Continental IceContact tires: types, tests and reviews

Even experienced motorists are often mistaken in the selection of winter tires for the car. Many factors cause confusion. A wide range of car tires, a large number of manufacturers and more complicate the process of choosing winter or summer tires.

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Each owner needs to remember only a few simple rules for changing tires and always follow them for proper operation of the machine. What is it for? First of all it is necessary for safety on the roads.

How to correctly change a car for winter?

  1. As you know, winter tires are designed to operate at low temperatures. They have a different chemical formula, unlike summer and all-season tires, and, as a result, they do not freeze during severe frosts. However, experts do not recommend to use them at zero temperature, as the rubber will melt and lose its quality.
  2. Some car owners often claim that all-season tires do not need to be changed. As practice shows, this is a fundamentally wrong decision.Rubber need to constantly change. All-season tires are really better than summer tires in a changing temperature conditions, but they are suitable for use in weather conditions from -5aboutC to +10aboutC. Winter tires are designed for lower temperatures, providing comfortable driving conditions on snow-covered surfaces and increasing safety.
  3. An important rule: on all wheels of a car it is necessary to put the same type of rubber. Ideally, there should always be a spare one. There is an opinion among some motorists that tires can only be changed on one axis, but it is also wrong. Putting winter tires only on the rear wheels, there may be situations of skidding or emergency braking to cope with which will be extremely difficult, since it is the front wheels that are under a heavy load. Pereobuv only the front wheels, from the skid you can not go at all.
  4. SUV tires must be replaced. A heavy car is less stable, its stopping distance is much greater than that of a regular car, and the ability to go through ice is not better than a sedan.
  5. Winter tires should be the same on all wheels.Otherwise, the brake force distribution calculated by the manufacturer is violated.
  6. The choice of tire tread pattern depends entirely on the road conditions in which the car is often located. There are no ideal tires in this regard, therefore it is necessary to proceed from the fact whether the car often moves on slush, on a rolled road or is operated in completely different conditions.

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In addition, when choosing winter tires, you need to pay attention to its manufacturer, performance characteristics and technological indicators of tires.

Tire manufacturer Continental

This is a well-established European brand whose products are respected in many countries around the world for the following reasons:

- This is the first company that almost a century and a half ago developed a tire tread pattern;

- a long research route on which new technologies are constantly being tested;

tires continental icecontact

- for the manufacture of products using only high quality materials;

- adaptation of production under the road surface and driving conditions in different countries, in particular in Russia;

- A huge selection of tires for different types and complete sets of cars.

Independent tire testing Continental

According to the version of the world-famous autoblog AutoBild, AutoZeitung and Auto Motor Sport, the company Continental is recognized as the best in the production of tire products.

Summer and winter tires were repeatedly tested on different ranges of the world using different road surfaces and under different weather conditions.

According to the versions of magazines, conclusions about the quality of winter tires Continentalfollowing:

- high level of safety on roads with heavy snow;

- great for dry and wet winter roads;

- high-quality removal of snow and dirt;

- economical consumption of fuel resources;

- stability on the wet road;

- excellent handling, a clear response to the team;

- short stopping distance in different coating conditions;

- good balancing;

- low rolling resistance.

continental icecontact reviews

Despite the fact that the tests were conducted back in 2014, there has still not been found an analogue of automobile tires that would satisfy the same number of criteria.

Thus, the quality of Continental summer and winter tires is really high, tested and confirmed at various world test sites.

Continental IceContact tires

Continental IceContact tires have high performance.who are improving all the time.

It is studded rubber for passenger cars, has a radial design with a tubeless sealing method.

For winter tires of this marking the following advantages are characteristic:

- increased security;

- small stopping distance;

- good grip in icy conditions;

- optimal pressure distribution between the surface and the wheel;

- Asymmetric tread pattern makes it easier to drive;

- the perfect balance of tread in terms of its elasticity and stiffness.

Improved IceContact HD

Until 2013, the tires were labeled Continental IceContact BD. Currently it is replaced by HD. In addition, the characteristics, compared with previous models, have been improved by 11%.

continental icecontact 2 suv

Thus, due to the application of new technologies, the noise level was significantly reduced. Diamond spikes have been replaced with harder ones - Brilliant Plus. They slightly changed in size and began to provide better grip. Also, as it turned out in practice, in some cases, fuel consumption has decreased.

Minor changes were made and the composition of rubber Continental IceContact. It has become easier, which contributes to the reduction of the non-spun weight of the machine.

Innovations have improved not only the technical characteristics. Due to changes in the chemical composition, asphalt coating deteriorates less, tires become more environmentally friendly.

