Estival Park 4 * (Spain / Costa Dorada / La Pineda): photos, description, service, entertainment and reviews of tourists

Spain is a beautiful country that attracts tourists not only by sights, but also by the opportunity to relax on the sea coast. One of the most famous is the Costa Dorada. In our article we want to tell about one of its hotels - Estival Park 4 *. This place rightfully deserves special attention.

A little bit about the complex ...

Estival Park 4 * is a hotel complex consisting of a number of hotels and apartments, united by one territory. It is located near the beach of La Pineda. The hotel is perfect for families with children. It is one of the most large-scale and well-known complexes on the Mediterranean coast. The developed infrastructure of the institution allows you to spend time and does not care about the little things. Holidays in Estival Park 4 * can be truly unforgettable.

On the territory of the hotel complex there are a variety of objects and sports facilities. There is a professional spa center offering comprehensive programs for maintaining beauty and health, under the strict guidance of the best specialists. Just a few minutes walk from the hotel there are golf courses, riding clubs and one of the most famous theme parks in Europe - Port Aventura.

The territory of the complex

The complex Estival Park Salou 4 * includes the hotels “Estival Park 4 *”, “Estival Park Epatments 4 *”, “Estival Club 4 *”, “Estival Club Epatments 4 *”. Guests of the four institutions have the opportunity to enjoy the entire territory, which is a whole.

Estival Park 4 * was founded in 1990. Its territory covers an area of ​​110 thousand square meters. The composition of the huge complex includes several buildings:

  1. Three five-story buildings - "Mein Building".
  2. Two hundred three and two-storey cottages - bungalows.
  3. Two three- and five-storey blocks - Aneks building.

Number of rooms

The number of rooms Estival Park Salou 4 * is very extensive and diverse. It is presented in the following categories:

  1. Double Standard - a room with an area of ​​23.4 m.sq., equipped with double beds, bathroom and terrace (area 5.27 square meters.). The apartments are equipped to accommodate three guests and are equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, modern TV, telephone, safe.
  2. Two-level "duplex" rooms have an area of ​​more than 27 square meters. and are designed for four guests. These apartments are located on the first floor of buildings 1,2 and 3.
  3. Suites are designed for four people. Their area is 46 square meters. The apartments are equipped with a terrace (more than 10 square meters.).
Number of rooms

The hotel does not accept guests with pets, no matter what room you would not book.

Accommodation Apartments

A diverse number of rooms Estival Park 4 * (Spain) includes apartments:

  1. One bedroom. They are good for four guests. Rooms are equipped with a double bed and a sofa. The apartments are located on the third floor, you can climb them on a separate staircase. The rooms for the convenience of guests include a refrigerator, kitchen, TV, electric oven, washing machine, outdoor terrace, bathroom, safe.
  2. Apartment with two bedrooms, which can accommodate up to six people.They are located on the second floor. The rooms are also equipped with everything necessary.


On the territory of Estival Park 4 * (Spain) there are three restaurants. They all serve food in the form of a buffet. Delicious and abundant breakfasts in any of the three establishments will fill you with energy for the whole day. At dinner, visitors delight in traditional dishes of the Mediterranean and international cuisine.

The hotel has four bars in which you can not only order drinks, but also a snack. Two of them are located near the water zone of the hotel.

Dining at the hotel

Hotel Estival Park 4 * (Spain) offers its guests the opportunity to stay on the concept of "all inclusive", but subject to stay in it for less than four nights. The concept of food includes: Spanish alcohol (beer, brandy, whiskey, vodka, gin), as well as food in one of the restaurants on the "buffet" type, a snack bar and ice cream.

Sports and entertainment

Estival Park Salou 4 * (Spain) is one of the best complexes on the coast, which offers a unique opportunity to combine leisure, business, spa treatments and sports. In the daytime for the youngest guests there is a mini-club and a playground with swings.During the summer season (May-October), entertainment is provided for guests, which will make your holiday bright and rich. No less interesting are the evenings at the hotel. The most active tourists can continue to have fun at the night disco. To services vacationers wine cellar and bars of the institution. For active young people, you can recommend a visit to the Pacha Pineda nightclub located near the hotel complex.

