Dealers - who is this?

In the modern Russian dictionary a lot of which is not always clear or unambiguous. With the development of market trade, the term "dealers" became firmly established. This concept will be considered in the article.

Meaning of the word

The term "dealer" is derived from the English word dealer, which means a merchant, agent. The word has several shades of meaning depending on the area of ​​its application.

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According to the business dictionary, dealers are those who purchase products from the manufacturer at their own expense for the purpose of further selling them in small or wholesale to retail customers.

Financial dictionary treats the word a little differently. Here, dealers are professional participants of the stock market or currency exchange, making transactions for the purchase of securities, currency and precious metals for the purpose of their resale.

Who can be a dealer

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, dealers engaged in the supply of products from the producer to the final consumer, including through the dealer network, can be both physical and legal entities.

Dealers on the stock or currency exchange can only be a legal entity.

The subtleties of dealers

Dealers are persons who work at their own expense, at their own peril and risk. Their activity is carried out on a contractual basis. In addition to the purchase prices for products (securities), the contract may provide for marginal mark-up on goods, sales dates, planned sales, warranty service, indicate the regions of representation and other conditions determining the mutually beneficial cooperation between the manufacturer and the dealer.

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A special feature of dealership is the fact that products are acquired into the personal property of a natural or legal person. Consequently, the dealer bears all the risks of a possible reduction in the liquidity of the goods.

Dealership can be exclusive, i.e. sole, or on a specific type of product (name, brand, brand), or on the basis of the principle. In this case, the dealer is obliged to take care of the promotion of the goods on the market, the implementation of certain sales volumes. Otherwise, the manufacturer may terminate the contractual relationship.

A special feature of the dealership in the automotive business is the seller’s obligations to provide warranty service for the cars sold.

Dealers in the gaming business

The concept of "dealer" in poker means a special position in the game, meaning the one who deals the cards.

dealer synonym

In a casino, a dealer is a croupier.

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