Choose an e-book for easy reading

Fans of reading in the modern world can refuse to visit libraries and buy expensive books, the place for which is not enough in the apartment. Today everything is much easier. The best option for book lovers would be an electronic book.

This gadget will be able to accommodate a whole collection of your favorite books that you can always carry with you. In addition, you can find any publication on the Internet, and you no longer have to travel to all the bookstores in the city in search of a rare copy.

All this is undoubtedly wonderful. But how to choose a good e-book among a huge variety of models and functions, if you are not an expert, but just an amateur?

The advantages of e-books

First, let's look at what e-books attract consumers and why they so quickly ousted paper carriers (reference books, novels and other books), and then we will talk about how to choose an e-book and what you should pay special attention to.

The advantages of e-books

Pluses of electronic books.

  1. The size. Thanks to its compact size, this device can always be carried with you, enjoying reading at any convenient time.
  2. Ability to store a large amount of information. In a fairly small gadget can fit an entire library. You can always have important information, documents, books, encyclopedias, and so on.
  3. Weight. In addition to the small size, the e-book weighs quite a bit. If you are uncomfortable and hard to carry books with you, then this device for reading is ideal.
  4. Practicality. For readability, you can always choose the font, scale images. That is, everyone can customize any book for themselves.

What should I look for?

To choose an e-book to read your favorite works, you should pay attention toseveral important points.

  • Screen type- There are two types of screens: electronic ink and LCD-monitor. The first view of the screen is closest to the paper media. Thanks to the use of innovative electronic ink and paper, the effect of reading an ordinary book is achieved. It should be noted that this type does not spoil the view at all and is very convenient to use. An LCD monitor is a liquid crystal display. It is most often on sale.Although they do not look like paper, they are equally popular. They are cheaper, have a color and bright display.
  • Charging. When choosing a device for reading, you should pay attention to how long the battery lasts. In e-ink-based readers, charging lasts much longer, unlike the LCD display.
  • the Internet. One of the important indicators of the quality of e-books is the availability of access to the Internet. Almost all readers have this function, but not all can be conveniently used, and many devices are not designed for downloading books from the network. Therefore, such moments should always be checked with the sellers.
  • Gadget Sizes. Standardly in any store you can find e-books of such sizes: 5 inches (considered a “pocket” reader, convenient to take with you, but not intended for long-term reading), 6 inches (the most common format of books), from 7 to 10 inches (“homemade "Books, as carrying them with them is not very convenient. But if there is a need to look through the drawings, then this format is perfect), 13 inches (this format of electronic books has not yet been marketed, but their models can be seen on the Internet).
  • Control. Initially, all the books were equipped with the usual buttons for turning on and turning the pages. Now you can meet and sensory generation. The choice of device should be made from personal priorities and ease of use.
  • Playback format. The main reader formats are EPUB, TXT, HTML, CHM, PDF, FB2, DOC, RTF. If the downloaded file is of a different format and the book does not see it, then you should download and install additional software or look for an electronic book with advanced functions.
  • Memory. Any e-book is equipped with built-in memory, which can reach 8 GB. In principle, this is enough for your own mini-library. If this indicator is not enough, then you can always buy an additional memory card.

The best models of electronic books

If you still do not know which company to choose an e-book, get lost in the range and characteristics of these devices, then below is a brief overview of the main and quite popular models of readers for all occasions.

After examining the data brand, everyone can have an idea how to choose the right gadget.

Top 10 best e-books:

  1. ONYX BOOX Amundsen.
  2. Ritmix RBK-615.
  3. Reader Book 1.
  4. Reader Book 2.
  5. Amazon Kindle 6.
  6. Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight Plus.
  7. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2015.
  8. Tesla Crypto TFL6.0.
  9. PocketBook 631 Touch HD.
  10. Amazon Kindle Voyage.

This rating is based on customer feedback and model characteristics.

ONYX BOOX Amundsen

This is one of the simplest types of e-books. Resolution allows you to clearly draw any fonts. The device works on the basis of electronic ink, therefore reading will be convenient and as close as possible to paper carriers.

