Equipment of a winter fishing tackle on bream. Winter float rod: equipment

Ice-hole fishing is a very exciting and exciting activity, but without properly selected gear and proper training, it can easily turn into a rather boring process, accompanied by nervous tension and hypothermia.

To avoid this, let's try to understand the basic tricks of winter fishing. Let's start with the most basic - with gear.

Winter fishing rod

On the ice, fish are caught mainly on the winter bait. This tackle is great for fishing, both on the peaceful inhabitants of the depths and on predatory ones. Naturally, for a large predator will require a more durable design with the most reliable tooling.Winter fishing gear

Fishing for a winter fishing pole can be done in two ways: with and without a float. In the first case, a special float is used, which is submerged under water, but in the field of view of the angler.Even if the surface of the water is covered with a crust of ice, the bite detector will continue to perform its tasks. In the second case, the role of the float is played by the gatehouse (nod) attached to the tip of the rod. Such equipment winter fishing rod, we are most common. It does not require any settings for depth and depth.

In addition, fishing in the winter can be carried out both on the hook and on the mormyshka. In some cases, experienced anglers also use combined gear. Usually it is equipped with one mormyshka, performing the same role of the cargo, and one hook.

The design of the winter fishing rod

Classic winter fishing pole consists of the following elements:

  • udilnik with a reel or reel for fishing line;
  • guards (nod);
  • main line;
  • float (for float accessories);
  • cargo;
  • hook or jig.


Udilnik is the most important part of the winter fishing rod. It depends on him the correct distribution and immersion of gear, as well as timely response to the signal of biting.

For winter fishing, three types of fishing rods are used:

  • classical;
  • "Filly";
  • "balalaika".

Classic udilnik is a simple design with a length of 25-50 cm, consisting of a light handle with a coil and a replaceable gate.The nod can be easily replaced, which makes this fish hook universal: you can catch both small peaceful fish and large predator.

"Filly" is a primitive fishing pole consisting of a reel in the shape of a reel with a gatehouse. It does not have a reel, and the fishing line is wound directly on the handle. Such a fishing rod can be used for catching small fish: roach, crucian carp, sea-bass perch.

"Balalaika" is a sports type gearbox. Its feature is that the coil is located inside the handle, which allows to reduce the size and make it as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. The balalaika gatehouse is also easily changed, which makes it possible to adjust the gear under the right conditions.

Nod accessories

A winter fishing pole nod is commonly used to catch any fish. However, this option requires the angler some skill, especially with regard to the game bait. And the nod here is the first violin. From its size and elasticity depends on the method of feeding the bait. If a short and hard guard is chosen, the lure will move quickly and abruptly. A long and plastic nod, on the contrary, will smooth out all movements of the bait and increase the amplitude of oscillations.

Winter float fishing rod

But this is not the only function of the gatehouse. It also acts as a bite warning device.When the fish takes the bait, the nod will instantly react to it, having bent, or, on the contrary, having finished, and will continue to vibrate depending on the behavior of the fish that has fallen.

Today in the fishing shops you can choose from dozens of types of guards made from various materials. This is ordinary plastic, and flaky wood, and carbon fiber, and even springy steel. In addition, you can choose the desired length and the necessary cross-section of the nod.

Winter float gear

The float equipment of a winter fishing rod is not very popular, but in some cases it is only with its help that you can get a decent catch. As a rule, it is used in the winter to catch podleschika, bream, crucian carp (during periods of low activity).

If fishing is carried out on an udilnik, equipped with a nod instead of a float, when biting the fish, lifting the bait from the bottom, you will definitely feel a large weight of the load, which is incommensurable with the weight of the bait. This will alert or scare her.

In addition, this equipment winter fishing rod when fishing on a muddy bottom allows you to use a thicker fishing line. Sinker loaded with a sinker, immersed in silt, become imperceptible, and the bait that has fallen nearby will not confuse the cautious fish.Her slightest movement will affect the position of the float, and the angler will only have to make a hook in time.Equipment of a winter rod during

Float equipment for catching in stagnant water differs from equipment for fishing on the course of the location of the hook and cargo. In the first case, it has the usual look: the hook is attached to the end of the leash tied to the main fishing line. The equipment of a winter fishing rod during the course provides for securing the load at the very bottom, and a leash with a hook is 3-7 cm above it.

Winter float

The float for ice fishing differs significantly from its summer "colleagues". First, it does not have a pronounced "antenna", and secondly, it is completely immersed in water. Winter floats have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In order to choose the right signaling device for well fishing, you need to take into account many factors:

  • weather;
  • Times of Day;
  • ogruzku snap;
  • depth;
  • force of flow, etc.

