Delicious and original cookies "Witch's Fingers"

Despite its frightening name, cookies"Fingers of a witch" turns out very tasty and crispy. Such an original dessert is recommended to cook for Halloween or for any themed party. It should be noted that for this unusual dish there is no need to buy expensive and outlandish products.

cookies fingers witches

Delicious and original cookies "Witch's fingers": recipe for step by step cooking

Required ingredients:

  • Vanilla sugar - 1 dessert spoon;
  • chicken large egg - 1 piece;
  • fresh creamy butter - 160 g;
  • sand sugar - full faceted glass;
  • baking powder for dough - 5 g;
  • Wheat flour sifted - from 2,5 faceted glasses (to add on personal discretion);
  • salt sea - pour to taste;
  • Peeled pumpkin seeds - a small handful (for decorating dessert);
  • jam red color or melted dark chocolate - a little (for decorating dessert).

Process of preparation of a basis

Cookies "Fingers of a witch" should begin to cookwith kneading a steep dough. To do this, it is required to whip the melted butter and sugar with a blender, and then put 1 chicken egg to them. After you get a fluffy and homogeneous mass, you need to pour the baking powder, sea salt, as well as vanillin and wheat flour. As a result of these actions, you should get a tight, but plastic base. If the mixed mass is too soft, it will "spread" under the influence of high temperatures, and the dessert will not succeed.

cookies fingers witches recipeSo that you can quickly and easily make cookies"Fingers of a witch", ready mass is recommended for 16-19 minutes to place in the freezer. At the same time, the base is preferably tightly wrapped in a food film (in several layers).

Formation of dessert

To form such an original sweetdishes, it is necessary to pinch off a piece of frozen dough, and then roll a stick out of it with the size and shape into a real finger. Further in one of the ends it is necessary to stick the cleared pumpkin seed, imitating the "nail". To make the cookies "Fingers of a witch" become as much like the represented human organ, it is recommended to make small notches-folds on sticks.

Baking of dessert

After all the semi-finished products are ready, theirit is necessary to place on a baking tray, oiled, and send to the oven for 17-19 minutes. At a temperature of 190 degrees, this dessert should become a beige or brownish color.

Cookies Fingers Witches Photo

The final stage in the preparation

After all the "fingers" have been baked, withthey should carefully remove the pumpkin seed, and place the attachment a little red berry jam or melted chocolate. Next, "nail" should be put in place, and then slide the entire dessert on a large plate.

How to properly serve the table

Original cookies "Fingers of a witch", photowhich is presented in this article, guests should be presented with coffee, hot cocoa, strong tea or some other drink. Be sure that such a dessert will never be disregarded by your loved ones and relatives.

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