Eau de toilette Carolina Herrera CH: aroma description and customer reviews

The fashion house, named after its founder, Carolina Herrera, has been successfully creating unique flavors for thirty years. Perfumes of this brand are chosen not only by successful girls, but also by stars, models, representatives of the elite. Therefore, today we decided to talk about the classics in the aromatic collection of Carolina Herrera - CH, a perfume that has become a legend. Is it really so special and unique?

Total information

The original name of this creation from the fashion house Carolina Herrera - CH, that is, the initials of the designer. The fragrance belongs to the family of Oriental, Oriental, and in combination with floral odors. Women's eau de toilette Carolina Herrera CH was released in 2007 and has not been re-released since then, so its packaging and composition itself remained the same. The fragrance is characterized as a cheeky classic. It is at the same time bright, challenging and calm, soft, slightly powdery.It is believed that Carolina Herrera CH - perfume exclusively for the evening, but bold and enterprising girls do not hesitate to wear them to work, thus diluting their strict and gray business style.

CH from the brand Carolina Herrera

Pyramid composition

Above the creation of a unique pyramid of many flavors, which in the ensemble made something triumphant, the leading perfumers worked - Olivier Crespe and Rosendo Matio. Having created a lot of perfumes that had long since become classics, they set about modernizing the world of fragrances, and they more than succeeded. What are the legendary and extravagant perfume CH from Carolina Herrera?

  • Top composition: grapefruit, melon, tropical fruits, water notes, Amalfi lemon, bergamot, orange.
  • Heart notes: orange blossom, jasmine, bulgarian rose, praline, rose water, cinnamon.
  • The basis of the pyramid: leather (suede), patchouli, sandalwood, amber, Virginia cedar, Kashmir tree, musk, cinnamon.

It is easy to see that cinnamon is a component that is duplicated in the middle notes and in the "bass". The aroma of this spice is really strongly felt in the perfume of CH, but in the ensemble with skin, amber, and especially with patchouli, it is revealed with previously unheard notes, which are very difficult to describe with words.

Who is CH for?

The unique and inimitable Carolina Herrera CH eau de parfum is surprisingly versatile. The spirits have no age, so he will ideally sit on a young girl who knows what she wants from life and on a mature lady who skillfully presents herself. Moreover, it is difficult to say whether these spirits are evening or daytime. They play differently at one time or another, they are uniquely combined with gray business suits and luxurious evening dresses.

Another remark, which may be slightly biased, but it still exists in society. Due to the fact that the composition is very rich and even a bit heavy, it is believed that these spirits are perfect for brunettes, but on blondes they feel a bit ridiculous. Perhaps the reason for this was the advertising of the product, in which he was introduced to the charming dark-haired model of the brand Victoria's Secret Lily Aldridge.

CArolina Herrera CH - fragrance for women

Carolina Herrera CH reviews

It is difficult to find a person who would not be hooked by such a bright and rich composition. The aroma of CH, released in 2007, does not come to taste except for lovers of light, volatile and airy odors. Women who prefer many-sided scents, complex and unique in chorus, argue that CH is the “new classic” that, unlike Chanel No. 5, keeps up with the times.Owners of this magical perfume also assure that he has a very decent train. It brings only the average resistance - within 3-4 hours the perfume keeps on the skin, and about half a day on clothes. But, as we know, if the aroma, especially so heavy and bright, falls on a coat or fur products, then it will be revealed to them with its heart and base notes for more than a month.

Lily Aldridge in CH Advertising by Carolina Herrera

Sweet couple

In 2009, a new perfume was launched - Carolina Herrera CH Men. Automatically they become a pair of CH released two years earlier for women. This perfume also belongs to the Oriental, Oriental and even to the spicy family. It reveals how the classic of the genre is required, gradually starting to attract attention with the freshness of citrus fruits and at the end conquer the heart with heavy amber, leather and sandalwood. The composition is incredibly complex, but the components are combined in one bottle in an ideal ratio. Let's take a closer look at the pyramid of these spirits.

  • Top chord: bergamot, grass and grapefruit.
  • Heart notes: nutmeg, saffron, woody notes, violet and jasmine.
  • Base: vanilla, leather, sugar, oak moss, amber, sandalwood, vetiver, suede and cashmere wood.

Saturated and very bright lower notes made the scent incredibly tenacious and long lasting. It lingers on the skin for 12 hours, and remains on clothes until washing.

Carolina Herrera CH Men

Features CH Men

As we have already found out, the men's fragrance from Carolina Herrera, which was published in 2009, is very tenacious and persistent. It is important to note that its top notes play pretty quickly - they evaporate after an hour, no more. If you wear these perfumes during the day, you will be surprised how much their base will open up, what shades leather, sandalwood, vetiver and other components will play. This perfume does not have a large train. You can feel it in close proximity to the carrier. This makes the CH for men even more captivating and attractive compared to all other existing colognes for the stronger sex.

advertising for Carolina Herrera CH and CH Men

Innovative offshoot

In 2013, the world saw a new fragrance, which was also created under the strict guidance of the designer Carolina Herrera - CH eau de Sublime. This is not a re-release of the original version of the legendary perfume, but rather "sidechain", which became the personification of extravagance, originality and uniqueness.It is noteworthy that this perfume is made in Spain, which makes it even more saturated and unique. This fragrance is positioned as feminine, very sensual, elegant, non-standard and even mysterious.

Composition and composition

The creation of this masterpiece involved perfumers such as Oliver Cresp, Elizabeth Vidal and Rosende Mateo. They have gathered a true oriental spicy bouquet, which harmoniously complements evening and cocktail images, and also suits extraordinary individuals who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd even at the height of the working day. So, the composition consists of:

  • The top notes are represented by old flowers and bergamot.
  • A heart note based on the scents of roses and orchids.
  • The striking base that constituted amber, patchouli, skin and moss.

Perfume turned out to be very tenacious, they very long stay on the skin. It is amazing that they are suitable for both evening outings and daytime promenades, but they require an appropriate, extravagant image.

Carolina Herrera CH CH

Where did the inspiration come from?

We can not lose sight of the history of the creation of the fragrance CH Sublime from the brand Carolina Herrera. Perfumers and the designer herself were inspired by the nightlife of America in the 20s and 30s.It was then that people lived “roaring twenties”, danced to jazz and enjoyed the blues. And what clothes they wore! Modern women of fashion can only envy the ladies of those times. Carolina, inspired by this beauty that has sunk into the story, decided to renew one of its fragments. Alas, the time machine was not built, but it created an aroma from which exactly those images forgotten and covered with dust and sand of the images of the once beautiful and noisy life of gangster America arise in my head.

Nowadays, CH Sublime is chosen not just by non-standard girls, but by those who really know how to understand fragrances and clearly know that uniqueness is paramount. Perfume released in the original packaging in purple, which is topped with a gold cap.

CH ad from Carolina Herrera Sublime

Carolina Herrera CH Sublime. Reviews

What can dear users say about this eau de parfum? First, this perfume from Carolina Herrera sits very close to the skin. To feel it, your interlocutor will have to come very close to you. At a distance, perfumes are practically unnoticeable, therefore, their train is very small. But this makes them mysterious and unique. The aroma is saturated and at the same time secretive and delicate, like a real lady. Secondly, the smell is very good resistance.On the body it lasts for 5-6 hours, and on the clothes for about two days. The most interesting thing is that throughout the day, it literally opens up a new note every half hour, making it impossible to get used to it.

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