tim Drake wins. Having won, he wrote a message to the gang members with the blood of the enemy "Jason was here."

After a while, Tim comes to help Todd, while Batman was absent, and pulls him out of jail. He explains this by the fact that Bruce Wen himself, whom he always respected, wants so much.

So begins to make friends between former enemies. But in the new series of comics, “The Battle for the Cloak,” the heroes are fighting again. And the Red Cap practically kills Drake.

Jason Todd vs. Tim Drake

Screen versions

In 1997, the audience saw for the first time a film released on screens, where the main characters were Batman and his loyal comrade Robin. It was one of the final parts of the sensational trilogy. The director of the tape became Schumacher, who is better known as Joel.

The beautiful duet was performed by the magnificent actors of Hollywood, namely George Clooney, who performed the role of Bruce Wayne, and Chris O’Donnell in the form of Robin. Several times the character appeared in the films, but after a while it was stopped to be shown both as a positive character and as an anti-hero.

Antihero: yes or no

The image of the anti-hero, which is firmly entrenched for the character Jason Todd, is a very incomprehensible title.

What is the secret of such a negative behavior of the Red Cap and what are the true causes of anger, rigidity? Perhaps this is a resentment for his family and futile attempts to find its members. This can be a good excuse for Jason’s actions.

Although, as Jason Todd (Red Cap) himself says, it is not he who is, it is his life that made him.

Well, let's take his word for it, because the death of loved ones always makes a person embittered. We hope that the authors more than once will delight viewers and readers with new interesting stories in the comics about their favorite negative character.

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