Didier Deschamps: football and coaching career

Didier Deschamps is a former Frenchthe footballer who has received the greatest popularity performances in clubs "Marseilles" and "Juventus", and also in structure of a national national team of France. Currently holds the position of head coach of the French national team.

Didier deschamps


Didier Claude Deschamps was born on October 15, 1968 in the city of Bayonne. Citizen of France. Height - 174 cm, weight - 72 kg. The playing role is the defensive midfielder. Years of appearances in big football - 1985-2001.

Statistics of performances, trophies and achievements

As a football player Didier Deschamps (photo above)took part in the championships of four countries (France, Italy, England, Spain) for 6 different clubs. For the period of performances he had 420 matches, scored 19 goals.

Club trophies and achievements: champion of France (1990, 1992) and Italy (1995, 1997, 1998), winner of the Cup (1995) and Super Cup (1995, 1997) of Italy, FA Cup (2000), two-time winner of the Champions League (1993, 1996), Intercontinental Cup 1996), the UEFA Super Cup (1996), the Intertoto Cup (1996). Personal achievements: a member of the list of "100 best footballers of FIFA", the best footballer of France in 1996, the holder of the Order of the Legion of Honor.


  • 1985/89 - Nantes (France);
  • 1989/90, 1991/94 - Marseille (France);
  • 1990/91 - Bordeaux (France);
  • 1994/99 - Juventus (Italy);
  • 1999/2000 - Chelsea (England);
  • 2000/01 - Valencia (Spain).

In the national team of France Didier Deschamps beganinvolved in 1989. From 1989 to 2000 he spent 103 bouts, scoring four goals. As a football player, the main team of the country became the world champion (1998), the European champion (2000) and the bronze (1996) prize-winner of the European championship.

Stages of football path

didier deschamps photo

The beginning of Didier Deschamps' football career took placein the amateur club "Bayonne", for which he acted as a schoolboy. Here he was watched by scouts of Nantes, having estimated the game potential of a fifteen-year-old boy. Didier played his first match at the highest level on September 27, 1985. From this date, the long football career of one of the best midfielders of French and world football began.

As part of the "Nantes" Deschamps spoke for fiveyears. During this period, he played 111 fights, in which he scored 4 goals. But the real success and recognition came to the player during the performances in the Marseille team "Olympic". Two titles of the winner of the championship of France and the victory in the Cup of Champions - this is the beginning of numerous football games won by the player (domestic and international). Here it is worth noting that Didier was honored to become the youngest captain of the team, who won the main club European prize.

And then there was a scandal, in which the mainthe acting figure was the president of the "Olympic" Bernard Tapi. The case took such a turn that the winning club was fined a fairly decent amount and sent to the lower division. Against the president opened a criminal case, accusing of fraud and corruption, and the team itself actually disintegrated. Most of the players changed clubs, and others and the country.

Didier Deschamps moved to Italy. Since 1994, he began to defend the colors of the Turin "Juventus". For six years of performances as part of the Italian grandee Didier won everything he could dream about: the championship, the Cup and the Super Cup of the country, the Champions League. For "Juventus" he played 124 matches, scored 4 goals.

didier decham wife

In 1999, Didier as world champion, having decidedslightly improve their financial condition, concluded a good contract with the English "Chelsea". There was already a case where personal authority worked for a football player. After playing the season in the championship of England, he moved to sunny Spain, where he ends his playing career in the team "Valencia".

didier deschamps family

And yet, despite the huge numberwon command titles, Didier Deschamps will not be remembered much by this. Few people will remember him on the bright performances in "Marcel" and "Juventus", for all he will remain in memory as the captain of the French national team that raised the golden 1998 World Cup above his head.

Coach career

Deschamps is part of a small cohort of formergreat players who later became successful coaches. Adopting the "Monaco" in 2001, he brought the club to the Champions League final. And headed in 2006, the enduring turist Juventus, led him to victory in Serie B in the first season. Success ended in his work in the "Marcel". With this club, he won the championship of France, the winner of the Cup and the Super Cup of the country.

After the disastrous performance of the French national teamEuropean Championship in 2012 (defeat in the quarterfinals), he took the reins of the main team of the country in their own hands. Currently, the whole of France is waiting for Didier victory at home, "Euro-2016". The results of this tournament will largely depend on his future coaching fate.

By the way, none of the previous coach of the national teamHe experienced such pressure as Didier Deschamps. The wife of the goalkeeper, "Montpellier" Jeffrey Jourdran Noemi back in 2014, began to persecute the coach, wishing him a speedy death, in connection with not calling his faithful in the team. And this is only the beginning. It is even difficult to imagine which arrows will fly to Didier and the players after the first unsuccessful duel in the final stage of Euro-2016.

Finally it is interesting to hear what it says onabout this, Didier Deschamps himself: "Family, acquaintances and ordinary fans can not fully protect football players from possible pressure and criticism. I hold my post to protect the players.

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