Epson P50: instructions, specifications and reviews

The rapid development of digital technology and the Internet would have to push printed materials from the market. However, printers for the manufacture of colorful photos are relevant to this day. One of the brightest representatives of this family is Epson Stylus Photo P50.


The design of the printer is presented in a classic minimalist style. No unnecessary detail or element not intended for its purpose. The case itself is made of black matte plastic. The lid is glossy, but not brand, as it contains small pores.

epson p50

The visual separation of the upper hinged part from the lower static one is done with a silver band. Its second purpose is the organic introduction of control buttons into the design. There are only three of them on the front of the device — turning on the device, replacing ink, and resuming printing or loading paper. These buttons also serve as printer status indicators. The light bulb with the power icon is constantly on, when the device is turned on, in all other cases — printing, cleaning the print head, replacing the cartridge — blinking.The LED with a drop pattern starts to blink, if the paint comes to an end, and if they run out completely, it is constantly on. The paper and recycle light will light up if there are no sheets in the printer or if the CD tray is not installed properly. And it will blink when a paper jam occurs.

The back side is nothing special, except that it contains USB connectors for connecting a computer and power.

Printer device

In the opened and ready-to-print form, the Epson P50 looks futuristic with its own trays for feeding and outputting paper. Included are various extensions of these supports, allowing you to more conveniently interact with the printer. There is also a separate tray for printing on CDs.

 epson photo p50

By opening the top cover, you can access the inside of the printer and the ink carriage. In order to be able to conveniently get to it, the device has a special rectangular opening.

Features Epson Stylus P50

The printer makes the press on the basis of inkjet technology in color ink. It is a household solution for transferring images from digital media to special photo paper.The picture is based on the 6 main colors - black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light blue, light magenta. There is no support for printing without the presence of a personal computer. As well as other more innovative technologies, like Epson Connect or PictBridge.

epson stylus p50

The maximum print format declared by the manufacturer is A4 at a resolution of 5760 by 1440. The size range for photos varies from 9 by 13 to 20 by 25.

First connection

After unpacking the printer and connecting it to the computer and the electrical grid, it is the turn of the first run. After pressing the power button, the device will take some time to initialize the equipment and get ready for work. Including bring the carriage to install ink to the opening for easy loading of cartridges. It takes an average of about two minutes. After moving the carriage to a position with a rectangular hole, you can open it and install the cartridges. At the same time, it is necessary to remove all blocking vibrations and shaking of the strip of adhesive tape. The fact that you can start installing cartridges will also be notified by a burning lamp with a drop icon and blinking with a power image.

epson stylus photo p50

After opening the door of the carriage, you can find six seats for cartridges of different colors. Each connector is labeled accordingly. After successful installation of the cartridges, you need to close the carriage, the top cover and press the button with the image of a drop. After that, the printer will begin to perform initialization and calibration operations, which will be accompanied by characteristic sounds. A light bulb will proclaim success, which from a blinking state will turn into a permanent burning.

Epson P50 and computer

When you connect the printer to your computer, the operating system will announce the appearance of a new device. For a complete installation, you need to install the driver included with the Epson P50, located on the CD. In addition to it, on the CD there is also specialized software from Epson, which simplifies the work with the printer. There is nothing complicated in the installation of drivers and software; the system itself will carry out all the necessary steps.

epson p50 printer

First seal

For printing photos, the manufacturer recommends using Epson Easy Photo Print, which comes in the kit. She will allow in a step-by-step mode to adjust and prepare the image.

Printing is also possible from any Windows application capable of working with graphics. After sending the image to the printer, the system itself will offer to select the necessary settings.

epson p50 driver

The Main tab contains quality options, among which you can choose how to print. Of the preset settings are draft, text, text with images, photos and the best photo. Then you can choose the size, installation with and without fields and the type of orientation.

After specifying all the necessary parameters and settings by pressing the OK key, printing will begin.

Fault Diagnosis

For the initial troubleshooting of Epson P50, there are LED indicators that will help in the early stages to determine what is currently happening with the printer.

In the case that the power lamps with the paper icon are simultaneously lit:

  • the device did not have enough sheets, you need to report them to the connector;
  • when choosing to print on CDs, the CD tray is not installed, the solution would be to mount it in the appropriate slot;
  • the printer grabbed several sheets at once, you need to pick them up, put them back and press the button with the paper image.

The power lamp and the drop image are on:

  • ink is out or there is no cartridge, the decision will be to replace or install a new consumables;
  • The cartridge is not installed correctly or does not fit this printer model.

The power lamp is on, while others blink quickly:

  • printer cover is open, you need to close it;
  • the tray on the front of the device is placed incorrectly; you should install it as it should be.

If two lamps - with a drop and paper - blink quickly, and the power supply is off, then an unknown error has occurred, most likely, you will have to contact the service center.

Special features

Epson P50 can print not only on the usual and photo paper. It will also help arrange the recorded CD in the original way, as it supports printing on a CD. For this purpose, a special tray and Epson Print CD program are provided.

Program settings are simple and do not require the development of special skills. The only condition is that the disk must support inkjet printing on its surface.

User Reviews

Based on the reviews and reviews from the pioneers who tried the Epson P50 printer, we can conclude that print quality and ease of use are at its best.Testing on authoritative technical resources showed that the real characteristics of the device are not much different from those declared by the manufacturer.

printer epson photo p50

Several user reviews indicate that there are problems with photo print quality. However, they also note that when using the original consumables such problems are not observed.

Many say that for such money the printer is an ideal price / quality ratio. And judging by some reviews, it can be used as working equipment for a small photographic studio.


Apparently, Photo P50 has every chance of success, as it is not only a model for domestic use, but also a workhorse for printing in small photo studios and laboratories. Endurance Epson Photo P50 is confirmed by reviews and tests.

For people working in the photo and video industry, very useful feature printing on CDs. She has a printer Epson Photo P50. This will help them both to complement the image of their works and works, and to promote the brand, using advertising attributes when printing on CD.

Ink consumption is in the allowable range. Therefore, we can assume that the printer for its niche is quite economical and attractive to users.

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