Dreams of a former lover - what's this for? To dream a former lover

Every person constantly sees dreams. Some of them can be memorized, some are erased from memory even before morning. Many girls and women face the problem when the former lover dreams. Why such dreams? What are they talking about? Do they have any esoteric meaning or bright dreams - just a result of the activity of the subconscious?

Prophetic dreams - reality?

to see a former lover in a dream

To date, there are manydream books, each of which offers different explanations for things seen in a dream. Of course, there are many esoteric teachings, legends, stories, religions that recognize the presence of prophetic dreams. Many women who have to see a former lover in a dream believe that this is evidence of a hot feeling on the part of a man.

Is it true? There is hardly an unambiguous answer to this question. After all, there are many facts that deny the existence of prophetic dreams. At the same time, thousands of people say that on the eve of these or those important events they see warning dreams. This is only a matter of faith.

As for scientific research, their results indicate that sleep is a manifestation of the intensive work of the subconscious.

Dreams of a former lover - what for? Meaning of Freud

the former lover dreams of what

Yes, Z. Freud agreed that dreams are manifestations of the unconscious. The founder of psychoanalysis paid much attention to the analysis of dreams. After all, the subconscious communicates with consciousness through images and pictures. Naturally, the scientist has repeatedly had to deal with patients who dream of a former lover. Why such a dream?

If you are with your loved one only recentlyparted, it is normal to see the former guy (or husband) in a dream, because you had to break the habitual way of life, give up communication and relationships that somehow influenced the development of your personality.

But what if you already have a new relationship,which you are quite happy with? If you have a husband and a family, and have not seen an ex-boyfriend for a few years? In such cases, Freud advised paying attention to small things. Perhaps in past relationships you had something that is so lacking with a partner now? For example, then there was more romance, more passion, more sensuality, and now you just do not have enough of such vivid emotions?

Sometimes the subconscious tries to warn a woman that in the new relationship she is making the same mistakes as in the past.

What does the former lover dream about? Sonnik Tsvetkova

This dream book is considered to be the mostand many women use it to explain their dreams. So why is the former beloved dreamed? If an unmarried girl in a dream saw the ex-boyfriend, then this may portend some frivolous act that will be committed by her in the near future. Be careful, since seeming innocuous levity can lead to serious, even disastrous consequences.

A completely different interpretation of the dream seendivorced or married woman. In this case, sleep predicts the emergence of unpleasant troubles. Problems can be associated with forced long trips, a husband's illness (if he is). Dreams can signal the aggravation of financial problems.

Esoteric dream book

what does the former lover dream about

This dream book also gives a very detailedthe explanation of such dreams. To see the former lover in a dream, while experiencing warm feelings towards him, is to manifest the consequences of some events that happened a long time ago.

If in a dream you kiss with an ex, then beready for events that will surprise you. If you make love, then this may indicate the oncoming aggravation of some old conflict. Sometimes women dream that the man still loves them, - this is to pleasant surprises. If in a dream a former loved one marries someone, then in the near future you can forgive someone. If you act as a bride, prepare yourself for trouble.

Strong quarrel with the former guy predictssome pleasant changes in your personal life. If you are fighting in a dream, then be ready for the appearance in your life of an authoritarian satellite. Parting can portend a pleasant acquaintance or a meeting.

What do modern dream books say?

There are many modern dream books, which many women address, if the former lover dreams. Why such a dream?

  • why the former beloved dreams If the former guy in a dream helps you, then this presages a quick victory over difficulties or rivals.
  • If in a dream you are a former loved one who is no longer alive, then this can be a warning of danger.
  • If the beloved dies (in a dream) - this is a harbinger of the future of marriage or pregnancy. If in a dream a man dies from your hand, then you can count on luck in all future endeavors.
  • If in a dream you do not recognize once a friend and a native guy, then in real life you can expect global changes, both for better and for worse.
  • Some women in a dream are presented with beloved gifts. Such a dream can be a harbinger of betrayal of a partner.
  • It is worth preparing for bad events, if your ex-boyfriend appeared in a dream untidy.

What do modern psychologists think?

to see a former lover in a dream

Immediately it should be noted that the analysis of dreams -science is not exact. Modern psychologists believe that the images seen in the dream pictures of subconscious signals, which try to give answers to the questions you are interested in, prompt what exactly needs to be changed in your life.

If you are constantly tormented by dreams about the formerbeloved, try to distract yourself. Find yourself a new hobby or an interesting lesson that will give you such vivid emotions that for a long time eclipse the image of the former guy. If obsessive dreams do not disappear, then you should consult a psychologist. After all, the subconscious prompts should not be ignored, and deciphering them yourself is not always easy.

For example, if you are with a young man or husbanddispersed after a serious quarrel, then there is an unresolved conflict. Constant dreams about him may indicate that the subconscious mind is trying to solve it, losing various possible scenarios of events. And, of course, do not forget that sometimes a dream is just a dream and nothing more.

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