Embroidery of carpets with tapestry seam

Embroidery tapestry seam refers to the ancienttechniques of hand embroidery on canvas, known from the Early Middle Ages. This technique is good in that it is easy to master, but the very process of creating a tapestry or carpet is very long and painstaking. It is believed that the first art centers, where tapestries and handmade carpets were created, were monasteries. The nuns really did a lot of manual sewing, and among them there were wonderful masters who delicately felt beauty and created amazing interweaving of colored ornaments, made with fine silk or woolen thread. Embroidery of carpets and tapestries was valued very highly, because it was created on a thin rarefied cloth, a thin thread, so it took many years to manufacture the carpet. The work was so elegant and painstaking that several nuns-embroiderers worked on one tapestry at a time.

Embroidery of carpets with a tapestry seam is a kind of embroideryon account of the thread, where the stitches cover the entire surface of the fabric. It is very important to obtain a qualitative result correctly to choose the thickness of the canvas, i.e. the size of the sparse cells on the fabric, and in accordance with this thickness, choose the thickness of the embroidery thread. It's very ugly if you can see the canvas between stitches of embroidery.

Embroidery of carpets and tapestries produced by largethe number of different stitches, known since ancient times. The most common of these are - cross, semi-cross, straight gobelin seam and oblique tapestry sewing.

Embroidery with a tapestry suture

Counting embroidery tapestry seam (straight oroblique) - a very simple and beautiful method of embroidery, most accurately repeating the structure of the oldest tapestry cloths. The work is very elegant, delicate and elegant. Thin straight or inclined stitches create a slightly "blurry" pattern, and the structure of the tapestry seems to flicker. Before the beginning of the work, the canvas must be pulled on the frame or taken in the hoop. To make the stitches even, the canvas should be stretched very well. Embroidery of carpets with tapestry seams is beautifully obtained on a thin canvas. For a thicker substrate, you need to choose the right thread thickness for embroidery. From thick wool very good it turns out embroidery of carpets by a straight tapestry seam.

A straight gobelin seam is always performed byhorizontally, in even rows, and the stitches are made necessarily in an upright position, covering two strands of the canvas and leaving one stitch between the stitch. During operation, count the number of stitches corresponding to one or another color on the color pattern of the pattern.

Skew tapestry seams perform, capturing 1A line of canvas in width and 2 threads in height. Each stitch is placed in an oblique direction, the needle is inserted into the hole of the canvas, located diagonally. Stitches also lay strictly on horizontal lines. In one work, in no case should one interfere with stitches made horizontally and vertically, the background of the embroidery becomes uneven, and the work will look sloppy.

Embroidery of carpets with a tapestry seam allowsreproduce and imitate the most ancient methods of creating tapestries, try to transfer to the modern canvas the oldest medieval patterns. For embroidery with an oblique tapestry seam, any patterns of sewing with a cross are suitable, because each oblique stitch corresponds to a simple cross.

Embroidery on knitted cloth

Traditional techniques of countable embroidery on canvasboldly used to decorate a knitted fabric. This can be a full cross, semi-cross, oblique or straight gobelin seam. It is clear that the knitted fabric plays the role of a canvas, where each loop corresponds to one square of the canvas, or, if the knitting is small, 1/4 of a square. During work, the knitted fabric can not be pulled, on the contrary, one should try to apply embroidery stitches as freely as possible, without straining the thread.

Embroidered crochet products acquire a special "charm" and look very original. In addition to knitted garments, embroidered embroideries can be decorated with knitted bedspreads, bags and decorative pillows.

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