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Dmitry Hvorostovsky is a singer with a unique voice and destiny. They want to hear him on the best stages of the world. Everywhere they are waiting for him as the dearest guest. Now we will get acquainted with the biography of Hvorostovsky - the pride of Russia. And this is not an exaggeration, but only a small dose of admiration for a man with a capital letter and a great singer.

Hvorostovsky biography


In cold Krasnoyarsk, in an intelligent family of Khvorostovskys, Andrei Stepanovich and Lyudmila Petrovna, in 1962, on October 16, a son was born under the sign of Libra and Tiger, named Dima. The boy grew up with the singing of his father, who had a beautiful baritone, who also played the piano. Since his father loved music, he had a large collection of records with classical music, which was also often listened to.
Dmitry Hvorostovsky

Therefore, music entered the biography of Hvorostovsky from infancy. And at four years old, the kid started singing himself romances and folk songs.When he became older, he got his favorite singers. And what! F. Chaliapin, M. Callas, T. Gobbi, E. Bastiani. All the parents' friends made fun of me that a great singer is growing in the house. After all, as the water looked!


Initially, the father himself taught his little son to play the piano, and then, as expected, at the age of seven Dima went to school. It was a disaster. In it, the boy was boring and uninteresting. He did not get good marks in it, even in discipline.Dmitry Hvorostovsky health statusBut in the music school, where the singer was trained from it, everything went well and smoothly. With sin in half, the comprehensive school was finally over, but the future of the pianist did not attract him. In the biography of Hvorostovsky a choice appeared: who to become.

The young years are wonderful

Not very obviously thinking, he passed the documents to the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical School. Being engaged in it, he became interested in modern rock music. He imitated these musicians internally and externally. Simultaneously with his studies, he played keyboards and was a soloist in the local ensemble “Rainbow”. Clubs and restaurants - these were his main jobs. Freedom members of the ensemble were understood as permissiveness: they could both drink and fight.Dima often missed classes after a late concert and was already thinking, not whether to quit the school at all. But he still reached the diploma of a music teacher.

Growing up

And then Dima suddenly matured. In 1982, he entered the Krasnoyarsk Institute of Art to study vocals. He had the best possible teacher - Professor Ekaterina Yoffel, a professional opera singer and teacher with many years of experience. She faced a difficult task - to retrain the hot-tempered youth and teach him to get along with the discipline - a prerequisite for the professional. Only after the second course, Dmitry Khvorostovsky and Ekaterina Konstantinovna found a common language. He stopped skipping classes and began to rapidly absorb knowledge. Not relying only on his natural data, the young man tried to learn all the secrets of vocals. Gradually, not only at the institute, his voice turned into the ideal instrument necessary to fill the entire space of the hall and saturate it emotionally. The young singer understood that by performing even exercises and vocalizations, it was necessary to create an artistic image. He is still grateful to E.Yoffel for all the lessons learned and the ability to work on himself without a teacher, constantly controlling himself. The red diploma became an award to the teacher and his student.

Start a music career

Even at the time when Khvorostovsky was studying, he began to sing at symphony concerts, then at the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater. He was accepted into the troupe in 1985. He became a soloist not immediately. At first there were small lots, minor ones. However, the young singer worked tirelessly, and his amazing voice and talent soon allowed him to perform the main parts in operas by Tchaikovsky and Gounod, Leoncavallo and Verdi. Thus began the development of Khvorostovsky's singing biography.

The following year, the country began to talk about young talent: he received the title of laureate at the All-Russian Vocalists' Competition, a few months later he subdued all the judges of the All-Union Competition to his charm. Working in Krasnoyarsk until 1990, Dmitry Alexandrovich won the Grand Prix in Paris. After that, he debuted at the Nice Opera House. Then, in 1988, was won in Toulouse. The next country, where they spoke about Hvorostovsky, was the United Kingdom.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky wife

At the international festival in Cardiff (Wales), his strong rich velvet voice was so soft and agile that he was compared to the great Pavarotti. Hvorostovsky performed arias from operas by Tchaikovsky and Verdi. For the first time in 4 years, the representative of the USSR appeared here and immediately conquered all. This was the birthplace of opera singer Dmitry Khvorostovsky, who immediately received offers from the best theaters in the world from Moscow and London, from St. Petersburg and Milan, from Vienna and Berlin, New York, Chicago and distant Buenos Aires.

United States

The Queen of Spades was the debut performance in America. It became a sensation in the 1990s. Philips Classics hastened to conclude a contract with the vocalist and recorded albums consisting of 20 records with opera arias and solo programs. The album “Black Eyes” with Russian romances and folk songs was especially successful. He scattered everywhere. The singer charmed them Europe and America. The next step in the biography of Hvorostovsky was logical. Russia began to disintegrate, chaos set in, and the singer remained to live in England, where in 1994 he bought himself a house. Especially since by this time he was married and had children.

