Didim Beach Elegance 5 * (Turkey / Didim): room description, service, entertainment, tourist reviews

Turkey is a big country offering many resorts to tourists. Therefore, if you are tired of populous Alanya or Antalya, then come to the relatively young town of Didim, located on the Aegean coast. It is removed from the noisy resorts, so suitable for lovers of nature and a relaxing holiday. And if you want to relax in comfort, then choose Hotel Didim Beach Elegance, which offers a first-class level of service. We will tell about it in more detail in this article.

Where is this complex located?

The resort town Didim in Turkey began to develop the tourist infrastructure quite recently, but has already become known to many travelers. Of course, Antalya’s popularity is still very far away, but here, even in the high season, a quiet and calm atmosphere remains. Tourists here also come not so much. Most often, the resort is chosen by families with children and travelers who love nature.At 2-3 km from the village you can see the beautiful bay, where there are no people at all. Be sure to look at the ancient temple of Apollo, built in the VIII century BC.

Hotel Didim Beach Elegance itself is not in Didim, but in the village of Aydin, which is only 3 km away from it. It is worth noting that this is one of the few large complexes in the resort. The central part of Didim can be reached by public transport or taxi. The complex is built right on the coast, so you can reach the beach in a few minutes. Near the hotel there is a public transport stop, several cafes and restaurants and a grocery store.

At the same time, tourists note that the hotel is significantly removed from major international airports. The closest of them is located near the city of Bodrum, so the distance to it is almost 84 km. In addition, tourists often arrive on charter flights to Izmir airport. He removed at 142 km. Therefore, tourists who choose this hotel for the rest, will have to prepare for a long transfer. Guests in reviews say that the road usually takes 2-3 hours or more.

Important information for future guests

Hotel Didim Beach Elegance is considered a large complex, offering its guests a variety of entertainment. Completely different categories of tourists come to rest here, including families with children and youth companies. The complex itself was built in 2001, but do not think that the number of rooms here is outdated and in need of repair. The last complete renovation of the hotel took place in 2011, so now its design is very similar to modern hotels. The complex consists of two residential buildings, each of which has 8 floors. The total number of rooms in the hotel is 385, and its total capacity is about 1000 people. The total area of ​​the complex is 30,000 square meters. m

The main building of the hotel

Rules for placing tourists at the hotel are standard. Here, we are happy to accept guests with children of any age, giving them a discount on accommodation. But with pets to come here will not work, because the settlement with them in the rooms is strictly prohibited. At the check-in counter, all tourists from CIS countries are met by Russian-speaking employees who help non-English speakers fill out documents. They can be accessed during the holidays.

Complex Didim Beach Elegance: description of rooms

For the convenience of accommodating guests, the hotel has prepared for them several categories of rooms, which differ in size and layout, but not the presence of additional amenities. A total of 385, and most of the apartments - standard. In this case, four of them are intended for guests with physical limitations. For them, made wide doorways, as well as a special shower.

Standard rooms consist of a living room, combined bathroom. Most of the apartments are equipped with balconies that overlook the surrounding area or the sea. The maximum number of guests - three adults. The area of ​​these rooms is 27 square meters. m

Interior room

For budget accommodation suitable apartments category Promo Room. They have a smaller area. It can vary from 18 to 24 square meters. m. Also, these rooms do not have a balcony. The windows of these rooms face the wall of a neighboring building, but living in them will be cheaper. Two adult tourists and one child under 12 years can live here.

Large families or friendly companies can be accommodated in special apartments in the Family Room category.They consist of two bedrooms, so they accommodate four guests at once. The area of ​​such rooms is 45 square meters. m

Room facilities

Despite the different size and cost, all categories of rooms at Didim Beach Elegance have a standard set of additional amenities. True, not all of them are provided for free. In addition to furniture, hotel guests can find the following equipment in their apartments:

  • plasma TV and a set of satellite TV channels connected to it;
  • central air conditioning - the temperature and the level of cooling are regulated by the hotel staff, focusing on current weather conditions;
  • a safe to store small valuables, money or documents - free of charge;
  • mini-bar - replenished daily with bottled water;
  • dishes and products for making hot drinks (sugar, tea, coffee, cream);
  • cosmetic mirror, built-in hair dryer and set of towels;
  • shampoo, shower gel and liquid soap in the bathroom - if necessary, replenished by staff on request.
Room facilities

Every day all the living rooms are tidied by the hotel staff. Bed linen and towels are changed three times a week.For a fee, the hotel offers guests a special service, which includes food delivery from the menu of the restaurant and drinks directly to the room.

