Do you know what the boss dreams about?


The nature of the interpretation of this night vision will bedetermine the quality of relations in the team. Often, dream books connect him with the level of initiative and independence of a person. If you see yourself as a boss in a night vision, then in reality you are full of ideas and will soon make the first steps towards their implementation.

To answer the question about what the boss dreams aboutfrom work, it is necessary in view of your attitude to the director. If it is positive, then in a night vision, you seem to be recharging it with success and respectability.

One of the popular interpretations of this dream is: if you dreamed of a boss, it is likely that in the near future he will retire or retire. Although not excluded and his transition to a higher position.

What does the former chief dream about? Most often it symbolizes unresolved problems in the past, which can arise again. It can also talk about your excessive enthusiasm for work.

what does the chief dream about

Non-standard night vision

Why dream of a boss who is crying? This means that in the near future its place can be occupied by someone else. Perhaps the dreamer himself. The same interpretation has a vision where the director looks extremely tired or unhealthy.

Naked leader talk about feeling uncomfortable. That is, at the moment you are extremely uncomfortable in the workplace.

If in a night vision you had a chance to cuddle withboss, then be on the alert. There are a lot of people in the working group who are ready to prove their own superiority by any means. A friendly attitude and gullibility can do you a disservice. Sometimes, the hugging boss is the harbinger of fulfilling your desires in real life.

If you were having sex with a director in a dream, then this indicates a feeling of insecurity in the position held. The main reasons are poor relations with the team and lack of experience.

The drunk boss dreams of career growth. You accurately represent value for leadership, therefore you have a certain influence. Dream tips can help you do the right thing in real life.

If in the night vision your director dies, thenprepare for a difficult conversation in real life. Tension in the work collective has reached a peak and you have only two ways: either to leave or to defuse the situation.

what does the chief see from his job

Work days

If you have to talk to the boss indream, then in real life there is a little tension between you. At the same time, his management style can be very democratic. Dreamers explain the night vision of the irritated director's accumulated.

What is the dream of the boss who scolds you aboutnight vision? This indicates that you are in serious trouble. And they are not necessarily related to production activities. It can be difficulties in the family, with friends, etc.

If in the night vision you see a change of commandat the enterprise, this shows your indecisiveness. Real events require quick solutions without the right to make a mistake. This tension you want to shift to someone else. This one is different and appears in your night vision.

what does the former boss dream about

Other interpretations

What does the boss dream about in Miller's treatment? This suggests that freedom burdens man. That is, the dreamer does not have enough to whom you can shift responsibility and on whose orders he will build his own life.

Another popular interpretation, suggests that the director in the night vision does not bode well. The chief, most likely, you are dissatisfied and just about will throw out own anger outside.

The esoteric dream book speaks of your fear of leadership. To get rid of these night visions, you need to make friends with the boss and enter into his trust.

Its interpretation is also found in the book of Freud. Why does the head of a man dream of a woman according to this manual? This means that she sees in him a potential partner for sex or an alpha male. The man sees in the director of a more successful competitor. And it is only natural that he has a subconscious desire to remove him from office.

what does the superior man dream about

Is it worth it to believe?

Now you know what the boss dreams aboutwork. Night vision is information that the brain has processed, not loaded with daytime efforts. No matter how unusual the dream was, he can always find an explanation. Even if there is no information in the book, the standard logic is right. And to believe in the interpretation of night visions or not is a personal matter for everyone.

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