Facility infrastructure

Estival Park 4 * (Spain, La Pineda) has not only a vast territory, but also a developed infrastructure. The complex has three restaurants and numerous bars, a club and a disco area, a solarium, and outdoor pools for children and adults. The buildings are equipped with elevators and wireless internet. The hotel has a 24-hour tourist reception. The hotel has a gym, spa with heated pool, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room. Hotel guests have the opportunity to have a good time in the wellness center, which offers massages, beauty treatments, relaxation sessions and more. The hotel has a hairdresser, car rental and currency exchange, a tour desk, laundry, and covered parking.

Spa and wellness

Estival Park 4 * (Spain, Costa Dorada) has an extensive spa complex, which is equipped with a large pool of 650 square meters. The spa area is equipped with numerous water attractions: waterfalls, water beds, underwater massage, hot tubs, air benches and much more. The water complex consists of heated swimming pools for children and adults.

Hotel pool

If you really want to relax and put yourself in order, you should visit the wellness procedures using high-quality cosmetics.

The most pampered tourists can take advantage of the Club Elite service package, which will allow them to fully enjoy an even greater number of water and beauty treatments.

A little bit about the resort ...

La Pineda is one of the youngest resorts of the Costa Dorada. The town is located near Tarragona. He gained fame thanks to the beautiful sandy beaches, which are only occasionally interrupted by rocky coves.

The resort is considered the quietest on the coast. He is chosen by families with children. The warm sea and a gentle sunset create ideal conditions for bathing babies. La Pineda is a Russian-speaking resort.Very many people understand Russian not only in hotels, but also cafes, shops and other public places. If your English is not up to the mark, then you need not worry, there will be no language barrier.

From June to September, the average temperature varies from +25 to +28 degrees, and the water during this period warms up to +23 degrees. Mountain ranges cover the resort from the winds, making its climate more comfortable.

The surroundings of La Pineda are known for their unique lush vegetation. The city is immersed in greenery. The local pines have a stunning aroma and flat spreading heads. The name of the town comes from the Spanish word "Pinot", which translates as pine. The coast of the resort stretches for more than three kilometers, the whole territory is covered with coniferous plantations. The beaches of La Pineda are a real pride because they have been awarded the Blue Flag. Their cleanliness, equipment and convenience deserves all praise.

Spa area

One of the attractions of the resort is a park with pine trees, located right on the beach. In the evenings, cultural events are held here. And for children equipped with a colorful playground.In general, there are four such towns for children in the city.

The advantage of La Pineda is its close proximity to the Port Aventura park. You can reach it in just fifteen minutes. All tourists recommend to visit it. In the park there are buses that pass through Salou. On its territory there are amazing rides, to ride at all for one visit is simply unrealistic.

The main attraction of the resort is an aquapark called “Aquapolis”, in which water attractions, slides, cafes, eight swimming pools, shady lawns, and relaxation areas with a lawn and sandy surface are equipped. In the park there is a large dolphinarium, occupying more than 100 thousand square meters. The water park is incredibly popular among the holidaymakers, so there are queues for all the rides.

Guest reviews

Continuing the review of the hotel, I would like to draw attention to the reviews of tourists, whether Estival Park 4 * (Costa Dorada) is really so good. Opinion of resort visitors will allow to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel complex. It is worth noting that the reviews about Estival Park Salou Hotel 4 * are only positive. They characterize the hotel from the best side.

It is located in a very convenient location on the coast.From the beach, the hotel is separated by a road, passing which you immediately find yourself at the sea. Near the complex there is a bus stop, from which you can independently get to Salou, Reus or Taragona by public transport.

Apartments of the hotel complex

The territory of the complex is very large and impressive. It houses various buildings and buildings, all of them are good in their own way and have their own advantages. Many recommend apartments that are large in size and have a kitchen with all accessories. The hotel can take half board, and if necessary, prepare their own. Near the hotel there is a large supermarket with groceries, where you can buy anything.

