Choose the speakers for your computer

A modern computer can not practicallydo without speakers: we play games, listen to music, watch movies, and much more. It is difficult to do with headphones only. Therefore, it is necessary to determine how to choose the speakers for the computer.

Colonies for the computerIt is important to immediately discuss one point: Such devices are often simply not oriented to the reproduction of sound of high quality. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider such columns for the computer that are well suited for everyday use, while not being too expensive, but will be of sufficient quality. From the usual, they are smaller in size, compatible with a sound card, an isolated magnetic field, and the presence of appropriate connectors.

Good speakers for your computerIf you choose good speakers for your computer, thenfor starters it is important to pay attention to their type. Any device of this category can be active or passive. In active speakers there is a built-in amplifier, but in the passive it does not. A significant advantage of the second is their very low cost. The sound quality in this case is far from perfect, since the amplifier available on the sound card is most often designed only for headphones, so it will not allow to achieve full-fledged sound. Speakers with a built-in amplifier allow you to get sound of good quality and with high volume.

How to choose speakers for your computerAcoustics for computers can be performed indifferent versions of the layout. The most simple system can be 2.0, where there are two columns. Variations such as 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1 suggest the presence of a subwoofer and several satellites. On the subwoofer in this case lies the task of implementing low frequencies, and on the speakers - medium and high. Such systems work very effectively only in the company with a suitable sound card and motherboard.

If you are interested in speakers for a computer withoutsubwoofer, it is necessary to search for the best option between the size and quality of sound: the smaller the dimensions of the acoustics, the worse will be its sound. Another important point is the hull material. Not the most optimal solution is the choice of plastic in this case. Such columns for the computer are cheap, and their appearance can be very interesting, but their acoustic characteristics leave much to be desired. Products from chipboard or fiberboard will be the best option, their sound is of a higher quality. The housing of the columns should not have extra holes, there must be complete tightness. The only possible opening may be a bass reflex, which is located next to the speaker on the front panel, assuming the task of high-quality reproduction of low frequencies. In the event that the columns for the computer by volume are less than one liter, then in such an adaptation there is simply no sense.

Parameters such as sensitivity, power andfrequency are very important. The power does not affect the sound volume, the mechanical reliability of the system depends on it. The sensitivity affects the volume, and its optimal value is 85 decibels. For greater convenience, the speakers should have a volume control located on the front panel. It is also necessary to have frequency controllers.

When choosing speakers for a computer, it is important to remember that they must approach the existing sound card.

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