The drug "Naphthyzinum" during pregnancy: use

Manifestation of rhinitis

A runny nose is one of the most common illnesses. Therefore, its manifestation during pregnancy is not a surprise for anyone. To manifest a cold, it is not necessary to catch a cold or catch a virus. It must be borne in mind that when carrying a fetus, the mucous membranes of the woman are prone to edema. Therefore, there was such a diagnosis - rhinitis of pregnant women. This period is marked by a special sensitivity of the organism to environmental factors. This is expressed in exacerbations of various diseases (including allergies, which will be accompanied by an annoying rhinitis). Nasal congestion and difficulty breathing are the main symptoms that cause the most unpleasant feeling. In search of relief and comfort, many rush to the pharmacy to purchase the notorious drug called Naphthyzin. And here a completely fair question arises about whether women in the position should be doing the same?

Is it possible to use the drug "Naphthyzinum" pregnant?

This question is quite important. Preferat "Naphthyzinum" during pregnancy should be used with extreme caution. And only in those cases when the cold has become aggravated to such an extent that other means do not bring relief (or their acquisition is impossible at the moment). However, many experts still prohibit the use of this drug during pregnancy. This precaution is justified by the fact that, entering the bloodstream, many of the components that make up the Naphthyzin preparation contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels. In addition, there is a high probability of high blood pressure. All these factors are reflected on the placenta, which in some cases leads to serious consequences (up to fetal hypoxia, which is most dangerous for the first trimester).

Naphthyzinum drops

If prescribed

In the event that it is impossible to do without this drug, and the doctor prescribed Naphthyzinum during pregnancy, the treatment should be carried out in strict accordance with the dosage prescribed in the instructions. Everyone knows that it is impossible to take certain medications for more than three days in a row, as dependence may arise.Drops "Naphthyzinum" - one of these tools that are addictive. The ideal option for a pregnant woman would be to use the drug at night, so that the body could rest during sleep and increase its defenses. Doctors who are categorically opposed to prescribe "Naphthyzin" during pregnancy, recommend finding a more suitable and less dangerous replacement for this drug. For example, to treat a cold with salt formulations, various saline solutions. Inhalations are considered to be very useful, as well as a gentle massage of the nose bridge. Such methods of complex treatment will greatly facilitate nasal breathing, while not harming the expectant mother or baby.

Naphthyzinum during pregnancy

Instructions for use of the drug "Naphthyzinum" during pregnancy

Drops "Naphthyzinum" are not prohibited for pregnant women. This is understandable even after reading the instructions, which indicate the possibility of using the tool in the period of carrying a child and breastfeeding. From this it follows that the use of drops "Naphthyzinum" in pregnant women is quite acceptable. In the list of contraindications are indicated diseases such as chronic rhinitis, hypertension, marked atherosclerosis, tachycardia, and individual intolerance to the drug.The final decision on whether Naphthyzin is harmful to pregnant women should be taken by the doctor, taking into account the general state of health.

Is naphthyzine harmful

Baby "Naphthyzinum" during pregnancy

Drops "Naphthyzinum", intended for the treatment of rhinitis in children, differ in the number of active substances. It is prescribed from the year and only with complications of the disease. The fact that the use of the drug is allowed to babies may give a pregnant woman an idea of ​​his absolute safety, but this is not true. Despite the fact that the effect of the baby drug "Naphthyzin" on the body is less, its use can also lead to negative consequences.

Cold drops


The drug "Naphthyzinum" during pregnancy, although it is not prohibited (as mentioned above), but undesirable, and its use should be justified by the recommendation of the attending physician. If the future mom cannot do without the use of the drug, then she should be very careful. Despite the seven-day course of treatment permissible according to the instructions, Naphthyzin drops should be used for no more than three days in a row. Bury it in the nose should be three times a day (no more than two or three drops).Using the drug with caution and avoiding abuse, you can do without possible negative consequences.

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