Compatibility: Female Cancer, Male-Virgo. Compatibility in love and marriage

This pair is so harmonious that problems practically do not arise. The union of many may seem too boring, dreary, because passions and emotions do not boil here. However, the partners feel great about it. This is not surprising, because they have many similar qualities. Compatibility "Cancer woman, male-Virgo" is considered ideal, they form a solid pair. Their life together is full of comfort, without surprises and surprises.

Compatibility Female Cancer Male Deva

The nature of the woman Cancer

This person is a very pleasant companion and the only young lady from the whole zodiacal circle who can get along with a representative of any sign of the horoscope. She has a hidden emotional depth, good-natured and open to communication, but few people realize what is happening in her soul. When meeting, it is difficult to determine how sensitive and tender or passionate and unrestrained she is.A cancer woman opens her heart very carefully. As with other water signs, trust is important to her. No matter what the relationship would be, according to astrological data, the compatibility of "woman-Cancer - man-Virgo" is favorable. Between them there is both sexual attraction and understanding at the level of friendship, intimate relations. Such a woman, having found her chosen one, is ready to do anything, but she finds it difficult to completely surrender to the feeling of love. She is very shy, shy, compassionate and kind from nature. It is for this reason that she incredibly likes men, encourages them to protect her.

man virgin woman cancer compatibility in love

The nature of the man-virgin

He is inherent in the ability to think logically, not to be sprayed over trifles. He is intelligent, erudite and absolutely unshakable in his opinion that any problem can be solved with the necessary supply of skills and knowledge. This is a sensible and strong-willed person who is able to calculate his moves in advance. A man who never goes against fate, does not fight, he goes with the flow, skillfully using his strength and advantages for his own good. From the point of view of astrology, the compatibility of the "Cancer-man-Virgo" woman is advantageous, since each of the partners in this union pulls the other out of its shell.He, like Cancer, is very receptive and cautious, not knowing how to express his feelings. However, although it is difficult for him to convey emotional needs, if he is unhappy and annoyed, you will easily find out. As a rule, he becomes picky and demanding. To some ladies, it seems unromantic, but if you want true quality, not external gloss, this is your type.

horoscope compatibility woman cancer man deva

Man-Virgo, Woman Cancer: Compatibility in Love

Constellations are under the auspices of the elements of Water and Earth, which means a productive and interesting alliance in which understanding and friendship reign. The thoughts and words of a Cancer woman flow and shimmer gently, smoothly, like water. This pacifies the emotionally closed man and awakens in him the desire to become softer and more open. The couple has every chance to be happy, because for a man-virgin, who fears to lose his independence, it is absolutely not burdensome to union with her. A Cancer woman will never limit anyone's freedom; she knows how to solve problems through conversation, intercourse, compromise. In general, a lot of things unite them: respect for money, practicality, a serious perception of relationships.Compatibility "Cancer woman - male-Virgo" is considered one of the best, since both, complementing each other, awaken their hidden sensuality.

compatibility zodiac signs man virgin woman cancer

Psychological compatibility

The nature of their relationship is often friendly. Even in the period of love, they do not show bright feelings and passion. They are filled and satisfied with a simple, open communication, in which they derive joy and happiness. They always have something to talk about, this fact alone is the key to a good relationship. The Cancer woman feels emotionally protected next to this man, which is very important for her. Both do not like noisy companies, parties, they like home comfort and peace. Such relationships are not particularly full of events and emotions, but there is stability and comfort, which is a priority for both. Compatibility horoscope (Cancer woman, male-Virgo will agree with this) indicates - despite the fact that the reactions of women are more emotional, and men are analytical, this is not an obstacle for both. They perfectly hear and understand each other.

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Interaction between signs

Both complement the characters of each other - it is practical and ready for many things for the sake of the family, it is intuitive and gentle, which is to the liking of the partner.Her temperament is melancholic, her character is shy and modest, and the man-virgin knows how to file herself and is prone to impulsive actions, together they harmonize very well. In addition, her calmness and prudence act on him soothingly. These people have the same principles, which greatly facilitates the interaction. There is little that can affect these partners, conflicts between them are rare, life does not frighten them, they know how to love and appreciate their relationship.

Cancer woman, male Virgo: compatibility in marriage

Very often, they begin their relationship as good friends, eventually converge, and feelings are transformed into true love. Their marriage union is characterized by stability, durability. Thanks to the ability to solve problems in a peaceful way, through conversations, being sincere and open, they maintain light, clean relationships all their lives. The natural sensitivity of a Cancer woman always tells exactly when to give a man a chance to be alone when to keep silent or to praise. Virgo is seeking in family relationships understanding and support, a man who will share responsibility with him. Cancer copes with this task.The man of this constellation easily adapts, quickly begins to understand that the woman is emotional and instantly takes it into account. The extremes of this union may be excessive care. Despite the fact that the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac man is Virgo, the woman is Cancer is 87% and a little under-100%, their union is perfect.

female cancer male virgo compatibility

Eastern horoscope compatibility

If we consider the relationship more deeply, taking into account the peculiarities of Eastern astrology, then partners can be characterized more accurately. So, the Snake-man (Virgo) is endowed with ingenuity and an incredible depth of thinking, perception of the surrounding world. The Bull Woman (Cancer) is completely immersed in herself, caring and gentle, and also very sexy. The love or marriage unions in which the male Virgo (Serpent), the Cancer woman (Bull) (compatibility has already been considered in the article) are considered good by all indicators. But there is a small reservation - the Serpent must hide its premarital love affairs from the Bull. Otherwise, it may serve as a pretext for anger and quibbles on the part of the woman.

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