Dream Book: friend and girlfriend in a dream

We often have dreams that carry within ourselvesa hidden meaning, some omen, advice or parting words. To explain the meaning of prophetic dreams can properly compiled dream book. A friend dreams us of pleasant news, especially if it's a happy friend. Most likely, you need to meet with a friend. You can learn from him good news that can have an impact not only on your relationship with him, but also on your own. As the dream book interprets, a friend who is upset by something says about the impending illness or about an accident that may occur in the near future. You should be careful in your actions.

As explained by the dream book, a friend dreams of a goodevents. However, pay attention to the expression of the girlfriend's face. If she looks down, haughtily laughs, maybe a fissure formed in your friendship. You should talk, maybe you should discuss the details of your friendship and decide whether it should be continued. If a friend smiles, this indicates an upcoming meeting and changes for the better. If you are dreaming that a girlfriend is walking with a hand with your boyfriend, there is an occasion to ask your young man about his loyalty to you. We see such dreams for a reason, they reveal to us what is in our subconscious.

How else dreams interprets dreams with friends? A former girlfriend dreams of losing. You can quarrel with a friend or conflict with relatives. The result is the same: you will not be right. As the dream book explains, a friend who hides a look hides something from you. You do not want to put things into practice, because they do not trust. A sleeping friend says that in life everything is floating along the current, your affairs are going according to plan, and no one can prevent you from implementing your plan. If you dream that your best friend cries in a dream, you try to comfort him, but he does not calm down, which means that you have hurt a loved one: offended by word or deed. It's worth apologizing, then it will be much easier for you and your friend. We must recognize our mistakes in time. If in a dream your friend or girlfriend dies, it's for well-being.

Amazing things can tell a female dream book: a friend standing on a pedestal dreams of reaching incredible heights. You will advance the career ladder, get a promotion, expand the circle of your acquaintances, fulfill your dream or even establish a personal life. A friend standing in front of you says that your aspirations for the better will not be wasted. You will finally achieve your goals, work and efforts will not be in vain. But if you leave a friend far behind you, forget about him and go ahead, you are in for trouble. Do not leave friends, so this dream should make you think about whether you are heading the right direction.

Pay attention to what your friend is wearing in a dream. If it has bright clothes, wait for changes in your personal life. If the clothes are dull, torn and worn - a friend needs help. Do not leave it without advice. If you see a whole company of cheerful friends in a dream - it's time for you to leave things and take care of yourself: go to a party, see your relatives, take time to your loved one. If friends knock on your door, and you do not want to open it, it means that you do not want to heed the advice of others. But it would be worth it.

If you cry in a dream of resentment, and friends do not come to your aid, you are too arrogant, and in this situation, the output should look for yourself. Your decision will be the most correct.

Friends are our close people. In life we ​​trust them all the most secret and important for us. So do not be surprised if they come to us in a dream, to warn us about something, to push the right thought, to cheer or to direct.

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Dream Book: friend and girlfriend in a dream Dream Book: friend and girlfriend in a dream Dream Book: friend and girlfriend in a dream Dream Book: friend and girlfriend in a dream Dream Book: friend and girlfriend in a dream Dream Book: friend and girlfriend in a dream