Comedian David Tsallaev: biography, career and family

David Tsallaev is a talented artist with a Caucasian appearance and a great sense of humor. Want to read his biography? Find out what television projects he participated in? Are you interested in David? We are happy to tell about everything in our article.David Tsallaev with his wife

short biography

David Tsallaev was born in 1982, October 17th. Its homeland is the city of Vladikavkaz (Republic of North Ossetia). He was brought up in a simple family. Since childhood, he has made neighbors and his many relatives laugh. And in the house of the Callaevs folk songs and live music always sounded.

Our hero participated in amateur school, went in for sports and dancing. At the end of the 11th grade, he applied to the Gorsky Agrarian University, choosing the faculty of energy. He managed to enter this university on the first attempt.


David was a diligent student, activist and sociable guy. Therefore, it is not surprising that he was included in the team of the KVN Pyramid.Tsallaev was the author of many jokes and funny scenes. Soon he was appointed captain of the team. From that moment on, the team began to make the first big successes. In 2006, "Pyramid" won the Cup "Small KiViN." The guys from Ossetia showed their cohesion and artistry.

In 2007, the team, led by David, successfully reached the final of the Higher League. However, she took second place. In 2008, the Vladikavkaz team was again in the final. The star jury considered that humorists from North Ossetia are worthy of "silver." The guys were twice on the verge of victory, but could not beat the opponent. The players from Vladikavkaz were very worried about this. In early 2010, the team announced the completion of its activities in the framework of KVN. To loud applause from the audience, the Ossetians left the stage at the festival in Sochi.

TV career

In 2008, David was appointed creative producer for the Comedy Woman show (TNT). Then in his life appeared a humorous project "ProjectorParisHilton". He was quickly able to establish good working and friendly relations with Sergey Svetlakov, Garik Martirosyan, Urgant Ivan and Tsekalo Alexander.

In 2010, a native of North Ossetia took part in the show "Comedy Battle". He once again demonstrated to the whole country his acting talent and excellent sense of humor.

Then Tsallaev was the editor of the League of KVN "Lifting" and the director of the show program "Nezlobin and Gudkov." Colleagues in the shop have always appreciated David for his professionalism, creativity and responsiveness.David Tsallaev

In 2014, the premiere of the satirical show “Once Upon a Time in Russia” took place on TNT. The colleagues of Tsallaev on the set were former KVE men from different teams - Kortunkova Olga (“City of Pyatigorsk”), Musagaliev Azamat “Kamyzyaki”), Lastochkin Igor (“Dnipropetrovsk”), Timur Tania (“Narts from Abkhazia”) and others. Already for 5 seasons, the transfer shows high ratings.

Personal life

Like any Caucasian man, our hero from his youth dreamed of a big and strong family. In 2011, he met true love. Madina, the daughter of a murdered Ossetian businessman Oleg Gioev, became his chosen one.

David Tsallaev: wedding

The humorist and his beloved associate their future life with Moscow. But the couple decided to play a magnificent wedding in their native North Ossetia.David Calalla's Wedding

The celebration took place in June 2012 in one of the popular restaurants in Vladikavkaz, “Veterke”. On this day, David Callaev and Madina Gioeva literally glowed with happiness.

The number of guests exceeded 1000 people. Not only their relatives and friends, but also famous personalities came to congratulate the newlyweds (representatives of the KVN teams "Narts from Abkhazia", ​​"Highlanders from Crazy", "Pyramid" and "Fyodor Dvinyatin", captain of the RUDN team, Sangadzhi Tarbaev, a resident of Comedy Woman.

In October 2014, there was a replenishment in a young family. The couple had a charming daughter. The name of the baby was not disclosed.David Callaev and Madina Gioeva

David Tsallaev and his wife are planning to become parents with many children. They consider themselves believers and always follow the customs of their ancestors.

Interesting Facts

  • The humorist admits that he likes to make mindless purchases.
  • At one time, David Callaev was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling. During one of the competitions, the opponent broke his left ear.
  • The program "Explorer" (channel "Friday") showed the audience his hometown of Vladikavkaz.
  • Our hero is actively using social networks. On his Instagram page, he almost every day puts photos from rehearsals, filming and traveling.


Now you know where he was born, how he got on television and with whom David Callaev lives today.We wish this bright and charismatic artist creative inspiration and great family happiness!

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