Delicious sorrel soup: recipe and cooking

In the midst of the "grass" season one of the lunch hits are sorrel soup. The recipe according to which you will cook them can be both lean and meager; may include only the simplest ingredients, and may total them to a dozen or two. What will surely be in the soup is sorrel and potatoes, everything else can be changed - both the composition and the method of cooking. There is no limit to culinary excellence!Sorrel soup recipe

A few notes

Despite the fact that there is an incredible variety of ways to cook sorrel soup, the recipe usually includes an egg. There are several options for its introduction:

  1. Hammer at the end of cooking so that it remains solid and liquid inside.
  2. Cut boiled cubes and pour directly into the pan.
  3. Add half an egg already in the plate.
  4. Pour the egg while cooking with stirring to form long strings.

The choice is yours, but remember: if the eggs are already in the soup, keep it for a long time, even in the refrigerator, is not recommended: the taste deteriorates, although the dish remains fresh. Such soup is desirable to eat on the day of cooking.

Do not feel sorry for the main component, otherwise you will not get enough sour sorrel sorrel. The recipe for the exact amount of sorrel does not indicate (cooking is, nevertheless, more creative than science), but keep in mind that it boasts a great deal, so take more herbs.Sorrel soup with meat broth

Lenten soup

They will be based on potato base. The result is a rather dense and nourishing sorrel soup. The recipe prescribes to take six large potatoes into a three-liter pot, cut them into fairly large slices and pour them into salted boiling water. When the potatoes reach half-ready, the diced carrot is poured. When she achieves softness, she sprinkle strips of sorrel (approximately four full handfuls). Literally in three minutes the fire is turned off, and eggs are gently introduced into the pan (can be lowered on a spoon) according to the number of people sitting at the table. Sour cream and chopped greens are already placed when serving.

Sorrel soup with meat

If you do not fast and do not diet, you can cook Sorrel soup with meat broth. For him, you can take and poultry, and beef, and pork - how exactly meat, and sunabor.The first decoction is traditionally merged (for greater benefit to the body), the second and will serve as the basis. If you have only bones, they should be taken out of the broth and thrown out; if they have meat, cut into small pieces and return to the pan. Put potatoes into boiling broth (3 pieces will be enough for the same 3 liters), while the potatoes are suitable, they make roasting from onions and carrots. It is laid in the soup at the same time with sorrel. When the soup is ready, it is covered with a lid for standing. After half an hour, pour into plates, put in each half of the cooked egg and carry the hungry.recipe for cooking sorrel soup

Sausage option

There is not always time for boiling broth, but not everyone is ready to do with lean soup. We suggest trying quick sorrel soup. The recipe is as follows: 3-4 tubers are cut and sent to cold water. When they are almost ready, pour a third kilo of sausage sliced. It can be boiled or smoked. You can replace the sausage with sausages or smoked chicken breasts - what you like or have on hand. At the same moment the sorrel is added, the soup is corrected for salt. When it starts to boil, greens are poured - dill, onions, parsley.After the next boiling, four chopped hard-boiled eggs are added, and almost immediately the soup is removed from the stove.

Sorrel soup with cauliflower

A rather unusual recipe - and without eggs, although if you want, you can add. Cooked chicken broth. Bird's meat is picked from the bones and sent back to the pan. Cut sorrel leaves are laid in the broth along with a handful of leek rings. After about five minutes, cauliflower is added to them, disassembled into inflorescences. After another five minutes, the cabbage soup is removed from the fire, and the mashed garlic clove is lowered briefly in them. Eating this soup can be both hot and cold. He is especially gorgeous with croutons and sour to cook sorrel soup recipe

Rakhmanov shchi

We already know how to prepare a green soup and lean, and in skoromnom version. We propose to consider the recipe for cooking sorrel soup on fish broth. No need to immediately refuse: it turns out very tasty, although unusual. For the broth, the same parts of the fish are taken as for the soup: tail, head without gills, fins. All this is filled with cold water. After boiling, pepper-peas, laurel and whole onion with carrot are added. Vegetables are caught from the finished broth, stretched with a fork or rubbed through a sieve and left behind. The broth is drained and boiled again.Four potatoes are laid in it, grilled is made from chopped onion and grated carrot. It is introduced into the soup with chopped sorrel and pureed vegetables. Ten minutes later, the burner is turned off, and the soup for half an hour is infused under the lid.

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