IceContact 4x4

Continental IceContact 4x4 - this category of tires is designed for SUVs. They are characterized by a large load index and high traffic.

continental icecontact 2 reviews

It should be borne in mind that large cars are more prone to skidding than cars. Therefore, the company Continental is trying to develop technologies that further increase the grip of the wheels with the surface, making the car more stable when cornering.

IceContact 2 tires

In 2015, a new development of Continental IceContact 2 for passenger cars appeared.

New technologies helped bring about the following positive changes:

- high maneuverability;

- wear resistance, the ability to serve 3-4 seasons without losing its characteristics;

- a new structure of Kristall Stud spike appeared, it became smaller, due to this it was possible to increase the number of spikes;

- a lot of firmly fixed spikes (50% more of them) under all conditions provide a strong contact with the surface even with a large amount of crushed ice;

- on the new tires Continental IceContact 2 appeared a kind of "pockets" for improved capture and removal of ice chips;

continental icecontact bd

- tire tread has changed its pattern somewhat, which helped the car to become more stable;

- significantly increased the effectiveness of acceleration and braking;

- by testing it was calculated that the handling on the new rubber improved on slippery surfaces by 2%.

Tires Continental IceContact 2 have 70 popular sizes with a diameter of 14-20 inches.

IceContact 2 SUV

These winter tires are designed for SUVs. As in the version for passenger cars, the number of spikes is increased and more optimally distributed, compared to earlier versions.

tires continental icecontact 2

The Continental IceContact 2 SUV has advanced Divided Tread dual-zone protectors that significantly increase cornering stability and increase traction when braking. Also, these tires have excellent off-road performance in ice, off-road and large amounts of snow.


Continental IceContact Vanco light truck tires are made specifically for light trucks and minibuses.

This tire has the following unique advantages.

Improved traction characteristics.

Rubber has spikes that prevent slipping on the surface covered with ice. This is achieved through a new hard alloy spike with a core. They are installed at different angles, while providing good adhesion without creating additional noise.

The zigzag pockets on the projector effectively repel water and dirt.

Rubber has a good cross. The tire arm is reinforced and provides lateral stability on an uneven, bumpy surface.

Tires increase vehicle handling. New technology Salmon Stairs contributes to a better passage through deep snow, and also has enhanced braking properties.

Decoding tire size

When choosing a rubber, it is necessary to pay attention to its marking and dimensions.

For example, we analyze bus Continental IceContact 225/60 R17 99T.

Each digit indicates a specific parameter:

- 225 is the width of the tire profile in millimeters;

- 60 - percentage ratio of height to width;

- R - denotes a tire with a radial cord, all tires Continental have such a cord;

- 17 - wheel diameter in inches, so the Continental IceContact R17 tire will have a radial cord and a wheel diameter of 17 inches;

- T - tire speed index, in this case, the speed limit for the T index is 190 km / h;

- 99 - the index of the maximum permissible load on the wheel, which is taken with a margin, so in this case a load of 99-775 kg is allowed (calculated from the table of indices).

Size range

All tires Continental IceContact, except for the series Vanco, are available in a diameter of 14-20 inches, with a width of 175-285 mm, with a ratio of height to width of 35-70% and an index of speed T (up to 190 km / h).

Tires Continental VancoIceContact have an internal diameter of 14-17 inches, width of 165-235 mm, the ratio of height to width of 55-75%. The speed index differs in the Q-H range (from 160 to 210 km / h).

Reviews car owners

Many motorists have long been fond of winter tires Continental IceContact, reviews of which are mostly positive. They captivate with their properties and the optimal ratio of price and quality.

Compared with their counterparts, tires with similar parameters from other manufacturers, they compare favorably with the grip of the tire with a snow-covered surface. This is achieved through the use of high-tech rubber compound, and its protector has the property of self-cleaning. Snow is effectively removed due to the unique tread channel structure.

continental icecontact r17

Separately, it is worth mentioning Continental IceContact 2 spikes, reviews of which claim that, even at 20,000 kilometers, the properties of rubber remain almost unchanged,and thorns are not lost. The new Kristall Stud spikes significantly reduce noise levels and provide a firm grip.

A good tire tread provides the shortest possible braking distance, which in conditions of ice makes you feel confident on the roads. The rubber compound, which is used for the manufacture of tires Continental IceContact, retains high elasticity at low temperatures, but also optimum stiffness at elevated temperatures.


Each owner must be very careful in choosing tires, especially winter ones. The choice of winter tires to a large extent affects the safety on the roads and simplifies the operation of the car in the cold season.

In general, tires of the European manufacturer Continental are recommended for use by many motorists. Their improved properties correspond to modern advanced technologies, and safety has been tested on many routes of the world.

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