Dagestan surnames and names. Beautiful Dagestan surnames

Different surnames and first names are basically the same, because the main part of Dagestanis are Muslims. Most of the names of the Dagestani have Oriental roots and came from the Arabic, Farsi and various Türkic languages. Currently, various names from the Russian language and other languages ​​of Western countries have been used. This article will talk about the beautiful Dagestan surnames.

Lezgi names

Little about Dagestan

This country is a Russian region in the North Caucasus, which borders on Chechnya and Georgia in the west, Stavropol Territory and Kalmykia in the north, on the Caspian Sea in the east and on Azerbaijan in the south. Due to its own instability and proximity to Chechnya, Dagestan is an unsafe place to travel, but anyway it attracts tourists.

Names in Dagestan

Dagestan is one of the most multinational regions of the Russian Federation. The population of this region is more than three million people.In Dagestan, there is a high population density due to a small area, a large proportion of the urban population, but there are still more rural people in the country.

Choosing a name in Dagestan

Regardless of the state in which the parents of the unborn child live, what nationality they belong to and what their professions are, they always want to give the most beautiful and euphonic name for their baby. Many books are being re-read, tips from popular magazines are being studied, as well as various articles. All this is done in order to make the most successful choice.

In many states it is customary to give names taking into account the provisions and advice of the professed religion, and here it is important not to anger God with the improper name of the child. Such a religion is practiced, for example, by residents of Dagestan - a high-mountainous country with strict customs and customs. When choosing how to name a male child, it uses ancient names that are rooted in ancient oriental traditions. Arab, Iranian and Turkish organically fit into the Dagestan culture. These names for many generations and are still given to sons at birth.

The choice of the correct and appropriate name is dictated by the Islamic religion, because all babies in Dagestan are called according to religious tradition.

Beautiful Dagestan surnames

The origin of the names and surnames of this people

Surnames and names are traditionally classified as follows:

  • the original names and surnames of the Dagestan nationalities (although there is also Turkic influence here);
  • names and surnames that have Arabic, Persian roots;
  • names of Georgian and Armenian origin (Caucasian Caucasians);
  • names and surnames with Turkic roots;
  • Also among the newest North Caucasian names sometimes there are traditional Russian and European names.

The most popular Dagestan names

What names are considered popular in Dagestan? Any male name in Dagestan must contain any wisdom in itself and personify the courage, strength and courage of the Highlanders. This is the key to his success. Parents usually make a start from these concepts at a choice how to name the son.

Most of the Dagestani male names of Arabic origin are directly related to the Islamic faith. The first part of many Arabic names is translated as "slave of Allah" - "Abdu",and then comes the addition - powerful, generous, united, hearty. Examples of such names: Abdullah, Abdusasim, Abdulvaris, Abduljabar.

Female classical names of Dagestani:

  • Arivan - Turkic origin is translated as "beautiful soul."
Male surnames
  • Arivkyz is a Turkic name that means "beautiful woman".
  • Asiyat is of Arabic origin, in translation it means soothing.
  • Atikat - from Arabic translated as "fragrant."
  • Afisat is also an Arabic name, which means “medium”.
  • Aizmesi - from Turkic languages ​​translated as "lunar beauty".

The choice of these names is quite simple. In Dagestan, a calm, quiet character, ability to follow her husband, humility and, of course, beauty is valued in a woman.

Dagestan surnames

Characteristics of some names of Dagestanis

One of the most popular names in Dagestan is the name Ali, which has an ancient Arabic origin. Ali is a person with great self-confidence. His leadership qualities make him the soul of the company. In his career he will be helped by his leadership character and intuition, which is clearly manifested in financial matters.

Another common name among Dagestanis is Baisal (translated from Arabic - sure). People with this name love cleanliness and order. In the field of work, the path of Baisala is not easy.He does not like being commanded. Of course, this leads to conflict situations, which negatively affects his progress along the career ladder. Here there are two options: either Baisal will open his business, or be able to curb his temperament. It is worth noting that the first option is more realistic and promising. Baisal is endowed with excellent qualities for doing business and can achieve great results in it.

Dagestan surnames of Turkic origin

Many of the names and surnames of the inhabitants of Dagestan (speaking dialects of the Nakh-Dagestan group) are of Turkic origin. Many wonder why some people who are not representatives of the Turkic peoples have Turkic names and surnames.

Nation of Dagestan

Indeed, with careful study of the names and names of Dagestanis, it can be concluded that a large number of them are of Turkic origin, since the ethnic groups of mountainous Dagestan have been in active contact with the Turks. Examples of such male Dagestan surnames: Yamadayev, Arsamerzoev, Mirzoyev, Myrzakhanov, Nogamirzaev, Aksagov, Aslanbekov, Khasanbekov, Tipsurkayev, Arsangiriev, Akhmadkhanov, Giriyev, Gerihanov, Salgiriyev, Inalov.

Primordially Mountainous Dagestanis

As is known, Dagestanis are the generalized name of various ethnic groups living in the territory of this small Caucasian republic. We will name five main nationalities of Dagestan: Avars, Kumyks, Darghins, Laks, Lezgins.

Examples of "indigenous" names of these people are the following: Baloev, Nashkhoyev, Peshkhoev, gala, Yalhoroev, Vielhoev, Akiev, Kiev, Mirzhoev, Haiharoev, Gandaloyev, Belhoroev, Tsechoev, Muzhahoev, Thurlow, Dishni, Mulkoyev, Guhoev, Chinhoev, Zumsoev, Chentiev, Khacharoev, Hildekharoev, Maistoyev, Melkhiev, Sharoyev, Tseseev, Shykaroyev, Kiseloev, Sondukhoev, Khulandoev, Khakmadoev, Khimoev, Tumsoev, Vashndaroev, Khakoev Begocharov, Daev, Bosov. This is one of the most common Dagestan surnames. Officially, there are more than thirty nationalities in the republic.

Surnames of Arabic origin

Dagestan - a country dominated by Islam, respectively, a great influence on the Dagestan tradition has Arab culture, including the names of the inhabitants of the country. Below is a list of common surnames in Dagestan,of Arabic origin: Suleymanov, Kadyrov, Musayev, Akhmadov, Akhmetov, Aliyev, Abdulvahabov, Vakhabov, Abdulkarimov, Abdulkhalimov, Khalimov, Khamidov, Khadzhayev, Dzeitov, Dzaitov, Jabarov, Jafrov. This, of course, is not a complete list of Dagestan surnames.

The meaning of the name that parents give to their newborn baby has a strong influence on his future life.

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