Edward Trukhmenev: biography and personal life

He came to the profession, following his own intuition, but he fully considers the service of Melpomene as a dangerous business, especially if there is no spiritual rest. And the rest for him is a fast ride and electronic equipment. On the screen, he plays the role of female hearts conquerors, but considers himself a shy and modest man. Removed in the series, but dreams of serious theatrical work. He has an apartment in Moscow, but does not call himself a Muscovite. Despite the successes and attractive appearance - still not married.Edward Truhmen

This is a popular theater and film actor - Eduard Trukhmenev, who came to success after the TV series “Margosh”, where he played the windy snob Gosha Rebrov.

Edward Trukhmenev: personal life

There is a lot of information about an actor, but they are monotonous and relate practically only to his film works. This characterizes Edward as a rather reserved person who does not suffer from vanity and is not a frequent visitor to secular parties.It can be seen that the actor cherishes his family and friends too much to spread about their personal life all over the country. As soon as he has a need for rest, he flies to his native Minsk to his mother, who will always prepare the best pancakes all over the world for his son.

Eduard Trukhmenev was born in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, on June 24, 1972. His parents and his younger sister Alesya were brought up in strictness, like many children in Soviet times. The boy was active, drove a football game, shot a slingshot at moving targets, returned home late, for which he received a disciplinary action from his mother.Edward Trukhmenov films

Since childhood, the actor had a stubborn character. The father’s only attempt to break the child’s will ended in defeat. Promising to fulfill his son's dream (to buy a sports bike), his father suggested that he eat a thin piece of bacon, which the boy could not bear. Edward walked around for a long time about the "unpleasant" bacon, but all his attempts did not lead to anything: he did not go against himself. They still bought a bicycle for him, though not a sports one.

Currently, Edward considers restraint the best quality of a man and rejoices when he can control himself.

Dreams Come True

The dream of acting seemed to an unattainable young man, so after graduating from school he entered the college of light industry. During his studies, he had the opportunity (which the future actor could not ignore) to enroll in a theater studio.Edward Trukhmenev personal

Not wanting to disappoint his mother, after graduating from a technical school, he works in his specialty, but this work does not give him moral satisfaction, therefore secretly from his family, Edward Trukhmenev decides to take an unusual step - he enters the Belarusian Academy of Arts. To his surprise, mother and other family members respond adequately to this act and strongly support the young man in his endeavors.

Studying and serving the theater

At the academy, Eduard Trukhmenev learns the basics of acting on the course of Lydia Manakova. Having finished his alma mater in 1995, he immediately became a member of the troupe of the Minsk Academic Theater named after Yanka Kupala. In the theater, Edward serves three years, during which he manages to play the Prince in the play “The Scarlet Flower”, Dunin-Martsinkevich in “Idyll”, Gorin in “Memorial Prayer” and so on. During this period, he even appeared in the short film “Birds without nests”.A little more - and the young man has a bright future in his homeland, if not for Roman Viktyuk, who invites him to his theater.

In Moscow

By this time, Edward Trukhenev matures as an actor. Deciding to move forward on the career ladder, he gladly accepts the invitation of the master and in 1998 goes to Moscow. Here, he appears on the stage of the theater for six years, where viewers see him in such roles: Azazello (“The Master and Margarita”), Writer (production “A Clockwork Orange”), Cannibal (play “Puss in Boots”), Lapierre (“ Philosophy in boudoir or immoral mentors ").Edward Trukhmen private lifeBut Edward Trukhmenev (whose personal and acting life is going well), suddenly changes his place of work and enters another Moscow theater - the Theater for Young People. The actor explains this by saying that he wants to try his hand at something new.

And he didn’t lose, in the TYU he is offered to play such characters that you can only dream of. For the role of Stanley in the production of “The Streetcar Named Desire”, he is awarded the “Seagull” prize, and the production of “Roberto Zucco”, where Trukhmenev got the role of the main character, wins the main prize at the St. Petersburg Raduga Theater Festival.And again, six years gives the theater Trukhmenev Edward. The actor is in constant search, and in 2010 he leaves the Youth Theater (Young Spectator's Theater) in order to devote himself fully to the field of film actor.

Movies and TV shows

While still living in Minsk, the actor starred in the films "Hide and Seek", "Birds without nests", which put on "Belorusfilm". In Moscow, he is also invited to small roles in films that become the best among similar films of the beginning of the 21st century. These are “March of the Turkish”, “Stiletto”, “24 hours”. On the set, he meets famous and talented actors, such as Alexander Domogarov, Nina Ruslanova, Boris Nevzorov, Vladimir Ilyin.Truhmenev Eduard actor

Having a talent and attractive appearance, Edward Trukhmenev, whose photo is in the article, becomes a sought-after Russian actor. He was fallen in love with the wide audience thanks to the film “Bodyguard”, where he had to undergo special training in the Alpha squad to get into the image, as Victor Maltsev (his character) must master the basics of hand-to-hand combat, shoot accurately and correctly handle with weapon. The series was so much liked by the audience that the director Vlad Furman shoots the continuation of the picture.Thanks to constant fitness training, the actor can withstand all physical activities in action movies. In the next series of The Bodyguard-3, Trukhmenev has to take several doubles to lie in the snow in the bitter cold.

Edward Trukhmenev: filmography

After the action movie "Bodyguard" the actor is invited mainly to the main roles in various projects. Here are the films where he starred:

  • "Birds without nests" - 1996
  • "Hide and Seek" - 1997
  • "Kill the Mummer" - 1998
  • "Non-dull materials" - 2000
  • Stiletto - 2003
  • "Bodyguard-1" - 2006
  • "Color of the sky" - 2006
  • "Special Group" - 2007
  • Margosha - 2008-2010
  • "Widow Steamer" - 2010
  • "The Wife of the General" - 2011
  • "At gunpoint" - 2012
  • "Surprise for a loved one" - 2014
  • "Forbidden Love" - ​​2016

Of course, this is not a complete list, which is currently updated with films that are in production. For example, the picture “Life is rumored to be one,” where Trukhmenev plays the main role, is now preparing to enter the screens.


After reviewing the film “The Color of the Sky”, producer Konstantin Kikichev highly appreciates the work of Eduard Trukhmenev and invites him into his project with the intriguing title “Margosh”.Edward Trukhmenev filmographyThe film's director Sergei Arlanov, a former classmate of Trukhmenev, persuades him to play in the small role of Gosha Rebrov.Edward Trukhmenev (the films in which he had to play before this role were of serious content) agrees to the role solely because of its brevity - there it appears only in the first series. Neither he nor the director could have imagined that the series would become so popular that the shoot would last another two seasons. In the third season, Eduard Trukhmenev had to be returned to the project, and the film only won from this.

According to Edward, he always liked psychological roles, so in Margot, he accurately and comically depicts a woman in a male body.Edward Trukhmenov photoAs events developed in the series, the scriptwriters rewritten the script especially for Trukhmenev, so the audience liked Gosh-Margosh.


Edward answers questions of journalists about his personal life briefly and cheerfully: single, single and single. This circumstance allows many fans of the actor not to lose hope of becoming his second half.

Most of all complains that the son does not have a life partner, his mother. For Lyudmila Nikolaevna, this is a sore subject that, like all grandmothers, wants to see and embrace grandchildren.

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