Dry cleaners "Diana": feedback from employees and customers

Maintain cleanliness in the home is quite simple, if you regularly clean and wash things. But sometimes without the services of professionals can not do. Is it possible to dry-clean the carpet or sofa in the apartment? Is it so easy to remove stains from, say, a wedding dress or designer curtains, if such things cannot be washed in a typewriter? The answer is obvious: to solve such problems, you will have to contact a specialized service for help.

Company popularity, customer reviews

If you are intolerant of carelessness and carelessness, but with a thrill to treat the cleanliness and freshness of your home, you probably heard about the dry cleaners "Diana". Reviews about this network of laundries, which is considered one of the largest in Europe, will not let even those hostesses who prefer to do everything themselves do it the old way. Those who have once used the services of this professional dry-cleaner were satisfied and now recommend visiting her friends. But negative feedback is often found on the Web.Let's try to understand the pros and cons of the services provided in order to understand whether it is worth trusting this company at all.

In 2016, the Diana chain was ranked among the 10 best laundries in the world according to the Global Best Practice Awards, which can hardly be called an accident. Since the appearance of the dry cleaning line “Diana” on the Russian market of services more than 24 years have passed. During this time, the company managed to reach the federal level.

dry cleaning diana reviews

The responses of real people always play an important role for the consumer, as they are objective and versatile, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of any service.

So, judging by customer reviews, dry cleaning "Diana" offers European quality service, and this company can be trusted. But given that reviews that are found on various resources, are not only positive and recommendatory in nature, it would be unfair to the reader to keep silent about the obvious gaps in the work of the company. As evidenced by the reviews, they are enough.

Firm structure and its secret of success

The points of this network of dry cleaners are present in many cities of Russia. The scale of the company is amazing, because it includes:

  • More than 20 specialized complexes providing dry cleaning and washing services of any complexity in six regions, including the capital. In four other regions of the Russian Federation, reception points are functioning.
  • Outlets more than 700 in Russia.
  • There are specialized services for cleaning carpets, down-feather products, fur, as well as refrigerator storage for fur.
  • Own fleet, which includes about 200 units of equipped vehicles.
  • The staff includes more than 3,000 skilled workers who, before embarking on their professional duties, are trained in a licensed training center.
  • For the year, Diana serves more than 2 million customers.

dry cleaning diana reviews moscow

In addition, the company provides cleaning services for owners of private houses and cottages, apartments and offices.

How is “Diana” different from other dry cleaners?

The first company opened in the capital, in 1993. Later, laundries earned in Mytishchi, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Cherepovets, Ryazan. According to reviews, the dry cleaning "Diana" in the early 90s just struck on the spot an innocent domestic consumer with the proposed range of innovative (at that time) technologies and detergents.

The company has made a real breakthrough in the service sector, which allowed the company to quickly win the respect of customers, build up a base of regular customers and leave the competition far behind:

  • All branches of the company operate with the latest technology, using the latest imported equipment.
  • According to the reviews of the dry cleaning staff "Diana", the company buys the most effective and safe detergents.
  • Laundry workers and technologists annually undergo advanced training courses, which allows the company to retain the best dry cleaning brand for many years.

List of services provided

According to the “Diana” dry cleaners in Moscow, the most popular reasons for contacting this company are:

  • Processing with special detergent compositions of various materials and fabrics, prohibited for washing in the home (fur, suede, leather, textiles, feathers, down, etc.).
  • Wash casual clothes, bed linen.
  • Cleaning very delicate fabrics, hand wash.

dry carpet diana reviews

  • Coloring things from textiles.
  • Care of footwear, drawing water-repellent impregnation.
  • Personal cleaning at home, including dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets.
  • Customization of customized thermal labels for clothing.
  • Conservation of products from fur in the refrigerator with preliminary antiparasitic treatment.
  • Minor repair of clothes, hemming and blocking.

According to reviews, in the dry cleaning "Diana" apply when any need, if you need something to clean, wash or bring in the proper form.

High technology - the key to high-quality dry cleaning

As already noted, this laundry network differs from its competitors in the use of expensive equipment from Germany, Sweden and Italy. First of all, it includes machines for dry cleaning, working on potent stain removers and hydrocarbon solvents. Some models affect UV contamination. Another type of equipment is industrial barrier-type washing machines that cope with greasy oily stains.

You can continue the list by calling centrifuges, drums and ironing rollers for drying, which can give the linen its original look. Also here there is a technique specifically designed for cleaning the soles of shoes or metals.Irons and steam generators, mannequins and high-tech tables for ironing - all this only confirms that the process of cleaning and washing here has been brought to automatism.

dry cleaning diana chelyabinsk reviews

Taking into account the feedback from employees about the dry cleaning "Diana" in Moscow or any other city, it becomes clear that all awards and recognition of customers is the result of successful growth and professional approach to business. By the way, the capital is the first to introduce these or other services in laundries.

In Moscow, "Diana" for the first time provided the opportunity to store fur in conditions as close as possible to the natural. The service "fur refrigerator" allows you to maintain the original gloss of fur coats and stoles for many years.

"Diana-Cleaning": cleaning apartments, houses and offices

Just a few years ago, the company purchased new equipment - cleaning machines. These devices operate on the principle of a geyser, sucking out litter, dirt and dust from foam sofas and mattresses. The depth of such cleaning can be as high as 20 cm. Cleaning machines are one of a kind, since other units of equipment do not have similar capabilities.

Referring to the reviews about dry cleaning "Diana", we can distinguish a simple pattern: the question of restoring general order to the house is of particular relevance in anticipation of a family holiday.They often turn to the laundry after the winter - in the spring, complex cleaning is especially necessary, because during the cold weather a lot of dust and dirt accumulate in the dwelling. And quite naturally another question arises - what to do with upholstered furniture.

