Draft bath 3 by 3 meters. The choice of building materials and layout

Most country owners of land plots think about building a wooden bath on their own lands. This desire is due to many reasons. Among others, we should highlight the love of the Russian steam bath. Such an idea of ​​construction can be embodied by each owner of the suburban real estate, because today there are a lot of different schemes of building sites.

First you need to make or find a project, and then think about what materials are best to use for work. The project of a bath 3 by 3 m is perfect for a site with a small area. Such a building can be erected if necessary, rationally plan the territory. A bath with the mentioned parameters is suitable for a compact area and will be convenient to use. It is small, so it can fit even along the fence or on the corner of the house.

Bath project

project bath 3 by 3

The project of a bath 3 by 3 meters is perfect for a small plot of land. The building can be entered into the landscape of an ordinary suburban area, the area of ​​which is 6 acres. When building a country house, gardeners usually try to save money, so spacious interior spaces are rare. The device of a compact restroom, as well as a small washing department, will also be logical.

The project of an interior assumes the correct selection of material for internal finishing. Usually used for this linden, cedar or aspen. When drafting a project, you should bear in mind that the layout should imply the need for the following premises:

  • washing;
  • rest rooms;
  • pair office.

If desired, the building can be supplemented with a veranda, which is usually decorated with aspen clapboard. This addition will be a great solution, because it will visually increase the space of a small room. In addition, with the help of the veranda, you can create a comfortable environment for recreation. Quite popular today bath of profiled timber. They win by some indicators that are log houses.First of all, this factor can be explained by the fact that the object will not be subject to shrinkage, therefore, operation can be started immediately after construction is completed.


bath 3 3 planning

If you need a 3 by 3 m bath project, then you should be prepared for the fact that, with such a shortage of free space, the planning will not assume the presence of a locker room and a spacious lounge. Due to the rest room, by the way, it will be possible to increase the area of ​​the steam room. Some projects involve the combination of washing and steam. In this case, a bath can visit several people. In addition, steaming together or three together is much safer, because people will follow each other's well-being.

In favor of combining the washing room with a steam room, it can be said that washing in a room with an area of ​​1.5 m2quite difficult. In this case, the room will resemble a closet, and inside the room there will be no way to install shelves. The 3 by 3 m bath project is bad in that if you combine washing and a steam room, the humidity of the air will be excessively high, and the air temperature will be lower compared to a bath that has separate rooms.Nevertheless, the advantage of such projects is the ability to quickly heat the air. It is quite simple to build such a bath, but it is not necessary to involve specialists.

Examples of 3x3 m bath projects

bath 3 3 from a bar

If you need a bath 3 * 3, the planning of this building by you can be carried out independently. The simplest solution would be to divide the building into two parts: one of them will accommodate a steam room, while the other - a rest room. The dimensions of each room will be equal to 1.5x3 m.

You can supplement this building with a veranda. The interior space in this case will contain a steam room, shower and a rest room. The first two rooms will have the following parameters: 1.5x1.5 m. As for the rest room, its dimensions will be 3x1.5 m.

Selection of building materials

project of a bath 3 by 3 meters

Bath 3 * 3, the layout of which was presented above, should be built from quality materials. It is necessary to decide which of them will be used even before the start of work. Coniferous wood is often used for this, namely:

  • larch;
  • spruce;
  • Pine;
  • cedar;
  • fir.

These rocks contain resin, so the buildings acquire increased operational features.The popularity of softwood in the construction of the bath is also explained by the fact that this material lends itself well to processing, and is cheaper compared to hardwood.

Oak has excellent qualities. It has high strength, but it’s pretty simple to handle. Oak logs are usually used for the lower rims of the bath, which are most strongly rotted during operation.

If you will line up the bath 3 * 3 from a bar, you can choose a pine. It is the most common material for the buildings of the log. The pine has straight trunks, it has a small amount of knots and is perfectly processed. You can buy pine at a low price, which made it indispensable for the construction of a bath.

Larch has excellent strength characteristics, in this respect it is even compared to oak. If you carry out construction in the region where this tree grows, then the material may be the main for the bath. Spruce has sufficient strength, but in this matter it loses to the pine, as well as in resistance to decay.It is possible to use a fir-tree at construction of a bath in a role of beams of overlappings and at arrangement of a roof.

Hardwood should be used for interior decoration, among them:

  • Birch;
  • alder;
  • aspen;
  • ash;
  • Linden.

These rocks are usually used for cladding ceilings and walls, as well as for the manufacture of shelves that will be installed in the steam room. Larch is generally quite often used for the manufacture of furniture for a bath. It does not contain resinous substances; therefore, it is possible to use the material for finishing premises that will be used at high air temperatures.

Use of a bar and profile of a log

bath 3 for 3 price

If a 3 * 3 bath is built by you, you can build such a building from a bar. Today, baths from profiled materials are quite common. This should include the bars of different profiles and rounded log. Bars can be processed and are glued material or solid wood. The first variant consists of longitudinal parts and almost does not undergo axial deformation, shrinkage, warping and torsion.

What to choose - timber or log

bath 3 by 3 of log

Bath 3 by 3 of the logs you can also be built.However, home masters quite often wonder about what to choose - a bar or a log. The last option is a tree that is cleared of bark and freed from knots and branches. The bar is the processed log with rectangular or square section. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider some factors. For example, the core of solid logs is perfectly protected from the influence of negative factors by the shell of the trunk. As for the processed bars, they do not have such protection.

Bars and logs with shrinkage crack. In bars, cracks will have chaotic directions, but in logs they are located along the outer surface or vertically. Using bars, you will provide ease of installation of walls. This allows you to build a bath without attracting professionals to the work. More profitable from an economic point of view will be the construction of timber. By using profiled bars for interior decoration, you will reduce the labor intensity, which is not the case with log walls.

Alternative materials for the construction of baths

sauna 3 3 with a veranda

Bath 3 * 3 with a veranda, the project of which deserves attention,can be built from different materials. If you are not limited in the budget, then you are unlikely to be interested in material by type of blocks. But if you are in a region where wood is problematic to get, then you might prefer blocks. They have an acceptable cost, have high thermal insulation performance and do not attract rodents, insects, and also can not create favorable conditions for the formation of fungi and microorganisms.frame bath 3 by 3

The blocks are fireproof, this eliminates the need to process the wall with special solutions. They are fairly easy to process, they are large, so construction can be completed in a short time. After the draft of the 3 m 3 m bath has been drawn up, you can proceed to the choice of material. Considering the blocks, it is important to consider their shortcomings, among them should be highlighted:

  • low resistance to moisture;
  • fragility of the bath;
  • probability of acquiring low-quality material

Use bricks

Quite often, the construction of modern baths used brick. It is durable, the walls are simply amenable to finishing, and you can operate this building immediately after the completion of construction.This bath is fireproof, the brick is not exposed to rats, mice, insects and microorganisms. However, the master should have certain skills to carry out the walling works.

Material for building frame bath

The frame bath of 3 to 3 m can be built from a sturdy beam, the cross section of which is 10x10 cm. The elements are joined at the corners and are well fastened with nails. The same timber is used for the upper strapping. And in order to ensure the rigidity of the frame, braces are installed at the corners. The wall of such a building will consist of several layers: there is a heat insulation inside, while on the outer sides there is an outer and inner lining.


If you will build a bath 3 by 3, the price of the project and the construction itself should interest you. The cost of creating a project can be 20,000 rubles, while the entire construction of a bar will cost 175,000 rubles, if the wall thickness is 9 cm. As for the beam diameter, it will be 90x140 mm.

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