Culture and cultural values ​​- what is it?

Today it has become fashionable to talk about culture. Some argue that society is losing it year after year; some, on the contrary, argue that culture is reborn and becoming more multifaceted. Is it so? Let's see what it is - cultural values, and try to answer the question of what happens to them.

What is culture

culture and cultural valuesIn Latin, the word "cultura" originally meant "cultivation." How did it happen that over time the term changed its meaning? In fact, the meaning of the word "culture" remains the same. Education, development and education - this is the cultivation of the human soul.

It was culture that helped a person to move from a primitive communal tribe, first to the agrarian, and later to the cultural revolution. Today, the concept includes various areas of human activity, being a combination of skills, abilities and products of self-expression. Cultural values ​​are an integral part of society.Let's take a closer look at them.

Cultural values ​​- what is it?

Oddly enough, but this concept can be interpreted in different ways. The first option: cultural values ​​are the moral and moral principles of a person. It is precisely by established patterns of behavior that a person lives and thinks. But when these boundaries of moral norms are violated, a person is automatically recognized as uncultured. Moreover, it doesn’t bother to live to him, but sometimes others can be shocked.

The second interpretation is the most popular. Cultural values ​​are buildings, paintings, objects, technologies and objects. All that can be seen or understood. All this knowledge and material product of human activity helped our society to make a quick leap in its development.

The third variant of the value of cultural values ​​is a product of human activity, which is hidden from our view in the heads of people. This includes knowledge, science, skills and scientific values.

Well, the last interpretation of the cultural values ​​of society is languages, traditions, crafts, folklore. All thanks to which we consider ourselves to be a civilized society with a rich history.

Do different countries have the same or different cultural values?

protection of cultural propertyIf you look at the interpretation of the term itself, everything becomes clear. Each country has its own history, a set of laws and, as a result, a unique culture. Accordingly, values ​​will be different everywhere. Why did it happen? Countries developed under different conditions, and the religions in them were also different.

But it is the beliefs of man that make up a huge layer of culture. Our country has been pagan for a long time, and this could not but reflect on modern society. For many centuries, Russians were considered barbarians, and now foreigners who have never been to our country, but only know about it on news releases, have the same opinion.

But this does not mean that our ancestors had no culture. Pagan faith demanded not only strict obedience to the gods, but also the creation of temples, totems and monuments. And when monotheism came to replace polytheism, people did not abandon their heritage. They simply remade the Byzantine faith, adapting it to our country. Thus it turned out that in the process of various evolutions and revolutions people and their consciousness changed.

Cultural norms is what?

Usually this concept denotes standards of behavior. Moreover, like the cultural values ​​of peoples, the norms in all countries are different. They are expressed in the form of awards and punishments, regulated by the state. In our country, cultural norms are not just in words. They are written into the Constitution, which reasonably limits human rights. But at the same time, it gives him maximum freedom of action within reason. In case of non-observance of cultural norms of a person, a punishment is prescribed.cultural values ​​of societyAt all times it was different: references, executions, conclusion. And in our time, all these methods are used, except that a moratorium is in effect in our country on the death penalty. Can not be said about more free countries, such as the United States.

Human cultural values

cultural values ​​and normsThere are many nations and nationalities on earth. Each individual has a set of cultural values ​​and norms. What are they with him? It is clear that in each country its own concept of culture, but most of the values ​​are still similar:

  • The desire to know their history and understand the essence of what is happening with us and our homeland. This value, called "love of the Motherland" is laid in every person. After all, only a person who knows his history can create future countries.
  • Knowledge of the features of national creativity. Folklore, crafts, traditions and customs are rarely studied in school. This knowledge is given to a person in a family. And only thanks to them can a person know better who he is and what he does in this world.
  • Religion is one of the main cultural values ​​of man. It is she who establishes unwritten rules, not regulated by the constitution, according to which all people should live.

Cultural values ​​of the state

Citizens of one country represent a single group that combines a common history and a common future. The values ​​of the whole society as a whole include the cultural norms of each individual. What is the difference then? In the global thinking. The rulers of countries can change cultural values ​​if they want. But people treat such changes very badly, so they occur infrequently.

The main task of any state is to preserve and increase cultural values. That is, it should help talented people to self-realize, scientists to make discoveries, and architects to build buildings. Today, intangible cultural values ​​fade into the background,and for the first time, it is the product of people's activities that brings some benefit to society and the state.

How cultural values ​​are protected

cultural values ​​of peoplesToday, many states are concerned about the increasing increase in vandalism. That is why many of them united and set a goal to protect cultural values. Thus, it was decided to protect the buildings, paintings, sculptures. Yes, this is a big part of the heritage of any country. It is from these monuments that have come down to our time that one can judge how our ancestors lived.

But culture is not only material values. This term means both our mentality and language. And few people follow the purity of his speech. Today there is so much slang in Russian that it is difficult to speak about the culture of a language. This also applies to religion. If churches, mosques and other religious buildings are protected and, as a result, are preserved, then faith itself changes from year to year.

The perspective of the development of cultural values

cultural values ​​thisAs already stated above, the world does not stand still. Culture and cultural values ​​are changing and transforming. But do not regret it. This is a natural stage of development.We need to believe that everything that happens is always for the best. Of course, this does not mean that you need to kill the cultural monuments of the past centuries with your own hands.

Although sometimes you can be very surprised, depending on how quickly street art has become considered art. It's not bad when artists paint gray dull houses, but when they start creating on churches or monuments, it shakes. To prevent this from happening, each person must understand the face of what is permitted and not cross over through it.

The cultural values ​​of the 21st century generation are mainly located in the network. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine how the collection, systematization and preservation of this kind of creativity will take place in the future. It is possible that separate servers will be created, where paintings of artists, songs and films will be stored, they will become the reincarnation of modern museums.

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