Cooking real English chocolate pudding at home

Our article is dedicated not only to fans of sweets, but to true gourmets. Because the material will deal with such a product as gourmet homemade chocolate pudding. A delightful delicacy will bring real pleasure.

A few words about the English dessert

chocolate pudding

Chocolate pudding (see photo in the article) is a traditional dish of the English. The formulation of its preparation was inherited. This classic delicacy consists of flour, eggs, milk and sugar. However, cooks from different countries interpret the dessert differently, adding fresh fruits, nuts, berries, vanilla and aromatic spices. You can fantasize as you like, and serving a delicacy is not necessarily in tins.

In our country, chocolate pudding is not very popular. People prefer to buy ready-made powder mixtures that are difficult to call them. The benefits of such a product and does not say.Its composition does not shine with natural ingredients - solid preservatives, harmful food additives and dangerous dyes.

As a result, the conclusion suggests one - homemade desserts can never be compared with the shop. Based on the foregoing, we offer you to work together to create a gentle and soft chocolate treat. It is allowed to use both adults and children.

Chocolate Pudding: Recipe One

chocolate pudding recipe

Immediately warn that the dish is long: the cooking time will take at least 1.5 hours. Also, a few more hours will take to freeze the pudding. Write the recipe: one and a half liters of milk, a glass of granulated sugar, two eggs, half a 200-gram pack of butter, cocoa powder (two large spoons). In addition, you will need a spoonful of flour, starch (60 g), a bar of dark chocolate, vanillin, ground peanuts (10 g).

The basis

A liter of milk is boiled. In a separate bowl, combine some of the sugar with starch and cocoa powder, pour a little warm milk in a thin stream, and whisk it with a whisk to prevent lumps. Pour homogeneous mass into the milk, put on the fire and constantly stir until it becomes thick.Pour the prepared base into confectionery molds, put it in the fridge for three hours.

Cream sauce

Beat the remaining half of the sugar with eggs and vanilla powder until frothy. In the milk, stir the flour, combine with the egg dressing and heat it on the stove, not forgetting to stir. As soon as the mass thickens, add oil, beat thoroughly and leave in the fridge for half an hour.

We take out the cooled chocolate pudding, separate it from the form with the help of hot water. Pour the prepared creamy milk cream on top, sprinkle with ground peanuts, decorate with streams of melted chocolate or whipped cream.

Chocolate Pudding: Recipe Two

chocolate pudding photo

This cooking option is a bit simpler. It consists of: half a liter of milk, semolina (one hundred grams), butter (large spoon). Also need a bar of dark chocolate, vanilla and sugar. At your own discretion, you can include alcoholic beverages (liqueur, brandy or balsam), raisins or nuts in the dish.

Phased cooking

If you have already learned how to make chocolate pudding, then you need to prepare a base for it.For this purpose, butter, vanillin, sugar and chocolate are immersed in hot milk. As soon as bubbles begin to appear, you should carefully pour the semolina and boil a few minutes like porridge.

Optionally, you can put additional ingredients into the finished mass (chopped dried fruits, alcohol, nuts, berries). We give our billet a little to cool, then immediately pour into a mold / container (soak the bottom of the dish with water), put in the cold for two hours. Hardened dessert turn on a plate, sprinkle with grated chocolate and coconut chips. Cut into squares and enjoy great taste.

Low-calorie dessert

how to make chocolate pudding

Love sweets, but afraid to harm the figure? We offer a light, gentle with a minimum calorie dessert based on carob (chocolate substitute). If you still don’t know how to make low fat chocolate pudding, then our recipe will help you. Ingredients: a liter of milk with a minimum fat content (or skimmed), corn starch (50 g), chilli vanillin, egg, kerob (one hundred grams). For sweets, you can add sweetener or fruit.

In half the milk, mix the starch. Boil the other half.Then put vanilla, sweetener (fruit), carob, pour the starch with milk and whisk with a combine. Add eggs to the mass and boil for a few minutes (stirring constantly). Put in the cold for a couple of hours to thicken. Healthy and light chocolate pudding will cheer up, fill with energy and pleasure.

Festive dessert

how to make chocolate pudding

And finally, let us share the recipe for an exquisite vanilla-chocolate delicacy, which will surprise with its appearance and bright palette of taste. Ingredients required: cocoa powder (dessert spoon), butter (two spoons), vanilla, milk (400 ml), flour (50 g), walnuts to taste, a little cinnamon, dark chocolate (half a tile) and sugar discretion. Can be supplemented with fresh berries or liqueur (optional).

Cooking process

In sifted flour, mix the sugar, pour cold milk and put on the stove. Boil until the mixture resembles thick sour cream. Before turning off put the oil. Divide into two parts. Add vanillin seeds to the first, cocoa with cinnamon in the second.

Get two masses of different shades, which should be covered with a towel and leave for a few minutes. Let's proceed to the preparation of the remaining products. Peeled nuts must be roasted and chopped.Raisins scald with boiling water.

Now you can form chocolate pudding, the recipe of which you just read: take high glasses for desserts, first lay out the white mass on the bottom, sprinkle with nuts and raisins, top with a brown cream. In this sequence, fill the tank to the top. We decorate with grated chocolate.

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