The drug "Estrovel": reviews of doctors, instructions for use and composition

During menopause, every woman at a certain age has complaints of indisposition, headaches, and hot flashes, which are becoming common. But really, being born as a woman means suffering from mood swings on the background of menstruation and expecting menopause with horror?

The development of scientists

Scientists do not cease to develop all new drugs that allow to minimize all these unpleasant symptoms, or even do without them. One of these drugs is Estrovel. According to reviews, it is very effective. Each lady now has the opportunity to test the impact of this complex on themselves, to be able to appreciate it. Consider the composition of this medication, read the instructions for use and learn the opinion of doctors.estrovel reviews

Drug description

"Estrovel" is a dietary supplement, its main feature is that it is organically integrated into the hormonal processes that occur in a woman's body.This tool is completely safe. The effectiveness of the drug is based on the fact that its composition contains only natural ingredients.

This dietary supplement should be used during menopause, as well as during menopause. This drug complex perfectly normalizes the work of the nervous system in women during their hormonal adjustment. Estrovel also has a tonic and sedative effect.

The drug is released in capsules of two hundred and fifty milligrams. The standard package contains thirty pieces, calculated for one month. Store the medication in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding twenty-five degrees. The price of the drug ranges from four to four hundred and fifty rubles per pack.

Reviews of "Estrovele" presented at the end of the article.

The composition of supplements

The main active ingredients are herbal ingredients, which are similar in their properties to a number of important hormones in the human body. It should be noted that the factor that stabilizes the hormonal balance of the female body is the correct ratio of substances along with their form. So, the following elements are included in the composition of this medicinal complex:estruvel user manual price reviews

  • Soybean seed extract, which is an analogue of plant estrogen, which is necessary against the background of the deficiency of this hormone, which is particularly acute in the period of menopause.
  • The extract of the seeds of the griffonia or, as it is called in scientific terminology, L-5-hydroxytryptophan is aimed at a mild decrease in appetite, which creates a feeling of satiety.
  • Dioscorea root extract - wild yam. This component prevents the risk of the occurrence and development of vegetative-vascular dystonia along with atherosclerosis, improving the general well-being of women. This confirms the "Estrovela" instruction. Reviews abound.
  • The extract of the fruit of the sacred Vitex is used against depressed states. This ingredient normalizes hormonal balance and has an antiseptic and analgesic effect.
  • Tocopherol acetate acts as an effective antioxidant, preventing a number of diseases of the liver and cardiovascular system as well.
  • Indole-3-carbinol contributes to the normalization of hormonal balance during menstruation and menopause. This component is used for the treatment of benign tumors, it is also effective in the role of a prophylactic agent in the fight against oncology.In addition, this substance is included in the complex treatment of a whole group of gynecological diseases.
  • Sodium tetraborate has an antifungal effect.
  • Folic acid or in other words vitamin b9- this is, first of all, an advocate of immunity, which, by activating hematopoietic functions, is able to reduce negative symptoms during menopause.
  • Phytomenadione is involved in the normalization of blood clotting.

What else is in the composition?

Additionally, stabilizers, as well as anti-caking agents and fillers, such as, for example, amorphous silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, maltodextrin, are included in the composition of "Estrovel". In addition, modified starch, gum, dextrose, food coloring and sucrose are included. Capsules of the drug are made of gelatin.Estrovel reviews of women with menopause

All the above components of dietary supplements harmoniously regulate the process of transition of women to a new age category, extremely gently tuning the entire hormonal background. Many are interested in price and reviews.

Instructions for use "Estrovel"

The drug should be consumed while taking food.In order to eliminate the symptoms of menopause drink one tablet twice a day. The total duration of such a course is usually from two months to achieve a positive result. According to reviews, the price of "Estrovel" is quite high.

As part of the elimination of symptoms during menstruation, the drug is drunk at the same dose for two weeks before the start of the cycle. In that case, if the specified dosing regimen is not enough to achieve efficiency, the use of the drug can be increased to three to four tablets.

What patients should think about taking the drug?

Estrovel, according to reviews, can bring a noticeable improvement against the background of such conditions, when women have stable hormonal shifts, which can be:
estrovale instruction reviews

  • Climacteric time, which is marked by well-being, significantly worsening the quality of life, which is expressed in tides, mood swings, dizziness and pain, increased fatigue.
  • The restructuring of the body due to surgical removal of the ovaries.
  • The presence of premenstrual tension syndrome.
  • Prevention of premature aging.

In any case, before starting treatment, it is necessary to study in detail the instructions for use of “ESTROVEL”. Price, reviews, many confused.

Contraindications to receive supplements

The rich content of all sorts of plant components does not pose any danger to women who take this medicine. However, you must consider the following contraindications for the reception of this tool:

  • The presence of individual intolerance to one or more components that can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Age to fourteen years.
  • Pregnancy along with breastfeeding.

estruvel instruction reviews Price

In order to avoid side effects during the period of treatment, the dosage amount recommended by the doctor should be strictly observed.

Feedback from women with menopause about "Estrovel", mostly positive. About it further.


To date, no analogs are produced for its current component. But at the same time there are medicines that contain other ingredients that have similar properties. These drugs should include "Klimadinon", "Klimaktoplan", "Remens", "Klimaksan", "Chi-Klim" and other drugs.

Reviews of the drug "Estrovel"

Reviews of gynecologists about this drug, mostly positive. So, in their comments, doctors advise women to take these phytohormones, who feel the first symptoms of menopause, as well as against the background of early ovarian depletion. Gynecologists like that it contains almost no ingredients that can cause side effects, such as dizziness, allergic reactions, and so on. This is confirmed by the "Estrovela" instructions for use and reviews.estruvel price reviews

Some gynecologists write in a review that it manifests itself ambiguously in different patients. For example, in some, it completely eliminates the symptoms of menopause, while for others it only slightly softens their severity. Experts believe that you should not wait for a tangible effect from this supplement in the first days, and moreover, a week of intake, due to the fact that the effect of the drug is carried out in cumulative order.

The drug "Estrovel", according to doctors, has a not very pleasant smell, which patients often complain about. But it is noted that this medicine copes particularly well with the appearance of hot flashes, which, a week after administration, cease to be acute, due to which women feel much better.In general, doctors note that for many of their patients, as a rule, it only takes a few days to achieve the effect for their condition to noticeably improve.

Judging by the reviews, in their practice, gynecologists often prescribe "Estrovel" to patients. They say that this medicine is perfect for women with physiological or surgical menopause. It is also reported about the good tolerability of this tool, against which many patients notice an improvement in their condition and a decrease in the symptoms of menopause, plus to this, they decrease anxiety and improve sleep. Doctors call Estrovel the drug of choice for women for whom hormonal medications are contraindicated as replacement therapy. In addition, it has a positive effect on the state of the mammary glands and is excellent for continuous use, but not more than a year.

Often, doctors recommend, according to reviews, "Estrovel" during menopause for their patients who are afraid to recover, as this drug is an excellent alternative to hormonal analogues. Also, women report that thanks to this remedy they began to sleep more calmly, they lost sweating and irritability due to all sorts of trifles.Estrovel instructions for use reviews

Reviews of women with menopause about "Estrovel"

Women speak about the drug only in a positive way. For those who suffer from hormonal disorders, the supplement will certainly help to normalize it, significantly improving the quality of life. It is well tolerated, does not cause side effects.

The article reviewed the "Estrovela" instruction. Reviews and price are presented.

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