Crochet hook: knit for the little ones

Summer is coming, and with it a lot of sunny and beautiful days. But not always hot sun rays are useful for your baby, there is a real danger of getting heat stroke or burns.crochet hookTherefore, loving mummies needlewomen in advance will take care of such an important part of the wardrobe of her offspring as a headdress. They can serve as a headscarf, a cap, a light cap or a hat. Hook relatively quickly and simply you can knit the right thing for the child - a fashionable and original panamachka. Jewelry options there are many, ranging from knitted butterflies and beads, and ending with flowers and ribbons. Make your child pleasant - create your own summer original thing, which will bring a lot of pleasure and delight to your little one.

Crochet panama- basic rules and secrets:

crochet panama

1. Knit to the top down.

2. You need to start with the manufacture of 4 or 6 air loops, which will be closed in a circle.

3On the selected pattern, a circle of the desired diameter is knitted. But how to make the calculation to avoid a mistake? To do this, remember the formula from the school course of mathematics: the magnitude of the circle is equal to the diameter. Measure the circumference of the child's head and from the received number it is necessary to subtract from 2 to 3 centimeters. Determine in this way the width of the “bottom” of the Panama and can begin to manufacture a product that will exactly match the size of your baby’s head.

4. Next, the direct canvas is knitted in a circle, considering the pattern scheme.

5. Next croman hook continues to knit, only the rows expand. For a gradual transition straight line knit 2-3 rows, then add several loops.

6. The bottom of the product can be arranged in different ways, ranging from simple strapping to the openwork border.

Knittedcrochet hook

crocheted croc

For crochet knit crochet using thread "Iris" and a hook. First you need to bind the bottom. This is done according to the Panama scheme. But it should consist of 10 or 12 petals (in finished form the diameter of such panama is 12 centimeters). Next, make the transition. That is, we knit the posts with two nakida 2 rows, then add loops for expansion. Now go to the side.Typically, the pattern in such panama frames consists of three air loops and columns with two naquids. It turns out a kind of "mesh". Similarly, knit until the panama reaches a height of approximately 14-15 centimeters. Ready crochet Hook has a width of 21-23 centimeters. We turn to work with the border of the product. To design the bottom you can use any motif. The most original and most common way is ruching, the edge of which is tied with threads of contrasting colors. For registration, you can use the associated double flower. It will look beautiful if you fasten it on the side of a hat. On top of the head you can place a second flower, slightly smaller in size. As you have already noticed, children's crocheted panama hats are very simple to perform.

The main thing is that you have a fantasy for creativity, the desire and patience to make such an original thing for your child. Invent, create and please your children!

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