According to reviews, Estival Park Salou 4 * has a very diverse number of rooms. Some say that it is not new, but is still in excellent condition. All appliances and plumbing in the rooms are in good condition, the furniture is beautiful and comfortable. Open terraces are equipped with chairs and a table.

Apartments are cleaned daily, and its quality does not cause any comments. Bed linen and towels are changed daily. In case of breakdowns, tourists recommend to contact the reception. The staff responds very quickly to any requests and eliminates shortcomings.

Feedback on nutrition and maintenance

Food, as usual, remains a very important part of any vacation. That is why he is always paid special attention. Not every hotel tourists are satisfied with the quality of food. But numerous positive reviews about Estival Park 4 * speak for themselves. All vacationers celebrate the quality and variety of food in the restaurants of the complex. In the evenings, guests are regularly offered delicious seafood (mussels, octopus, etc.), there is always fish on the tables. The choice of meat dishes, fruits and vegetables is no less varied. Breakfasts, according to tourists, are less interesting. But all dishes are cooked very tasty, so the food does not have time to get bored during the rest.

Apartment with kitchen

Guests of the institution mark the high level of waiters service. The food of those tourists who live in the Club is slightly different. For them, tables are served on a private terrace. This is quite convenient, since there is no need to go to a common restaurant. For the Club, the entire infrastructure is focused on its territory. Food here is more abundant, fresh orange and champagne are offered to holidaymakers. On the tables there is always a large selection of cheeses, snacks, jamon. During the day snacks in the form of fruits, nuts and other sweets are provided for the inhabitants of the Club.It is simply impossible to remain hungry.

General impression of the hotel and service

According to reviews, the hotel Estival Park 4 * (Spain) makes the most pleasant impression on tourists. Among the guests you can meet people who come to the complex with enviable regularity. The hotel has some advantages that attract tourists. The convenient location makes it possible in a few minutes to reach the beach and quickly get to the neighboring cities.

On the territory of the complex

The hotel complex is very large and diverse. Here you can choose for yourself the best room that will be convenient in all respects. The hotel has a large spa and wellness center. If you like all sorts of procedures, then you should visit it. The main feature of the institution can rightly be called a good staff, offering a huge variety of programs to restore and maintain beauty.

According to reviews, in Estival Park 4 * a lot of married couples with children rest. Here there are all the conditions for placement with the kids. Yes, and nutrition does not arise difficulties. Tourists strongly recommend using the concept of "all inclusive", since this option is much more profitable. Catering is also possible in the nearest cafes, but the prices are different from the restaurants of the hotelHalf-board does not include drinks during meals, so they must be paid separately.

In the evenings an evening show is held for the guests, so there’s no need to get bored. Near the hotel is located promenade, which is nice to walk.

All major entertainment and shopping complexes are located in Salou. It is there that tourists are advised to go shopping. Spain is a beautiful country worth seeing. The most convenient way to do this is during a vacation, alternating a beach holiday with travel.

Beach Vacation Reviews

The huge advantage of the hotel is that it is located right on the coast. The road to the sea takes no more than 2-3 minutes. The huge beach is comfortable for relaxing, as it is equipped with sun beds and awnings (paid). Sunset in the sea flat and comfortable, sandy bottom is devoid of stones and other inconveniences.

Instead of an afterword

Summing up the article, it is worth noting that all tourists recommend the hotel for a comfortable holiday with children. The stunning hotel complex has several advantages: a convenient location, excellent room capacity and good food. Vacationers give a high rating to the work of staff, which is distinguished by politeness.

Rest zone

Many of the workers speak Russian, so there are no problems with the language. High level of service is the hallmark of the place. Here, no one extorts a tip, and all the problems in the room are solved very quickly and efficiently. Seasoned tourists recommend booking their own apartments at the hotel directly, without using the services of tour operators. In this case, you are guaranteed to get the number you wanted. For a VIP vacation, you can advise club apartments, since they have a separate territory, to which the inhabitants of the other hotels of the complex are not allowed. Beautiful hotel will help you to feel the beauty of the rest. on the Spanish coast.

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