Compatibility horoscope: Aquarius woman and Taurus man

Stars promise a couple of difficult relationships. Aquarius woman is very unpredictable, unusual. The male Taurus is earthly and conservative, but the integrity and sincerity of this girl will attract him. He will have to learn to be tolerant of things that do not correspond to his character and ideas. As indicated by the compatibility horoscope, the Aquarius woman and the Taurus man are not able to build a long relationship. But there is always a way out, despite the fact that initially the union is far from ideal.

compatibility female aquarius and male taurus

First meeting

An attraction arises between them instantly, to say that they like each other is to say nothing! They quickly find common topics of conversation that bring them together. Taurus knows how to listen perfectly, and Aquarius - one of the most skillful interlocutors who can fascinatingly tell about everything. The first meeting of these people leaves a vivid impression, causing a desire to meet yet or not to part at all.Many astrologers say that if a man and a woman are from the same social stratum, it will be easier for them to find points of contact, understanding and compatibility. Aquarius woman and Taurus man can instantly feel a strong passion for each other. And plunge into a rich, dull relationship. But as soon as the first love falls, the problems begin. There is a difference of views and temperaments. It is not worth making hasty conclusions about incompatibility; after all, if both partners pay enough attention to their development, there is a chance to build happy relationships.

Aquarius and Taurus love

Male taurus

A distinctive feature of the character of Taurus is perseverance. This is the most earthly and firmly standing sign, reaching its goal slowly but surely. He will never be in a hurry to make decisions, very stubborn and inflexible. He does not recognize the role of the second, always strives to be the first, to take responsibility for himself. By creating an alliance, he will demand complete submission from the woman, and such a proprietary attitude can insult Aquarius. According to the astrology of compatibility, the woman-Aquarius and the man-Taurus can learn a lot from each other.He will stop going ahead and learn how to plan her activities, and she will begin to distribute her strength and skills in her work and life. Both will remain loyal to each other, if she will seek ways for joint development, and he will maintain his tolerance.

Aquarius woman

For many, especially for Taurus, it will always be an insoluble puzzle. This is a “free bird” that does not accept restrictions and frameworks. Surrounding appreciate the liveliness of her character, openness, sense of humor, sincerity, lack of falsehood and imagination. The Aquarius woman has great creative potential, fantasy. She values ​​her freedom, so she always fears that love for a man can limit, deprive of this value. So affirms astrology compatibility. Aquarius woman and Taurus man can build strong relationships due to one valuable quality - her great recency. A woman of this sign lacks wisdom not to reproach a man for her abrupt disposition, domesticity, this lady is not inclined to re-educate, there is no stubbornness in her. They are both capable of tremendous self-sacrifice in the name of preserving love and family.

marriage of aquarius and calf

Compatibility in love

This couple is attractive because he is a great materialist, and she is an idealist. Having met on the path of life and having found a common language, these people are able to complement each other perfectly. With a male Taurus, a woman will never need anything, and thanks to her he will be able to look at the world in a new way. But they will never have calm feelings, a man will always seem that she eludes him - this is an integral feature of the relationship of signs Aquarius and Taurus. The love that arises between them is very peculiar. He does not want to share it with friends and family, but agrees with these conventions. Then periodically explodes, gets angry and asks for forgiveness. Signs are under the auspices of Earth and Air, which means that understanding can be achieved, but through obstacles and difficulties. They need to make a lot of effort and work on relationships.

Aquarius with calves

How to find a common language?

Aquarius woman is a bright person who needs communication and freedom in relationships. Therefore, despite conservatism, a man needs to be given her some freedom. Aquarius with Taurus can make contact if both are tolerant to each other. As soon as he learns to maintain her stormy energy, to send in the right direction, a woman will begin to appreciate the man-Taurus even more. Give him all his warmth and care.Having a great creative potential, a broad vision of the world, the Aquarius woman can help Taurus's thoughtlessness to expand its borders and look at the world or a problem from the other side. They need to learn to communicate openly with each other, although sometimes it will be very difficult.

Taurus is suitable for Aquarius

Marriage of Aquarius and Taurus

They are quite capable of building harmonious relationships if they learn to respect the views of their partner. Joint life, stubborn and grumpy nature of Taurus can cause irritation to women. She feels the need to lead an active, by no means homely lifestyle. Therefore, it is always difficult for her to adapt to family life. The excessive authoritarianism of Taurus, the constant attempts to remake his wife, can destroy the relationship. That, in turn, in the pursuit of freedom can go on treason. A man of this sign will never forgive her, in this case, the couple will have an inevitable parting. Therefore, deciding to enter into family relationships, Taurus and Aquarius must be prepared to learn how to plan joint affairs, discuss duties and roles in the family, find compromises, not criticize, be honest, and not demand excessive attention.As practice shows, these people can get very close, because they are naturally inclined to cling to, trust.

Relations Taurus and Aquarius

Friendship between signs

As has been said, Aquarian women are very sociable and open from nature, they are able to make friends with anyone. However, in the case of a male Taurus, she will have to make a lot of effort. If the contact is established, it may well develop into a strong and long friendship. The answer to the question: "Does Taurus approach Aquarius as a friend or not?" - ambiguous, because the relationships here are quite interesting. Despite the different characters, Taurus attracts the Aquarius woman with its pragmatism, constancy and self-confidence. But between them can quarrel, if she does not learn to keep her word. This is especially true of money. For Taurus, this is a very important moment, he can never forgive if the debt is not repaid for years or treat the money scornfully. In general, friendship can be very reliable, since both are able to appreciate loved ones and are always ready to help.

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