Compromise attitude - is it possible?

After the next update of the social network VKontakte, its multi-million dollar audience noticed added sections: attitudes towards smoking and alcohol. Users were given a choice of several options: a sharply negative, negative, neutral, positive, compromise. Not everyone seemed to understand the position of “compromise attitude”. How to understand the "compromise attitude"?

how to understand the compromise relation definition

What it is?

The notion of “compromise” means that both interested parties find a solution that mutually suits them, make certain concessions for joint success. Compromise attitude is an opportunity to avoid conflict, but at the same time defend one’s opinion and preserve freedom of choice. This is the best solution, especially if you are in a big company. Such an opportunity does not mean that a compromise attitude is a rejection of one’s own ideas in favor of someone’s opinion. On the contrary, such an attitude implies a mutually beneficial way out of this situation. But how is this determined in cases of alcohol and smoking?

compromise attitude is

Smoking and drinking is a matter of habit or a way to avoid stress, relax. Addiction to this is a conscious choice of a single person. Attitude is determined by a negative or positive: either a categorical rejection, or full acceptance. And a compromise?

Alcohol. To drink or not to drink?

Compromise towards alcohol is like a scale. On the one hand, such an attitude suggests that a person makes an informed choice: to drink it or not. The choice may depend on life circumstances: stress, an important event, and so on. For example, a person can drink half a glass of champagne on New Year's Eve, but he is not a fan of alcohol and consumes only non-alcoholic drinks outside the holidays. The person decides: he wants to drink himself or this is required by the circumstances and expectations of others. On the other hand, the compromise looks like this: "I do not drink wine / champagne / brandy, etc., but you can drink in my society." In other words: a person maintains neutrality in order to avoid conflict, which is formed if he imposes his categorical rejection of alcohol to another.

compromise on alcohol is like

Compromise attitude to alcohol is like a constant maintenance of emotional balance.The wrong decision leads to an imbalance and doubts about the correctness of the act. Compromise attitude to alcohol requires a certain effort from a person to make a rational choice in each situation.

What does a compromise attitude to smoking mean?

When it comes to smoking, the compromise is harder to get. As a rule, a non-smoking person categorically does not tolerate the presence of a smoker nearby, therefore, fences himself from such a society. A person does not smoke due to poor health (asthma, allergies) or unwillingness to ruin good, breathe smoke and become a passive smoker. These factors create an extremely negative attitude towards smoking, which often does not allow for a compromise solution, but it is still possible. For example, you can ask a friend / husband / colleague to smoke on the balcony / staircase / on the street. At the same time, a non-smoking person remains out of the influence of smoke, smell, etc., and the smoker satisfies his need.

compromise on smoking

Compromise attitude towards smoking can be considered the fact that a person in certain situations (stress, anger, cold) can afford a cigarette, but in the ordinary course of life he will never smoke.This is a personal compromise attitude - a decision / agreement with your “I”, which is based on the strength of will and desire of a person.

Mutual benefit

Compromise attitude is when the opinions of each opponent are taken into account or the situation is carefully analyzed, all positive and negative sides are considered. As a result, if you are not affected by the folding circumstances, make a compromise. It is not possible if the decision will have negative consequences in the future or affect your mental or physical condition. Never make concessions under pressure from a person who did not take into account your interests. Compromise is a mutual gain, not a manipulation.

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