In the presence of precipitation or at dusk, floats with a brighter color should be used in order not to lose visual contact with it. For fishing on the stream, elongated narrow-bodied streamlined models are more suitable. The float equipment of a winter fishing rod must have a certain amount of rest, keeping the float at a constant depth.Otherwise, it will either hide under ice or freeze in the upper layer of water.Winter fishing equipment fishing rods

Winter float rod: bream equipment

Usually in winter bream caught on the first ice. Trying to catch him during the “deaf-land”, falling on the second half of January and February, is a thankless task. Severe frosts and lack of oxygen in the water dramatically reduce the activity of this fish. But in rare periods of thaw, you can still try your luck.

The equipment of a winter fishing tackle on bream involves the use of a reliable fishing rod of average hardness and length (30-40 cm). Considering the fact that this fish is bottom-living and eats mainly from the bottom, it will take about 20-40 m of the main line. Its thickness (for monofilament) can vary from 0.12 to 0.17 mm depending on the size and weight of the future catch. If you use a braid, enough and 0.1-0.15 mm.

Winter Bike Fishing Equipment

For the leash is quite suitable monofilament section of 0.08 mm. Its length for fishing from the bottom is usually from 5 to 10 cm.

The float on the fishing line can be fixed as a fixed and sliding way. Shipment of gear should be selected in such a way that the bite pointer is slowly submerged in water until the load reaches the bottom.If the weight of the weight is too large, and the float sinks quickly, then the snap of the winter fishing rod on the bream is wrong. In this case, the fish, taking the bait, will surely feel its excess weight created by the load.

It is possible to catch bream in the winter both on a hook, and on a mormyshka. The option of sharing them is also not excluded. In this case, the mormyshka can be tied at the very bottom of the main line, and the hook on a short (5-7 cm) leash can be higher by 10-15 cm.

As bait most often used moth. It is tucked into a bunch on a hook or a regular mormyshka.

Winter fishing rod for roach

The equipment of a winter fishing rod on a roach is similar to a bream tackle. Naturally, it should be easier and more sensitive. Udilnik is equipped with the most elastic nod 30-40 cm long.

Equipment of a winter fishing rod on a roach

For the main line on the roach they use monofilament with a section of 0.08-0.12 mm. As for the float, then light short models are used to catch this fish, which respond to the slightest movement of the bait.

Very often, the equipment of a winter fishing rod on a roach can have two hooks located on symmetrical (7-15 cm) leads. Use a combination of hook and mormyshkas like tackle on bream.

The most common bait is the bloodworm, but you can experiment with such plant baits as barley, dough or corn.

Float gear on perch and pikeperch

Perch, although it is a predatory fish, is very often used for its fishing winter float fishing pole. Its equipment for fishing on "sailors" is no different from tackle on roach. But for catching "hunchback" it is hardly suitable.

The equipment of a winter fishing rod on a perch, weighing more than 100 g, and a small pike perch should begin with the selection of an appropriate nod. It should not be too tough, but at the same time, the lodges are obliged to withstand the resistance of the catch when driving out.

The thickness of the main line is not less than 0.15 mm. For the leash use monofilament section of 0.1-0.12 mm. The float is selected based on the conditions of fishing: for the current - thin, for standing water - short and wide.

The float equipment of a winter fishing rod on a perch and a pike perch can have a greater load than on a peaceful fish. The bite of this predator is quite hard, therefore, even if the weight of the load is exceeded, the angler will feel it.Rigging a winter fishing rod on a perch

Tackle can be crocheted or wrinkled.The best winter bait for perch is the bloodworm and caddis larvae. Live bait can be used as a bait for a float fishing rod, as well as pieces of raw fish. However, for catching this predator as the bait most often used balance (horizontal bait), jig or small twister.

Winter fishing: equipment fishing rods on a large predator

In addition to float gear, anglers use fishing rods equipped with artificial lures for winter fishing for zander and large perch. Mormyshkas, balancers and twisters with the right game perfectly attract predatory fish.

Proper equipment of a winter fishing rod on a pike perch when catching a lure and twister requires consistency in the stiffness of the nod and the weight of the lure. In other words, the gatehouse should have a test figure corresponding to the mass of the balancer or twister.

When fishing on the mormyshka, especially on the unwiped, nod plays a major role. The bait game depends on its characteristics, therefore its choice should be taken as responsibly as possible.

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