Tours in the homeland

Never did the opera singer Dmitry Khvorostovsky forget to insert performances in various cities of our country into his tough touring schedule. He spoke not only in the capitals. Coming to Siberia, to the Far East, the singer with great responsibility was preparing to meet with admirers of his talent. He personally checked how the sound would be in different parts of the hall, brought his conductor.
what happened to hvorostovsky dmitry

He thereby emphasized his respect for the audience. When he was called again and again after the concert, he did not refuse, but sang for an encore. He was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and this city, as well as the Kemerovo Region. The singer received the State Prize of the RSFSR and the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

First marriage

At the Krasnoyarsk Opera Theater, Dmitry met an attractive corps de ballet dancer, Sveta Ivanova, who had already been divorced and raised her daughter. But for Dmitry it did not become a hindrance. For him, from a young woman came an unearthly light. He was ardently and youthfully in love, and two years later in 1991 they were married.
opera singer dmitry hvorostovsky

Masha Hvorostovsky adopted. But this marriage, from which all his friends discouraged him, was not safe.Dmitri Khvorostovsky's wife Svetlana behaved lightly and not only flirting, her relationships with men went much deeper. This depressed the singer, but he forgave his wife's betrayal. In 1994, after moving to London, his wife refused to learn English, and having given birth to twins in 1996, her daughter Alexander and her little son Danilo, she completely stopped paying attention to her husband. After another scandalous betrayal in 1999, the couple divorced in 2001. Svetlana’s greed had no limits. She sued up huge alimony — one hundred seventy thousand pounds. And ten years later, she again filed a lawsuit in connection with the fact that the income of the father of her children increased significantly. Alimony doubled. At 56, she died. Children have grown up. My daughter became an artist, and my son became a rock musician.

Second marriage

In 1999, singer Florence Illi sang along with Hvorostovsky in Don Juan. She was immediately conquered by him as a man and a singer. In addition, she read all Russian classics in French and tried to learn Russian, which in the end she succeeded. In a difficult time, betrayal and divorce with his wife, when Hvorostovsky began to depression, she was always there. Intimacy developed into marriage.So Florence became the wife of Dmitry Hvorostovskyin 2001. First, they gave birth to Maksimushka, who was already 14 years old in 2017, then her daughter Ninochka, who is four years younger than her brother. This is a happy marriage in which the singer found love and peace. In the photo is the family of Dmitry Hvorostovsky in 2016.
Dmitry Hvorostovsky personal lifeHis wife is learning from him to do everything in Russian. Even mastered cooking dumplings. The couple tries to leave as little as possible. Often the wife is with her husband on his tour. So now is the personal life of Dmitry Hvorostovsky.


Dmitry Hvorostovsky considers himself a "citizen of the world." Feeling like a Russian, Siberian, he feels comfortable wherever he goes on tour. Loving Krasnoyarsk and Moscow, he warmly refers to Paris, Milan, New York. In all these cities, he feels at home, but nowhere lingers for long. Two or three days, and it already pulls on a new place. Mentally, he is constantly immersed in new projects. This does not interfere with current work. Thoughts about what should be done in two or three months are constantly present.


In the early summer of 2015, the singer began to experience dizziness and incoordination. He canceled the tour. The whole world was worried about what happened to Dmitry Khvorostovsky.The singer began surveys in London. The diagnosis of Dmitry Khvorostovsky was clarified: hypothalamic tumor, early stage. It was treatable.dmitry hvorostovsky diagnosisHis voice was not affected. So it was established what happened to Dmitry Hvorostovsky. The treatment began, which by the fall had already led the singer to good condition. He performed in New York in the opera "The Troubadour" with A. Netrebko, brilliantly playing the part of the Count di Luna. The spectators did not stint on the bouquets, and the whole scene was simply filled up with them.

What is known lately

By June 2017, the health status of Dmitry Hvorostovsky can be assessed as good. Doctors do not apply the word “excellent” to anyone. In May, he flew to his native Krasnoyarsk and began to prepare for the concert. Konstantin Orbelyan, who conducted the Krasnoyarsk symphonic academic ensemble on the stage of the regional philharmonic society, stood up for the console. The concert, consisting of two branches, was attended by American tenor Stephen Costello.

In the first part, there were arias from operas by Rubinstein and Rachmaninov. In the second, music lovers heard Khachaturian, Tchaikovsky, Bulakhov, Verdi.The triumph, as always, was the romance “Black Eyes”. His baritone intoxicated and bewitched, the intonations of his parties caused a shiver.

This meeting of a world star with native listeners was dear to him. He showed it, often putting his hand to his heart and sending everyone a smile. Now, no one doubted the health status of Dmitry Hvorostovsky: he defeated a terrible disease.

For our part, we are amazed at the courage and efficiency of the singer, his ability to enjoy every moment of life and give joy to people. And today the concert schedule of the artist is painted for several years ahead. We wish the successful continuation of the creative and personal biography of Hvorostovsky.

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