Do you know how to make pancakes?

Pancakes are world favorites

how to cook pancakesIt seems that there is no person who would not know how to make pancakes. Well, so in our country for sure. The fact is that this is the easiest and most common dessert in the world. An analogue of pancakes is in the kitchen of every nation. The subtleties of recipes and cooking nuances vary. We will not go so far into the depths of culinary art, but simply tell you how to make pancakes. Many believe that the recipe for success is a successful recipe, but not at all. This is the last thing that plays a role. Do not forget, these recipes are thousands of years old, and their recipes are perfected to perfection. The main thing in the process is the products, the pan and your personal experience.


Let's start with the first. How to cook pancakes if you have low-quality ingredients? No Naturally, you will succeed in something, but ... For pancakes, you should choose fresh eggs and yeast, high-quality flour, it does not matter whether it is buckwheat or pea, the main thing is that in the end you will succeed.


how to cook pancakes

The next thing that can drastically affect the quality is the frying pan.It must be heavy, cast iron. This material allows the dishes to warm up evenly to the high temperatures required for baking. Thin specimens with a non-stick coating are much lighter both in weight and in care, but the result is worse. By the way, before pancake pans were passed from generation to generation. They cooked only pancakes and nothing more. By the way, they are not washed.

An experience

Well, the last thing that influences how to make pancakes without any problems is your experience. The saying about the first pancake was not invented yesterday. So, if you are standing at the dawn of your culinary activities, do not be upset because of mistakes. Practice, you will succeed.

Recipe Selection

When your hand is full, then how to make pancakes doesn't bother you much. You already have your favorite recipes, and often many housewives mix products "by eye". The main thing is that it affects the taste only positively. So, in the world there are many recipes, but everything - conditionally, of course - can be divided into three types: thin, thick and yeast.

Yeast Pancakes

The most economical recipe - yeast. Flour, water and yeast. At your request, in the test, you can replace the water with milk, add egg and vegetable oil. The dough will be much better, but without it you will succeed.Be sure to add sugar to all recipes, even if you are not positioning your dish as a dessert. It is he who will let the yeast come to life, and pancakes - to get a ruddy side (caramelize them).

Unleavened pancakes

Thin pancakes differ from thick ones, naturally, in size. The recipe is often the same, the only caveat - the thicker the dough, the thicker the pancake. Therefore, if you want to make thin pancakes, pour in more to cook pancakes on the waterMany are interested in how to cook pancakes on the water, naively believing that it is milk or kefir that improves the taste. By no means. It is believed that milk makes pancakes harder, kefir - sour, and water will allow spices and fillings to prove themselves.

How to knead the dough and bake pancakes

Here's how to cook pancakes without yeast. First, take the required amount of flour, add eggs, salt and sugar, baking powder and vegetable oil. Then, adding warm (important!) Water or milk, you should dilute the consistency of dough necessary for you. Such a sequence will allow kneading it without lumps (in case you do not have a mixer). The test needs to stand for about ten minutes. During this time, the flour will swell well in warm water and infuse. May even need to add water.If you have a good frying pan, then it must be heated and lubricated before first use. After that, oil will not be required. Do not be afraid to experiment in the kitchen, you will succeed.

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