Crafts from clay. How and what is made of clay

In all the legends of the creation of the world, it is mentioned that the Creator created people from ordinary clay. No wonder our forefathers very carefully and with respect to the clay, creating from it almost all the things household items.what is made of clay

In modern times are a kind of hobby. Professionals and amateurs can make real masterpieces from ordinary natural material, which can be compared to a work of art.

In order to begin to sculpt from clay, you do not need large financial investments or special skills, just a desire is enough.

Scope of application

In order to proceed with the manufacture of any product, it is important to know what is made of clay.

It is considered that her lot is pots and bowls. And as it turned out, a lot of different statuettes are made of it, bricks are cast for building houses, paints are made for dyeing fabrics, used in cosmetology, and also, mixing clay with lime, produce cement.

Clay varieties

Clay is natural and artificial.

  • Artificial - this is polymer clay, or plastic. Created by chemical means.
  • Natural clay is mined from the land itself. It is a 100% ecological product.

Natural clay is of several types: red, white and blue. Each of them has its own characteristics. Depending on what is made of clay, take into account its properties and characteristics.

General rules for modeling of all types of clay

Firstly, it is important to remember that clay is not clay, this material is more delicate and sensitive, and it is necessary to handle it with care and affectionately.

Secondly, in the process of modeling clay must always remain raw. If it does not contain enough moisture, it can be diluted with ordinary running water to the desired consistency. At the end of the work or during the break, the remaining material should be covered with a damp cloth.

Thirdly, if in the process of modeling details appear cracks and chips, you can smooth them with your fingers moistened with ordinary water or an aqueous solution of clay.

Creating a craft from any kind of clay, you need to start with the main, larger parts, gradually adding to them smaller ones.

It is strictly forbidden to attach new parts from raw material to the dried crafts - they will not join and may destroy all the work. If you need something to add or change the work, you can use regular glue.

And the most important thing. No matter what, how and what they do. From polymer clay or ordinary natural - any thing you need to dry after modeling!

Crafts made of clay: a detailed description

We found out that they make almost everything from clay. But the first thing you can do from it is a bowl, a vase or a jug with an intricate and beautiful handle.what is made of polymer clay

In order to make clay jugs, you need: a suitable piece of red clay, a wooden potter's wheel and a desire to create.

In the jug there is the main part, the handle and the spout. Each of these parts has its own purpose and is an integral part of the dishes.

Sculpting technology:

  1. Arrange the necessary piece of clay on a circle and, rotating it, perform the opening of the clay, giving it a gradually rounded shape.
  2. Carefully with the fingers to perform the base of the jug (bottom outside).make clay jugs
  3. Then, without stopping the rotation, give the desired shape to the workpiece.When the form is created, you need to remove small stones and lumps of clay using special scallops. Finish the grinding should be wet fingers, leaving no rough edges and bumps.
  4. Stopping the potter's wheel, with the help of fingers dipped in a water-clay solution, you need to make a spout. It can be done by slightly pressing with your thumb.
  5. Using wire cut the workpiece from the potter's wheel.
  6. From a separate piece of clay to handle. You can make it in any most interesting form and fix it on the back side of the nozzle.
  7. All products with handles must be dried very slowly and only then must they be heat treated.

A jug after drying is ready.

With jugs everything is clear. And how are vases made of clay? Very simple. They are performed on the same principle as pitchers. With the gradual rotation of the potter's wheel and giving any shape and height.

Having set the required shape of the bottom, the workpiece needs to be given the main and main parts, then narrowed to the neck, level its height, engage in the alignment of the surface of the walls.

A vase can be molded of almost any shape, the only condition is its round bottom and, as a result, its symmetrical shape.

Having performed all the necessary manipulations with the manufacture and modeling of a vase, it can be left in such a way as it is. And it is possible with the help of special knives and cutters to perform all sorts of drawings on its surface. But this must be done immediately after modeling, without letting the blank dry.


This article discusses how and what is made of clay. As it turned out, practically everything is made of it, both kitchen utensils and unique things for to make clay vases

It should be noted that the polymer clay of chemical origin makes an excellent designer jewelry, which in its beauty is not inferior to jewelry.

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Crafts from clay. How and what is made of clay 63

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Crafts from clay. How and what is made of clay 94

Crafts from clay. How and what is made of clay 42

Crafts from clay. How and what is made of clay 50

Crafts from clay. How and what is made of clay 51