No need to drive anywhere - Diana employees will come directly to your home and clean any large items on the spot. By this principle, the company operates in Moscow, Ivanovo and Chelyabinsk. In the reviews of the dry cleaning "Diana" users note that the experts arrive strictly at the agreed time, quickly do their job and share useful recommendations for the care and keeping things in suitable condition.

Reception points of dry-cleaning in Moscow shopping mall

A pleasant event was found by residents of the capital to open small laundry shops in large shopping and entertainment centers. Here, the complex dry cleaning cycle takes about 3-4 hours, i.e. things can be handed over right at the entrance and, without worrying about anything, get them clean, fresh and ironed at the exit from the center. In such places, you can easily decide what to do: go shopping or meet a friend - time flies by.

What can be done with shoes in Diana?

Special attention should be paid to the restoration and care of footwear. Now it’s possible to save your favorite pair of shoes, boots or boots from oblivion. If you prefer to wear model products made of natural suede or leather, then you probably know that the cost of high-quality footwear can reach several tens of thousands of rubles - about the same amount are fashioned gadgets.

dry cleaning diana ivanovo reviews

In addition, the life of any shoe is swift because it is influenced by a number of factors (human weight, quality of sidewalks, gait features, weather conditions, etc.). To walk in it a little longer, contact the specialists of the company "Diana". According to reviews, the dry cleaning department operates in which professionals work. In "Diana" doing real miracles with worn-out shoes:

  • make a change of marks;
  • paint the surface material;
  • cut or sew separate parts;
  • replace linings, backdrops and accessories;
  • put water-repellent impregnation.

Carpet dry cleaning: important things to consider

One of the most sought-after services is carpet cleaning. However, here customers often leave very controversial reviews.Dry cleaning of carpets from “Diana”, like any other types of services, is performed at the highest level. Meanwhile, the final result largely depends not on the employees of the company, but on the state in which the product arrives for cleaning.

In the shops of "Diana" there is a special equipment that allows you to remove dirt from every centimeter of carpet, but even supermachines are not always able to save the product from old stains and dirt, deeply ingrained in the pile or the foundation. Therefore, the workers of the dry-cleaning “Diana” often give advice: it is best to dry-clean the carpet immediately after the spot is found, without delaying.

In addition to chemical processing, in the “Diana” you can order the restoration of overlaying. The threads and stitch type will match the tone of the original, so the new overlay even you can not distinguish from the previous one. It is advisable to do such work with expensive handmade carpets from natural materials.

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Mini atelier

Another reason to go to the described dry cleaning is the need to perform minor repairs of clothing. By the way, this service is very popular among young people who do not have a single minute of free time.A torn off button, a faulty zipper, a split seam — experienced Diana's tailors will come to the rescue. The local workers are experienced sewing masters who will fix any defect in minutes.

Their services are a godsend for parents of babies whose clothes are worn out in less than a season. Tailors of the company “Diana” will easily fit new things in height or completeness, will complement them with various hand-made accessories or eliminate unnecessary elements. Such alteration of clothing is not immediately. You can come for the finished product in a few days.

Discounts and savings with laundry line "Diana"

The company often holds promotions and loyalty programs for families with children - this is confirmed by the reviews of the dry cleaning Diana. In Ivanovo, for example, there is a discount package for young mothers, within which you can save 10 to 30% on the provision of services. In addition to financial benefits, customers get a few hours of free time, which is usually not enough for everyone.

Diana dry cleaning reviews staff Moscow

Training in the finer points of dry cleaning, the opinion of workers

In their reviews about the dry-cleaning “Diana” in Moscow, employees repeatedly wrote that this company was practically the only place where one could comprehend advanced cleaning technologies.The training center, which trains personnel for the service sector, also accepts graduates of schools, colleges, colleges.

Often internships are held here by staff of other laundries, because it is here that they have a unique opportunity to comprehend innovative methods of cleaning, painting, restoration of things and furniture, to be convinced of the quality of chemical agents and to gain valuable professional experience.

Why not get settled here?

But not everything is cloudless, as it may seem at first glance. To make a conclusion about “Diana” as an employer company, it is advisable to refer to the reviews of its former employees. And, unfortunately, it’s not the most pleasant impression about this company. Even to those who were 100% given to work, instead of the promised bright prospects and decent pay, she brought only one disappointment. Call the following:

  1. Miserable wages with a huge amount of work. The salary of the receptionist, for example, does not exceed 20 thousand rubles a month with a six-day schedule from 10:00 to 19:00 and no lunch break.
  2. They cut salaries by 20% if the monthly norm is not met, which is a direct evidence of the demotivation of employees.
  3. There is no real opportunity to build a career.
  4. Employees may unreasonably be deprived of severance pay upon dismissal, citing penalties.
  5. The employer does not provide a full social package, despite official employment, in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

reviews of dry cleaners laundry Diana

Keep in mind!

As indicated by reviews of dry cleaners, laundries "Diana", it is often frustrating and their customers. Despite frequent promotions, prices here cannot be considered affordable for everyone. According to many customers, the cost of services in the “Diana” is unreasonably overstated, despite the fact that the quality of dry cleaning in some cases leaves much to be desired.

Some clients were lucky enough to pick up clothes from the laundry with new stains and damage. Check things carefully, because after treatment there may be stains on delicate fabrics.

In addition, the receivers do not always warn about the impossibility of dry-cleaning of specific materials and accept the order. As a result, the already damaged item is returned without any compensation for its cost.

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