ONYX BOOX AmundsenONYX BOOX Amundsen eBook

The buttons are located at the bottom, it is convenient to browse the pages and select the necessary files. E-book does not have access to the Internet. This is not necessary, since the built-in memory allows you to download the required amount of information.

Advantages of the device:

  • clear electronic ink does not spoil the vision;
  • built-in memory;
  • The battery holds a charge for a long time.


  • no backlight;
  • no wireless connection.

Pricethis reader - about 5 thousand rubles. Customer reviews are not bad. For example, some write: “I liked the book, very quickly turns the pages and holds the battery for a long time. The price matches the quality. ”

Ritmix RBK-615

Ritmix RBK-615E-book Ritmix RBK-615

Still thinking how to choose an e-book affordable and quality did not let down? Korean company Ritmix offers you the budget option RBK-615.

This device also works on the basis of electronic ink, it has 4 GB of internal memory and a slot for additional, if this seems to be small.

The device supports all major file formats, and its hardware buttons quickly respond to page turning and selection of information.

If you need a backlight, then attention should be paid to the more advanced model RBK-675FL. It has customizable lights, and all other functions are similar to the first. The price range varies from 4.5 to 5.5 thousand rubles.

The only drawback of this model is that there are no wireless communications. But this is not important, because the reader's memory allows you to store all the necessary information.

Reader Book 1 and Reader Book 2

The models Reader Book 1 and Reader Book 2 are the brainchild of PocketBook, which became famous for its quality features and good customer reviews. The first model is a bit simpler: equipped with electronic ink, built-in memory and a good battery; backlight and wireless communications does not have.

Reader Book 1 and Reader Book 2E-book Reader Book 1

These disadvantages are insignificant and do not affect the quality of the goods. The second model was an innovative solution, as it has a touch screen,An additional memory card and is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to access the Internet and download files directly from there.

Ofdisadvantages include the following:

  • plastic screen cover;
  • slight contrast;
  • Plastic body hard and not very comfortable.

The price of this e-book is about 6.5 thousand rubles.

Amazon Kindle 6

Amazon Kindle 6Amazon Kindle 6 eBook

The e-book is similar to all other models. The only difference is the infrared sensor.

This allows you to get rid of any distortion and additional layers on the screen.

Nevertheless, the opinions of customers differ on this device, since it has its own features and drawbacks: there is no slot for a memory card, it does not support fb2 format, the firmware is not convenient to use.

The price of this device is about 5 thousand rubles.

Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight Plus

Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight PlusE-book Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight Plus

This is one of the best touch reader of its kind. Equipped with a touch screen, backlight, aluminum casing, which protects it from dust and moisture.

Unfortunately, the device does not support memory cards, limited to only the built-in, and reads only two file formats. Therefore, other formats will have to convert.

Customer Reviews: “This is the ode of the best readers I’ve had.It can easily be turned into a tablet and used as a multifunctional gadget. ”

"We choose only this model, because at the expense of additional security features it can be presented to the child as well."

Pricereader from 9 to 13 thousand rubles.

Tesla Crypto TFL6.0

This model has only recently entered the Russian markets, so it is difficult to talk about its popularity.

Tesla Crypto TFL6.0Tesla Crypto e-book TFL6.0

But a review of its characteristics suggestsfollowing:

  • modest price (5-7 thousand rubles);
  • touchscreen;
  • increased contrast;
  • MP3 player;
  • 8 GB of internal memory;
  • good battery;
  • backlight.

PocketBook 631 Touch HD

If you do not have a regular reader, then you need a PocketBook 631 Touch HD.

PocketBook 631 Touch HDPocketBook 631 Touch HD e-book

This is one of the best touch reader withadditional features, namely:

  • high resolution (1448 x 1072 points);
  • backlight;
  • MP3 player;
  • reads 18 file formats;
  • built-in Wi-Fi and related additional options;
  • its large memory;
  • touch screen.

This device is not just an e-book, but a kind of tablet. The only disadvantage is the lack of speakers. Therefore, music will have to listen only in headphones.

The price of such a device is about 13 thousand rubles.

Of course, choosing a reader for yourself or loved ones, first of all look at personal preferences, scope of application and your budget.

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