Hotel infrastructure

Service at Didim Beach Elegance is often favored by tourists. The territory is fully equipped with everything necessary, so guests, if they wish, can never leave the complex. Most of the services are included in the price, but some are offered only for a fee.

We list the main infrastructure facilities located on the territory of the complex:

  • laundry - you can only hand over clothes;
  • small grocery store and souvenir shop;
  • conference room with computers and projector;
  • car parking;
  • luggage storage;
  • doctor's office;
  • beauty salon and hairdresser - their visit is also paid.

Free Wi-Fi is available in all public areas.


Since many tourists spend their entire holiday without leaving the hotel’s grounds, meals at the Didim Beach Elegance are provided to guests on an “all inclusive” basis. As it should be, it includes all breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as local soft drinks and spirits.The on-site bars offer snacks, ice cream, and fresh fruit. Imported alcohol, fresh juices and cocktails are available for a fee. All meals are served as a buffet in the main restaurant.

The on-site restaurants of Italian and Turkish cuisine are open in the evenings. Here guests are served a la carte, but their visit is paid. At the same time, guests who rest longer than 1 week, consider one free dinner in them according to the preliminary reservation of the table.

The main restaurant of the hotel

Four bars are also open. They are located on the beach, by the pool and in the lobby.

Beach holiday and pool

Didim Beach Elegance’s own stretch of beach is completely sandy, so you can walk here without special shoes, without fear of hurting your feet. At the same time, the sea is about 300 meters away from residential buildings, but it can be reached on foot in 3-4 minutes. The beach is fully equipped for relaxing hotel guests. This is not allowed locals and traders. Every day rescuers work. On the coast there are free for guests loungers, umbrellas and mattresses. There is not only a bar, but also a water entertainment center.Therefore, tourists can play beach volleyball, swim in a banana or canoe, go windsurfing. For a fee, you can order diving lessons and diving with a mask.

View to a pool

If the sea is stormy, or you just do not want to go far, then you can always swim by the pool. There are four of them in the hotel, they are all filled with fresh water and not equipped with heating. Next to them are water slides, which can ride both adults and children. The pools have a private terrace, equipped with sun loungers with mattresses and umbrellas. Guests can use them for free.

Other types of entertainment

For their guests, the Hotel Didim Beach Elegance entertainment prepared a variety of, though not all of them are included in the price. For example, for a fee, tourists can visit the spa and wellness center. They offer beauty treatments for the face and body, peeling and massage. Guests can go to the sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, gym.

There is also an animation team in the hotel, which organizes evening discos and themed shows. In the morning and in the afternoon they carry out health and sports activities, as well as simply entertain guests.

And for tourists prepared the following options for leisure:

  • lounge with TVs and gaming machines;
  • playgrounds for darts, basketball, tennis;
  • paid billiard room;
  • bowling.
Bowling hall

Children's rest in hotel

And although the hotel Didim Beach Elegance 5 * is often for its guests choose guests with young children, special conditions for them, it is not available. All the necessary standard amenities and entertainment have been created on its territory, but you should not count on more. A baby cradle is available on request in the room. The main restaurant is equipped with high chairs for feeding, they can also be taken for free.

On the territory for kids a separate shallow pool with fresh water is built, where they can safely swim. And older children can ride on a water slide. For small guests, there is a small playground. Parents can leave their children for a few hours in the mini-club, where the animators will hold recreational and educational activities for them.

Positive feedback about Didim Beach Elegance 5 *

Tourists appreciate holiday in this hotel. They liked the local level of service, although they believe that the complex also has disadvantages, although they are unlikely to spoil the impression from the rest.

In the responses, most often tourists point to the following advantages of the complex:

  • good location - next to an amusement park, which children will definitely like;
  • the bars serve delicious ice cream;
  • varied food, and in the restaurant the chef prepares amazing dishes of meat and fish;
  • there is a security at the hotel, which constantly monitors tourists;
  • well-groomed and beautiful area with a small park for walking.
Restaurant on the platform

Criticism of the hotel

Most often, tourists complain about the distance from the airport. However, it is worth noting that this is not a drawback of the complex, but the entire Didim resort in Turkey, as it is located away from transport hubs.

Also, tourists in the reviews note the following disadvantages seen by them during their stay at this hotel:

  • give out only one room key, which is not very convenient when a large family is settled in it;
  • plumbing in some rooms is outdated, so the taps are leaking;
  • poor insulation in the living rooms - you can hear conversations from guests of the neighboring rooms;
  • on the buffet there are not enough desserts and fruits for all the guests;
  • a dirty beach, butts in the sand are littered with plastic cups and other garbage.

Thus, the Didim Beach Elegance 5 * complex is a good place for a relaxing holiday.But for an inexpensive stay it will not work.

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