Container power plants - features of mobile energy

Modern container power plants arereliable, compact and convenient units, which are widely used today as autonomous sources of backup and guaranteed power supply. These are fully independent power modules that are designed for stable and trouble-free operation in the widest temperature range and in the absence of a centralized power supply.

Container power plants

Having a sufficiently high degree of reliability andautomation, container power plants do not require constant monitoring by the operating personnel. In many cases, container-type diesel power plants are the only possible option to provide guaranteed round-the-clock power supplies to important and strategic facilities. To some extent, such units are designed specifically for operation in severe or even extreme conditions.

Container power plants are completedmainly by gas or diesel generators (the latter are the most common) of domestic or foreign production. The power of the generators can also vary depending on the specification and the individual operating conditions of the unit. Containers for such power plants, which also perform protective functions, are made of materials of increased strength.

Diesel power plants of container type

This is what creates favorable conditions fortransportation of the unit over long distances and reliably protects all equipment from the negative impact of various physical factors. The steel frame of the container, which has good all-weather and vandal-resistant qualities, is covered with various types of sandwich panels, which have double-sided galvanized coating.

Thus, container dieselpower plants are ultra-reliable autonomous sources of electricity, consisting of a particularly strong container in the manufacture of which heat-insulating and sound-absorbing materials are used, and internal or backup-emergency power supply systems installed inside it.

Container power plants, operationwhich are completely independent of climatic conditions, can equally well be used, both at extremely low temperatures of the Far North, and in the tropical belt. Since inside the container special heating elements and additional air conditioning systems create a microclimate, which is necessary for the normal operation of all power supply mechanisms.

Container diesel power plants

Also, such types of power plants are equippedautomatic warning devices about any problems. In addition to mandatory protective mechanisms against electric shock, automatic fire extinguishing systems are installed in container power plants, and all elements relating to electrical wiring are carefully isolated. All this makes such mobile units really safe.

Like all engineering solutions,container power plants have a number of their individual characteristics and nuances. For power plants up to 200 kVA, it is more appropriate to use small-sized mini-containers, which are even more compact and mobile. It also provides for the installation of such units on the chassis, which greatly facilitates the transportation of the power plant and significantly expands its capabilities.

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Container power plants - features of mobile energy Container power plants - features of mobile energy Container power plants - features of mobile energy Container power plants - features of mobile energy Container power plants - features of mobile energy Container power plants - features of mobile energy