Cornel Jam. Cornel Jam: Recipe

The shrub on which the fruits of the cornel grow, grows in the Crimea, the Caucasus and in the countries of Central Asia. At the end of autumn, a few astringent, sweet-sour berries with a large bone, but pleasant to the taste appear on it. They are used in processed form, not fresh. In cooking, these fruits are turned into dogwood jam, marmalade, jelly, wine or liquor. Also, to emphasize the taste of meat dishes, there are many recipes of dogwood sauces. It is added to bread and pastry. Also from dogwood cook soup.

General information about making dogwood jam

Despite all the variety, the most useful and extremely tasty is dogwood jam. In order to cook it at home, the berries must be mature, thoroughly washed, free from leaves and stems, optionally from stones. In some recipes, in addition to sugar sand, natural dry wine is added to the fruits of cornel, but more often it is replaced with ordinary drinking water.In the simplest way, all the ingredients are sent to the pan, brought to a boil, and cooked to medium weight until medium thick. There are other recipes in which the cornel jam is not subjected to high-temperature processing. So prepare jelly or "five minutes". It is possible to use the harvest in winter, retaining the cornel frozen, with or without sugar.

dogwood jam

The reasons for the popularity of cornel jam

In addition to the pronounced taste properties, the product we are considering is also useful, which is fully revealed in the winter, during the coldest time of the year. Then they begin to use it fully: add it to puffs, pies and pies, or eat a delicious natural delicacy in its pure form. Due to the bright, rich color, the jam looks great in homemade desserts and on cakes. And the beneficial properties of both fresh berries and products from them have been known for a long time. They are primarily due to the large amount of organic acids, pectic substances, vitamin C and sugar in mature fruits. This article is devoted to another, so we limit ourselves to just a few examples.If you regularly use cornel jam, its benefits will soon have a beneficial effect on your body. It will help cleanse the body of all destructive, harmful waste products, improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. With colds, anemia, scarlet fever acts as a drug, being at the same time 100% natural product.

cornel jam recipe

Cooking dogwood jam: the first recipe

For this recipe, it is recommended to choose berries of intermediate ripeness. In appearance, such a cornel should be already bright red, but in no way overripe. If you press on this berry, it should be moderately hard. Try to use large fruit. We need one kilogram of berries, the same amount of sugar and two glasses of water. We sort out the fruits, remove leaves and tails, throw away rotten, crumpled, dry and unripe berries, wash the remaining ones and recline in a colander. In the meantime, prepare the syrup by mixing sugar and water as standard and boiling for a few minutes. Add the cornel, stir it in the syrup, bring to a boil over high heat and reduce it to an average. Remove the foam, which will begin to appear in 10-15 minutes.Berries immediately become a bright red color. Cook the jam for a few more minutes, remove from the heat and leave for a few hours, not forgetting to cover the basin with a newspaper or gauze. Then we repeat the same operation, stirring the jam so as not to burn. Repeat this three times. Hot spill it in clean cans, while trying to evenly distribute the syrup and dogwood. Put the jars upside down to cool. You can even store an open jar at room temperature.

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The second recipe of cornel jam

The jam will be fragrant, tasty, slightly sour and you will love it. You can prepare it in several ways. Cooking dogwood jam in the traditional way, like cherry. Ingredients: ripe dogwood - one kilogram, granulated sugar - 1.2 kg. There is a second option for those who do not like sweet jam - for one kilogram of cornels 700-800 grams of sand. Now the recipe itself. My berries, separating the stalk, lay out in a saucepan and fall asleep with sugar. Let stand 3-4 hours, until the juice appears from them. Capacity send to the fire and bring to a boil, stirring slightly, boil for 5-7 minutes.It happens that the syrup is not enough, then add a couple of tablespoons of water. Remove from heat, cool and repeat this operation 2-3 times. After the last boiling, hot jams are poured into pre-sterilized cans. We roll up the boiled lids, turn them upside down, and let them cool in the air. Store cornel jam in the closet at room temperature.cornel jam with bones

Recipe number 3: jam, dogwood, pitted

The following ingredients will be needed: 1.2 kg of ripe dogwood, one kilogram of white sugar per liter of grated berries, a pinch of vanillin, water. Now prepare the cornel jam. The recipe for this delicious seedless dish:

  1. We wash dogwood.
  2. Pour it into the pan (necessarily enameled) and pour it with water. The water level should be a couple of centimeters higher than the berries.
  3. Cover with a lid, cook for 30-40 minutes on low heat until softened.
  4. Strain the broth through a sieve and wait until the berries have cooled. Rub them through a sieve with large cells. We measure the amount of the resulting broth and mashed potatoes. At the rate of 1: 1 add sugar.
  5. Put the pot on a small fire and boil the mixture,periodically stirring and removing the resulting foam. We finish cooking the toga when 2/3 of the original volume remains.
  6. Optionally add vanilla.
  7. Pour hot dogwood jam into sterilized jars and roll it over for the winter, turn it upside down and wrap it. It should make four jars of 0.5 liters.

Recipe number 4: with stones

We will need: dogwood - one kilogram of ripe berries, granulated sugar - up to one and a half kilograms, water - a little more than one cup.dogwood jamCooking dogwood jam with bones. Its benefits have been repeatedly proven, so immediately proceed to the recipe:

  1. We touch the berries (the stalks are removed) and wash them.
  2. We blanch at a temperature of 80 degrees in hot water for 5-6 minutes, then cool with cold water.
  3. We prepare syrup from water and sugar in the standard way.
  4. Bring the resulting syrup to a boil and add the cornel berries. We are waiting for boiling and for 15 minutes remove the pan from the heat. Repeat this procedure 4-6 times, until the jam is thick.
  5. The finished product is laid out on the banks and roll covers.

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