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Heilosis, or, as it is called by the people, "hare lip" is a disease that develops in the fetus when its mother is at 8-10 weeks of gestation. Unfortunately, neither ultrasound before the sixteenth week of pregnancy, nor any other examinations can predict whether the newborn will suffer from this defect. Only at the birth of a child becomes clearcleft lipDoes he have a hare lip? Immediately it is necessary to note: cheilosis - a disease that can be corrected. It is not the reason for abandoning the child. Children with a cleft lip do not lag behind in development, with proper care and upbringing they speak excellently, they are no different from their peers.

What is a hare lip?

This is a disease in which the upper jaw is not connected by tissues to the nasal cavity. The split lip in two, through which the teeth are visible, makes the baby's mouth look like a hare's face. Split sky prevents the kid from uttering sounds. Very often these children have weakened hearing. In addition, they are prone to frequent colds and respiratory infections.

How is cleft lip treated?

An operation or a series of operations will return to the child a normal appearance, restore his ability to speak. However, in order for the baby’s speech and articulation to develop correctly, he will definitely need the help of a speech therapist, cleft lip operationorthodontist and audiologist. If the child is shy of his defect, he will need psychological help. If you make enough effort, then in a few years the baby will get rid of cheilosis and all the troubles that accompany it. Proof that the hare lip can be cured are world famous celebrities: Joaquin Phoenix, Masha Malinovskaya (although her defect appeared after an unsuccessful plastics), they say that Boyarsky's mustache also hides the scar left over from the surgery when helesosis is eliminated. Tiny, barely noticeable scars did not prevent these people from becoming celebrities.

What is the reason?

As already mentioned, the defect is laid in the first two months of pregnancy, and it can be examined on an ultrasound only after the sixteenth week. However, this did not prevent scientists from identifying the causes of the appearance of the defective gene. These include alcohol, drugs, tobacco.Until now, scientists are not able to determine exactly what kind of malformation will cause the action of these substances. It is only known that mothers who are addicted to these products, children are not born healthy. But it's not just them. It can also lead to malformations of the fetus:

  • severe toxicosis;
  • stress;
  • increased levels of radiation, smog, harmful production emissions;
  • side effects of drugs taken during pregnancy;
  • age of parents. It is established that the older they are, the greater the risk of conceiving a fetus with defective genes.

children with cleft lipAnd what will happen to the grandchildren?

Many parents worry about whether the hare lip is inherited. Exactly established: cheilosis is not inherited. This is damage to a particular gene in one particular case. A gene can also get a defect for the reasons listed above. So, people who have had a hare lip as a child can not be afraid that they will pass it on to their children.

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